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Gyeon Q²M Tire Cleaner & Gyeon Q² Tire



Our first product highlight will be Gyeon Q²M Tire Cleaner.  Tires are one of the most abused areas on a vehicle.  Every element is exposed to tires throughout the day.  Rubber being naturally porous, will collect dirt and grime much easier than other surfaces on your vehicle.  You can spend hours detailing your paint, but if the wheels are brown and dry that always takes away from the general appearance.  Gyeon Tire helps to easily remove dirt, grime, and old tire dressing’s safely from your tires or rubber surface.  Gyeon Tire is also safe to use on whitewall tires!  The following steps are important to note for proper use of Gyeon Tire in preparation for Gyeon Q² Tire.

We start by thoroughly rinsing the wheel and tire off using our 1700 PSI electric pressure washer.  Gyeon recommends that you apply the tire cleaner to a wet tire.


Once the wheel had been rinsed off, we applied a liberal amount to our tire.  Gyeon states that about 20ml is used per tire.  Of course, this may differ from larger tires like ours.  A great aspect of Gyeon Tire Cleaner is that it is safe to use over any ceramic coated wheel.  This allows you to soak the tire without worrying about overspray on your wheel.



You can instantly see Gyeon Tire Cleaner working.  The spray quickly turns brown as it lifts embedded grime off the surface and out of the pores.  It’s best if you do this application out of direct sunlight to prevent the cleaner from drying on the tire.  We worked on one tire at a time during this process in order to make sure our tires were as clean as possible to prep for Gyeon Q² Tire.  Using our Adam’s Polishes Tire Scrub Brush, we began cleaning off the tire.


Once the vehicle and tires were cleaned and prepped.  We allowed the tires to air dry before we began our prep for Gyeon Q² Tire.  It is very important to inspect the tires to ensure each one is as clean as possible for optimal performance from Gyeon Tire.  Gyeon Tire is not your conventional tire dressing.  Gyeon Tire is the worlds first SIO2 based coating for your tires.  Creating a deep black appearance that last for months instead of a few days.  The SIO2 properties create a barrier of protection on the rubber to keep the surface cleaner much longer.  Gyeon recommends using a heat gun prior to the application process to allow the pores of the rubber to open up.


We began by applying a liberal amount of product to our Lake Country Tire Dressing Applicator .  For this specific tire, the applicator helps to easily distribute product onto the raised sections of the tire.



Like most tire dressings, you can control the amount of gloss or matte you prefer on your tires.  If you prefer the Matte style finish.  You can follow up each wheel after fifteen minutes and remove any excess dressing.  Leaving behind a deep matte finish.  We preferred the glossier look for this application.  Allowing the tires to sit before being post heated with a heat gun.


The end result is a beautiful tire that will compliment the rest of your vehicles appearance. Gyeon Q²M Tire Cleaner and Gyeon Q² Tire are now used as our go to application at our facility!


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Greenville, SC
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1 comment on Gyeon Q²M Tire Cleaner & Gyeon Q² Tire

  1. Joe says:

    Pores, not pours. “Heat opens up the PORES.”

    Also SCRUB brush, not scurb. Doesn’t anyone proofread anymore?

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