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Gtechniq Halo: Full Car Installation and Visual Characteristics (Part 2)


Gtechniq’s latest release, Halo, is a PPF and vinyl film coating. I have been experimenting with it for a while, and finally got around to an application on an entire car. This Nissan 350Z is wrapped in Avery Dennison Gloss Dark Grey. Read below to find out application techniques, visual characteristics, and more. Also, if you missed Part 1, which covers testing, and initial Impressions, click here to check it out.


Halo is one of, if not, the most user-friendly coating I have installed to date. It spreads like butter, flashes in the perfect time frame, and levels extremely easily. Prep is quite easy on a film. You just need to ensure a clean, degreased surface. I’ve seen mixed thoughts on using Panel Wipe, or an IPA based cleaner to rid of surface oils, but I have had no issues thus far with using a diluted IPA product. I used Gtechniq Panel Wipe at about 1:2 – 1 part PW to 2 parts distilled water. Still has enough bite to clean off the surface, but didn’t cause any issues with the film. After a thorough wash and IPA wipe, we moved into the coating. Shop temp was at about 64 degrees.

As with all coatings we apply, a pool line down the middle was first laid, and then a back and forth motion to spread the coating evenly across the panel. On the bottle, it says to level, or wipe off residue immediately. I have found waiting about 20-30 seconds has been a good time frame, but this will vary on your application environment. Using a two towel method, I wiped off the residue on the panel. Again, super easy installation. After a few hours, I applied another coat, as recommended by Gtechniq. Remember, vinyl film especially is very delicate. Wipe lightly. You do not need to apply heavy pressure or scrub the surface to level out the coating.

Visual Characteristics:

Gtechniq has nailed probably the most annoying part of a vinyl coating. Every single client that’s coating a wrap asks if it will change the look of the wrap at all. This is a hard question to answer because every coating on the market has changed the look of the wrap. Generally, the response for this is for matte films you will see more “sheen” and for gloss films, it will add a little extra “pop”. A popular false claim was that coatings would make a matte film glossy. I have personally never seen this, but Gtechniq took Halo to new lengths ensuring no change in visual characteristics. After testing this on not only matte and gloss films, but also satin, I can say I have seen no change in the film’s color or sheen. This is a big step in the right direction for film coatings.

Overall, great coating. Film coating has the potential for big profit margins for those of you who are shop owners. It can be a quick and easy protection package to sell. Minimal prep, minimal labor, and super easy installation. As always, if you have any questions or would like to schedule with my company, Refined Auto Studio, feel free to reach out via email at

Isaac Mittlesteadt
Refined Auto Studio
Reedsburg, WI

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