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Video | Gtechniq I2 Tri-Clean


Gtechniq I2 Tri-Clean has been over the past few months, my go-to interior cleanser. It combines excellent cleaning and disinfecting power with an awesome scent. It is a scent that can only be described as sterile. It smells as if a super heavy cleaning has just taken place without being so overpowering you feel the need to escape the car.

I use Tri-Clean as an interior maintenance product for light cleanings between intensive details or as the finishing step after heavier, all-purpose cleaners have been used. Tri-Clean works seamlessly on leather, plastic, vinyl, and fabric surfaces.

Tri-Clean, for all its cleaner power, packs an extra punch thanks to BioCote. Using their antimicrobial technology, Tri-Clean kills 99.9% of bacteria on the surface. For me, that’s just an extra awesome bonus!

Check out the video and let us know how you are enjoying Gtechniq I1 Tri-Clean in the comments below!



Hey guys, James here, we are working on a 2016 Gulf R and we are doing kind of a light interior cleaning. I’m kind of a D dusting, it’s not super dirty. We’re just want to kind of get it back, get all of the, the leather and the vinyls and the plastics back to a nice matte OEM look. And it kinda got me thinking about a product that I’ve kinda been all about lately, which is the I2 Tri Clean by Gtechnic. The reason I, I’ve, I loved, I think I, I kinda got on it because of the scent. It leaves just this super nice ultra clean kind of like sanitary sterile, you know, scent to the interior. But come to find out really it is, has a ton of antibacterial cleaning agents in it that kill 99.9% of all germs, which for me is just kind of a, you know, obviously a lot of the cleaners when you, you know, we’re, we’re using just regular all-purpose cleaners and we’re using, you know, obviously normal leather cleaners and all that kind of stuff.


There is going to be a level of sanitation that’s a part of that no matter what. And obviously all the surfaces are going to get cleaned with those products. But what I’ve liked to do is finish out in interior with something like this because I, I, I, I feel hit leaves the best finish. If, you know, I’m, I’ve never been one for dressings or, or, or, or, or products that leave kind of like a, a residue and in some cases you have to use you have to use cleaners that are either high, high alkaline and they kind of leave kind of almost like a film to it. Well, what I like to, what I’ve been doing lately is, is doing heavy, cleaner cleaning with, with products like that, but finishing out the detail with something like tri clean or, or with tri clean, love it for the scent, love it for the way it looks never have any problems with it and it just kills a ton of bacteria.


So it’s kind of almost been something that I’ve been kind of telling clients. It’s kind of been almost like, not an upsell per se, but something just kind of a value add to well, you know, as when we went through your car, it killed all the bacteria, which is just a nice thing to do. And if you’re just an enthusiast and just someone that loves their car, I think you’ll really like the scent. The way I like to use it is I use it as if I’m finishing out an interior so the surfaces are clean. They might have a little bit of film to it and now I’m finishing it out. So what I typically do is grab a microfiber towel. This is one of the rag companies, microfiber towels, a general purpose. I’ll take a little bit of, tri clean and I’ll turn on the sprayer and I’ll spray a couple of sprays directly into the microfiber towel.


I do that because I’m not trying at this point, I’ve already spent the time doing the majority of, of the, of the detail. I don’t want to now make a giant over-spray mess. I want it. I want to have all the control. So then I’ll start coming in here and I’m going straight lines back and forth and just knocking down any, any high spots from previous cleaners. And then I typically have a light with me at the same time. And then I do my inspection. And what I do is I’ll do the seat with, tri clean, I’ll do this panel with tri clean the door panel, and I’ll go around. And then once I’m done, I’m not going back. Right. It’s just kind of like, it’s my last inspection slash cleaning of whatever surface that I’m working on at that given moment. And it’s just a product that I’ve just absolutely loved. I think you should definitely give it a try. I2 Tri Clean by Gtechniq. I hope you guys found this video. Interesting. Hope to talk to you guys soon. Bye.

James Melfi
Holliston, MA
Facebook | Instagram

6 comments on Video | Gtechniq I2 Tri-Clean

  1. Steven M. says:

    Can triclean be used on rubber (interior and exterior) ?

  2. Sean says:

    From an interior standpoint you can use Gtechniq I2 on anything in the interior minus glass so rubber should be fine. The product is advertised as an interior all purpose cleaner so I use it for interior use only. If you decide to try it on your exterior spot test it in an inconspicuous area to see how it behaves to be safe.

  3. Hayden McFarland says:

    Do you not dress the interior with anything after using triclean, such as a UV protectant? I ask cause I’m considering using it as a final step myself.

    • James Melfi says:

      Hey Hayden-

      You can absolutely follow Tri-Clean with an interior protectant. I sometimes apply a fresh coat of Gtechniq L1 Leather coating after a thorough leather cleaning w/ Tri- Clean.

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