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Ford F-350 Dually: 1 Step Polish + Ceramic Coating


Working trucks need love, too right? Recently we worked on a massive Ford F-350 Dually, performing a 1-step correction and ceramic coating. While the paint was in pretty good condition there was an excessive amount of fallout; tar, rail dust etc. After a wash, clay and fallout remover these deposits were not budging.

No worries, we broke out the Rupes UHS and UHS pad and went to work. The firm pad really helped in quickly removing the leftovers, which still took hours due to the sheer size. However, working on big trucks sure is a lot better on your back! A second pass was needed with a fresh pad to refine the finish, but the result was a beautiful, pure white.

Inside the letters required hand polishing to get every corner properly.

Taillights were polished to remove the swirls and water etching.

Next, we polished up the wheels with Poorboys Metal Polish, a cone drill attachment did wonders to get all the way into the back of those rear wheels.

With all the polishing done we proceeded to a CarPro Eraser wipedown, not only work great but also smells nice, and began the coating process. Gtechniq CSL topped with EXO, also knows and CSL Black, for up to 5 year of protection. The wheels received the same treatment and the windshield just the CSL.

While that was setting, we moved into the interior. To clean rubber floors mats, pedals, even running boards you never want to use a dressing. However, ONR and a wheel brush do wonders to not only clean but provide nice even finish. Chemical Guys VRP applied to all exterior plastics and tires.

Finished off with a final wipedown with Gtechniq C2 V3 to button it up and glass done last with a new set of gloves as to not get anything on it.

This bad boy is now looking amazing and protected from the harsh CA sun for years to come.

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Ian Martinez
Gloss Angeles
Irvine, CA
Instagram | YouTube

16 comments on Ford F-350 Dually: 1 Step Polish + Ceramic Coating

  1. Steve K. says:

    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for sharing. Great job with the white and I’ve been using CSL and love it. I have it on my wife’s car, over two years now, and it’s still going strong. Great slickness and Gloss!

    • Ian says:

      Thanks Steve! Yes it is amazing and so easy to use. Try topping it with EXO, it takes the slickness to another level.

    • Ian says:

      Hello Steve,

      Yes I would recommend applying C2V3 every couple months and claying the vehicle if it feels rough. And make sure not to use and harsh chemicals on the paint

  2. Stephen says:

    Is white paint a more forgiving color to correct?

    • Ian says:

      It is in the sense that smaller swirls are less visible then say, black paint. However, white needs to be thoroughly decontaminated for the purity in its color to really shine.

  3. Kevin Morales says:

    I just applied csl and exo on my car just wondering if there’s any other steps,products/ tips To maintain my coating on my car thanks

  4. Jeff says:

    So you used CSL on the windshield and wheels as well? I’m assuming if so, the CSL goes on the windshield without changing clarity.

  5. Joe Marrufo says:

    What did it cost the owner for this service ?

  6. Larry Fletcher says:

    Currently have a 2yr. SB3 ceramic coat on Camaro. My detailer is switching to IGL ceramic. Does the SB3 need to be totally removed before IGL is applied? Is there a quick detail product that is ok to use on ceramic coating? Thank you.

    • Ian says:


      Normally with coatings yes it will have to be removed. If the coating has already dissipated then no. So check the lifespan of the coating and your detailer can see.

      A great quick detailer is the Gtechniq C2V3

  7. Ric says:

    Good price and good job. However, why top EXO with a less superior product such as C2V3. What’s the point? EXO was designed to be a sacrificial, hydrophobic, glossy layer on top of CSL. Why dull it down with C2?

    • Ian says:

      It is a common topper as well as using it for touch up details to extend the life of CSL or EXO. It’s a easier and cheaper to apply additional sacrificial layer.

      • Ric says:

        Thanks Ian! Also thanks for being transparent on pricing too. I respect that and I actually think for a 2 step on this large of a vehicle is on the affordable side.

        • Ian says:

          A little transparency can go a long way in helping people starting out! This one was just a 1-step but fairly easy to work with even though it was so large

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