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Gyeon Quick View – My Impressions


Gyeon Quick View

I decided to give Gyeon Quick View a try shortly after its release.  Gyeon Quick View is a user-friendly dedicated window sealant and is marketed as a less durable but easier to apply version of Gyeon View.  I have used Gyeon Quick View several times so far and during this time my car has seen rain and the other ever-changing environment that daily driven vehicles experience.

I have also used Gyeon View before, a true window coating.  It is a durable product, but the Gyeon View application process is more labor intensive and the application process includes the use of a product that primes the surface for a coating.  Also, more attention to detail is needed for the Gyeon View application process.  On a recent vehicle glass application, it took at least an hour to apply (front and back). Wiper blades must also be treated as well to avoid wiper blade chatter.

After that application, I was looking for a product that was not as labor intensive to apply.  I understood that an alternative to a true window coating is going pale in comparison in terms of performance, but the question is whether this product is worth it?

A MINIMUM recommended prep work was performed to prepare the surface for Gyeon Quick View.  This prep involved a traditional window cleaning, a thorough clay bar treatment, and a Gyeon Prep wipe down.


After using a window cleaner, this is what was pulled from the windshield using a clay bar.  For those that are unfamiliar with the clay bar process, the How To Use A Clay Bar article is a great place to start.

very close up Clay Bar

No pun intended; Gyeon Prep was the final prep step before applying Quick View.


Gyeon Prep Application

On to the Gyeon Quick View application!

Gyeon Quick View

Pressing and turning the oversized blue cap will reveal a grey built in applicator.  Gently pressing the built-in applicator on the glass will release the liquid.

Gyeon Quick View in action 1

Gyeon Quick View close action

I rubbed the product in circles and only a few passes just to make certain you have even coverage. The window does not need to be saturated, just enough product applied so the applicator glides (not grabby) on the windshield.

Close Up Of Gyeon Quick View

I had a tough time finding any instructions on the removal time for this product.  Wiping on and promptly wiping off will not work well.  After doing some research and reapplying the product (starting over with Gyeon Prep), I went with a 20-minute window before removal for best results.  This worked out well in the environment I was working in, but I recommend playing with this cure time a bit to find what works best for your area at the time of application.

towel Gyeon Quick View removal

Further use of this product revealed a pattern of it being more difficult to remove past the 20-minute mark in humid conditions.  The 20-minute window that I enjoyed in an air-conditioned garage was too long of a period outdoors.  I was able to duplicate the same ease of application and removal of excess product at the 15-minute mark.  I spoke with a representative of Gyeon about this issue.  He mentioned that I could remove the excess product as early as 5 minutes after application.

On my own car, I immediately witnessed extraordinarily strong windshield rainwater repellent behavior.  When it first rained while driving 30mph+, the repellency was comparable to that of a windshield coating.  But after at most two rainstorms or after a few weeks of driving and one rain shower, the performance dramatically dropped off.  At times it was evident the product was on the windshield, but the functionality of the product was nonexistent.

To be fair Gyeon Quick View was often put to the test with our annual pollen issue in addition to the many other environmental issues, also making it impractical to go without a few swipes of the windshield wiper blades.  The movement of wiper blades will degrade any product.  But this is a reality of daily driven vehicles.  Another question, the effect a simple glass cleaner has on this product?

Gyeon Glass may have also affected the behavior.  Speaking with a representative of Gyeon, it is possible that most glass cleaners have ingredients that will break down Quick View although not as severely as wiper blades or traditional windshield washer fluid.  When cleaning your windshield from the debris that is degrading your protection with a cleaner that is also degrading your protection, it will lead to questioning the value of this product.

I did expect a product like this to be diminished by these factors.  But I was disappointed by how quickly the product degraded.  Then you factor in a user application experience that is not difficult, but not easy enough to enjoy applying every time I wash my car.  Using this product once a month versus 6 months may need to be where you set your expectations for this product.  This is especially the case if you must park your car outdoors.

I was hoping for a bridge between the long-term options and the easy to apply products.  Once you figure out the removal time, it is a simple application process for anyone.  But the process is not simple enough (in my opinion) for this product to stand out from others in this class.  If this product were just a wipe on and immediately wipe off product, I could more easily justify a reapplication after every wash.  I would also have a much more favorable opinion about this product if the performance did not drop after the first month.  I am not suggesting this is an inferior product to other non-coating products designed for glass.  I may also continue to use Quick View in the future.  But regarding my experience, it just did not really stand out to me.

Suggestion for those that may be using this product, I know that Optimum No Rinse, a rinseless and waterless wash product, has also been used as a window cleaning option. Due to how mild this product is, it may be a better option to increase the durability of this product.

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Rodney Tatum
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3 comments on Gyeon Quick View – My Impressions

  1. Mike says:

    ONR for a windshield washer fluid? Can you tell me the dilution ratio. I would like to try that. Thanks!

  2. Joe Van Seeters says:

    Thanks for the review Rodney. I have also used this product (purchased right after it was released) and I personally do enjoy using this product due to it’s ease of application compared to a full window coating. I could definitely see this an an “upsell” to detailing professionals wishing to offer their customers a a “mid-tier” window coating option, which you could easily add on for $30 which would get you at least 5 applications on all windows making it a value for you the detailer to have on hand also. Although for the price of the product, as a detailer, you could go with a cheaper version of the full blow ceramic coatings on the glass for much more durability and not that much more price (Technicians Choice comes to mind). This product really reminds me a LOT of GLACO from Soft 99. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if Soft 99 manufacturers this particular product for Gyeon, as other than the color of the applicator bottle, it looks almost identical, especially the applicator and appearance of the liquid itself. Soft 99 is a huge company that I am pretty sure does a lot of manufacturing of detailing products for other detailing companies. Another question I have that would be very interesting in some sort of durability testing is how Gyeon Quickview holds up against some of the more higher rated spray sealants that can be used on glass. Would those sealants in fact be a MUCH better value and actually work almost the same? For a consumer, that may be a huge factor if they can purchase a bottle of Turtle Wax Seal and Shine for about $12 and use that on everything they have on the exterior of their vehicle including the glass and quite possibly out perform Quickview.

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