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Head-to-Head: CarPro Inside vs. Gyeon Leather Cleaner


I am often asked to compare various products in the same category to one another.  With so many great options available to consumers, it can be overwhelming to try to determine which product may be the best choice for you.  This will be the first in hopefully a series of many head-to-head product comparisons to try to demonstrate how similar products perform side-by-side.  In this instance, I will be putting 2 popular leather cleaners against each other to see which one works best on this dirty seat.

Gyeon Leather Cleaner is designed specifically for use on leather surfaces.  It is a gentle cleaner that does not contain any additives, and is safe to use on all modern leathers, and even on top of leather coatings without causing harm.

CarPro Inside is a more versatile all purpose interior cleaner that can be used on a variety of surfaces such as leather, vinyl, plastic, fabric, carpets, seat belts, and more.

Before the deep cleaning began, I made sure to blow out all cracks and crevices with compressed air and then vacuum up any loose debris.

I started by spraying each area with the leather cleaners and allowing the products to dwell for a short period of time in order to start breaking up the dirt and grime on the surface.  Both products have a pleasant scent in my opinion.  CarPro’s scent is considerably stronger than Gyeon Leather Cleaner.  The stronger smell makes me feel like it is a more serious cleaner.

ZRM | Leather Cleaning

I then used my soft boar’s hair brush to gently agitate the cleaner for a minute or so.  I worked in back and forth motions as I scrubbed the leather, cleaning my brush out in a bucket of warm water as needed.  The agitation process creates a nice lather which helps to lift the dirt and suspend it in the cleaning solution.  CarPro Inside seemed to create a slightly richer lather, though both products were really very similar in this regard.

ZRM | Leather Cleaning

A damp all purpose towel was then used to wipe away the majority of the cleaning solution.  I then followed up with a clean, dry towel before inspecting my results.  Gyeon Leather Cleaner was a bit easier to wipe away.  I felt like CarPro Inside was leaving a bit of residue behind after my initial wipe up, so I followed up with a damp towel again to ensure the chemical was truly removed.

Both products did an excellent job cleaning this leather surface.  Take a look at the drastic difference between the original finish and the two cleaned sections.

ZRM | Leather Cleaning

The seat now has a matte finish, indicating the layer of dirt and grime has been removed.  All in all, these two products performed very similarly for me in this instance.  I honestly do not have a strong opinion as to whether or not one out performed the other in this specific test.  I do like the fact that CarPro Inside is a more universal product that can be used on nearly every interior surface and that it can be diluted to clean lightly soiled areas.  For those reasons I will give the slight edge to CarPro Inside for being more of a “total package”, however when it comes down to leather cleaning Gyeon Leather Cleaner seems to be in the same league.

ZRM | Leather Cleaning

For a more in-depth look at these two products, you can find my full review on each below.

Zach McGovern
Attention To Detailing Peoria
Peoria, IL

5 comments on Head-to-Head: CarPro Inside vs. Gyeon Leather Cleaner

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks for write up. As you stated both are great products. Inside tends to get to me with the strong scent. But it does a good job overall. Gyeon Leather is great and I like that it can be used if the seat is coated with Gyeon Leather Shield as it won’t harm the leather coating.

  2. Robert M. says:

    I like reviews of products that claim to do the same thing, but this review is more an apples to oranges type of review. If I was in the market for an AOI interior cleaner I would not be shopping for Gyeon Leather Cleaner.

    A good test of AOI interior cleaners would be Meguires Quick Interior Detailer vs McKees Fast Interior Detailer vs CarPro Inside.

    There are tons of leather cleaners on the market and I prefer foaming cleaners like Mothers Leather Cleaner as a foaming action will deep clean better than a non foaming one.

    • Hi Robert – thank you for your feedback! I certainly see your point of view, and that does make sense now that I think about it, however, I use both of these products primarily for leather cleaning so in my head it was a worthwhile comparison… even if only for my own benefit 🙂

  3. Jeff Gelm says:

    Zach, I can’t find any specific answer to this leather question so here goes! Sunscreen, Mineral based Zinc Oxide and the like. What is going to take that out of the leather?!! I have tried just the Pristine Clean Cleaner, not the oil based conditioner first. It’s better but I am empty so I must purchase more of something.Any ideas?

    • Hi Jeff – unfortunately I can’t answer your question from personal experience. I would resort to googling it, but without experience myself I would hate to give you random advice and have it not work out for you. Let me know if you find a remedy to your problem!

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