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Gtechniq Marine Maintenance Products


Gtechniq Marine offers products for the do it yourself consumer and experienced professional detailer. Our complete lineup is designed to clean and protect the entirety of your watercraft, from the interior to the exterior. To keep your interior fabrics, vinyl, and flooring clean and protected, we offer Interior Cleaner. This cleaner is very effective at removing mold and mildew while also possessing anti-bacterial properties to help mitigate further growth of interior bacteria that can cause “pinking” cushions and even human allergies.

After cleaning your interior, it’s important to protect those surface areas. For your interior fabrics, some of your canvas covers, and some of the synthetic carpets used on pontoons, bow riders, etc., we recommend Gtechniq Marine’s Fabric Coat. (Hint: this works great on household goods, too.) Spray Fabric Coat on the surface, gently agitate it into the fibers, and let it dry. Sunscreen residue, fish blood, and the always dreaded red wine spills are no longer finding their way into the fabric fibers but are now beading off the surface and making their cleaning and removal so much easier.

Keeping a boat’s windshield clean and spotless can’t get any easier when you use Gtechniq Marine’s Glass Cleaner. Formulated to be streak free and extremely dust repellent, Glass Cleaner is great on glass, tempered glass, porcelain, Plexiglass, and, yes, Isinglass when used with our MF1 microfiber towels.

glass cleaner

Continuing the glass theme, next up is Gtechniq Marine’s Glass Polish. After cleaning, an application of our Glass Polish will remove the remaining contaminants from the surface and provide a clarity long sought by boaters. Polishing the glass, Plexiglass, or Isinglass also prepares the surface for our next glass-oriented product: Glass/Plexiglass Coating.

Our Glass/Plexiglass Coating seals the surface of glass, tempered glass, Plexiglass, and Isinglass to provide easier cleaning and, most important, a water sheeting capability that allows water to flow off the surface and provide enhanced visibility in inclement conditions. Another plus is that clean up at the end of the day is expedited due to the sealing characteristics.

A common problem for most boats and personal watercrafts is water spots. Gtechniq Marine Water Spot Remover is designed to remove salt and freshwater spots and can be used on matte as well as gloss finishes. It will not remove any previously applied coatings or wax. The ready-to-use formula will make short work of even the most stubborn water spots. Metal Restoration Polish is great on a vessel’s stainless steel hardware and other external fixtures that endure a lot of abuse from the elements.

metal restoration polish

To create the bright, shiny, glossy surfaces you expect from your boat or personal watercraft, start with Gtechniq Marine’s Multi-Stage Polish. The surface areas of all water vehicles will undoubtedly experience oxidation because of their operating environments. It doesn’t matter if it’s a freshwater or saltwater, a boat will eventually become oxidized. Our Multi-Stage Polish is designed to be used with our progressive line of cutting, polishing, and finishing pads. Surface preparation is key to an eye-catching boat and our system is designed to provide those results. By successfully getting a boat’s surface to an oxidation-free surface, you will then be able to apply ceramic sealants to ensure the surface’s longevity, protect your investment, and make it easier to keep clean.

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