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Top 5 Christmas Coatings + New Coatings Of 2023


Top 5 Christmas Coatings 2023 featured image
We have our top 5 Christmas coatings for 2023! We’ve been busy adding new products all year and this Christmas we’re also going to highlight some new coatings we picked up that includes products from brands like DIY Detail, Aquatek, and more. Let’s hop right into the list in no particular order.

Top 5 Christmas Coatings

Gtechniq EXO v5 Ultra Durable Coating

We’re going to kick off the list with Gtechniq EXO v5! Gtechniq released a new version of EXO earlier this year and it doesn’t disappoint with its’ improvements. After fifty four different formulas, the new v5 has some great features. It has increased hydrophobics, better dirt repellancy, and better gloss all in a single-layer application compared to v4’s double layer. It can be used as a stand alone or applied over a ceramic coating and you can see why it’s so popular. Learn more about EXO v5 in Reece @ DI’s EXO v5 introduction.

Top 5 Christmas Coatings 2023 - Gtechniq EXO v5

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light

This is almost becoming a staple on the list. What more can we say about this coating that has 96% of reviewers saying they would buy it again. Also, check out James Melfi’s Crystal Serum Light Overview and How-To Video

Top 5 Christmas Coatings 2023 - Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light CSL

Gyeon Evo Coatings

Since the release of the Gyeon EVO line the Evo coatings have grown in popularity, especially the Mohs, CanCoat, and Pure.

Learn more about Evo products in the following articles:

Top 5 Christmas Coatings 2023 - Gyeon MOHS

CarPro Cquartz UK 3.0

This is still a customer fav. It’s packed with 70% SiO2 with 99.9% purity, making it the first ever nano silica coating with such a high concentration! Check out the reviews yourself.

Top 5 Christmas Coatings 2023 - CarPro CQuartz UK 3

PPF Coatings

We’re going to end the list with PPF Coatings. As coatings continue to grow, we’re seeing the increased popularity in PPF coatings. There’s a market for it and two coating brand heavy hitters have products worth checking out if you want to protect your PPF and vinyl wraps. Gtechniq has a popular one in Halo and Gyeon has PPF Evo. If you want to learn more about about PPF check these articles out on the blog.

PPF Coatings

New Coatings

On to some of the new coatings we added in 2023!

Aquatek Coatings

Aquatek is a relatively new brand of coatings that was actually developed by one our Ask-a-Pro Detailer author, Mike Cardenas. I got to try to out Aquatek Profile Wheel and Metal Coating and had a great experience with it. Aquatek also has this unique coating topper, Bliss, where you can apply immediately after apply a Aquatek Coating, no waiting at all. Mike Cardenas has some great articles below if you want to learn more about the Aquatek brand and products.

Top 5 Christmas Coatings 2023 - New Aquatek Select

DIY Detail Coatings

We literally just picked up DIY Detail this month. The one coating that really stands out to me is the DIY Detail 8 Year Ceramic Coating! It is a pro-grade coating that is also user-friendly. Check out all of their paint coatings now.

DIY Detail

Shine Supply Beadlock Pro

Another new brand available at DI is Shine Supply and one of their coatings is Beadlock Pro. Beadlock Pro protects your paint up to 4 years with an easy application.

Top 5 Christmas Coatings 2023 - New Shine Supply Beadlock Pro

Will any of these new coatings start topping the list in upcoming years? Was there a new coating that you tried this year that you love? Hit us up in the comments.

Here are a few more coating articles for you to explore:

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