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Glass Cleaning with the Autofiber Reacher Tool


Autofiber Reacher Tool and Glass Cleaning

When it comes to achieving streak-free glass surfaces, having the right tools during the cleaning process is crucial. We can easily reach larger surfaces, but there can be times that your arm is extended completely and you are justtttttt out of reach of that nook or corner. You might even have to contort your body in certain ways to try and hit every corner of the windshield, but the angle of interior plastics just keeps you from thoroughly cleaning every inch. With the Autofiber Reacher Tool, you will have that bit of extra reach so that you never neglect a section of your glass.

The Autofiber Reacher Tool is a specialized cleaning tool that combines a sturdy handle with the Autofiber Flip or Double Flip microfiber towels. The handle measures 15 inches for extra reach and the Flip towels are stitched specifically so that you can easily slide the mitt over the head of the Reacher Tool. There are many different Flip and Double Flip towel options, some for glass cleaning, others not, but the two options we recommend are the:

We also have some DI Packages that contain the Reacher Tool and some towels:

Autofiber Reacher Tool and Flip Towels

Inspect the Glass Surface:

Before you begin cleaning, inspect the glass surface for any visible dirt, fingerprints, or smudges. This initial inspection will help you identify specific areas that require more attention.

Prepare the Reacher Tool:

Ensure that the Autofiber Reacher Tool and your Flip towels are clean and in good condition. Attach the towel to the tool, making sure it is secure and covers the entire cleaning surface. Choose your glass cleaner and lightly spray it onto the towel, ensuring even coverage. I like to do this outside of the vehicle to avoid any over spray onto your seats, plastics, etc.

Cleaning the Glass Surfaces:

Holding the Autofiber Reacher Tool, gently wipe the glass surface in a horizontal or vertical motion. The microfiber towel will trap and lift away dirt, leaving the glass clean. For stubborn spots, apply more glass cleaner to your towel and repeat until clean.

Check for Streaks:

Once you feel like the glass surfaces are clean, check for streaks. I generally like to look at different angles and I use a light to help pinpoint problem areas. If streaks are present, you can “flip” these towels to a clean side or replace it with a new flip towel. Continue wiping until the surface is streak-free.


The Autofiber Reacher Tool is a game-changer for anyone seeking a hassle free and effective solution for cleaning glass surfaces. I love the Flip and Double Flip towel options as the way they are stitched allows them to sit on the Reacher Tool head well and the added flaps make swapping to a new side of a towel easy. The only con I found is that the tool does not extend, but the long 15″ size should allow you to clean almost any glass surface around your vehicle thoroughly. It also works great around the house if you have any larger windows. I cannot recommend the Autofiber Reacher Tool enough and I am confident that it will become a staple in your cleaning arsenal!

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