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Product Review: CarPro Inside Interior and Leather Cleaner


Okay, I’ll admit it… I don’t like cleaning interiors.  It just isn’t my thing.  If I can find a tool or product to help make any part of the interior cleaning process quicker while still producing great results, I am usually all for it.

CarPro has recently released a new interior cleaner called Inside that can be used on almost every interior surface.

CarPro Inside Leather & Interior Cleaner tackles any interior cleaning obstacle with ease! Inside is specially formulated with organic essentials that are safe to use on almost any interior surface. Whether it is dirty leather, vinyl, plastic, coated wood, fabric, carpets, mats, rubber, seat-belts, etc. Inside will clean it safely and easily.

ATD | CarPro Inside

Inside is simple to use, and our results have been very pleasing.  Just spray the product directly onto the surface you are cleaning (always test in an inconspicuous area first to be safe).  If the area is lightly soiled, you may simply need to wipe with a microfiber towel, and you may also be able to cut the cleaner 1:1 with water.  If the area is heavily soiled, you will need to agitate the undiluted cleaner with a brush to help break through the dirt and grime.  Then wipe the cleaner away with a damp towel followed by a dry towel.  Be sure you do not allow the cleaner to dry on the surface.  When you’re finished, you will be left with a clean surface that also has a pleasant scent.

Note:  It is not recommended to use Inside on sensitive surfaces like fine leathers, navigation screens, etc., but in general it is very safe.

The following photo shows a neglected leather seat.  Inside was sprayed liberally onto the seat, and then agitated with an upholstery brush.  The area was then simply wiped with a damp towel followed by a clean towel to reveal a clean surface.

ATD | CarPro Inside

This photo shows a steering wheel with years of grime that had built up without a proper cleaning.  The area above the stitching was cleaned with Inside by simply spraying the product onto a microfiber towel, rubbing the surface vigorously, and then wiping with a damp towel followed by a dry towel.  The area has not been dressed, it is just properly cleaned.  You can easily see how much build up is on the steering wheel once a portion of it has been thoroughly cleaned.

ATD | CarPro Inside

Inside has proven to be an effective product in nearly every application we have used it in so far.  Leather, plastic, carpet, and other areas have all been improved with this one single product.  This seems like a product that will find a home in our cabinet and will help to keep our customer’s interiors looking exceptionally good.

Zach McGovern
Attention To Detailing Peoria
Peoria, IL

15 comments on Product Review: CarPro Inside Interior and Leather Cleaner

  1. Bob says:

    Impressive results. I always wonder what these people have on their pants and hands to get their seats and steering wheels so grimy. That seat looks like in belongs in a Freightliner not a VW. At $18 per 500ml that seems a bit pricey. I’ve noticed with Carpro’s products, they work very well, but you also pay premium prices.

    • It is certainly a bit more expensive than various all purpose cleaners, but I do find it to be a great product each time I use it.
      Also, keep in mind you can dilute the cleaner 1:1 if you do not have heavily soiled areas to clean up.

  2. Trinidad Gonzalez says:

    Awesome review on this product
    Everything was explained well
    I’m always skeptical about buying a new product with no reviews
    But after reading this it really helps and now I will order.
    Thank you!

  3. Raghu dasari says:

    Thanks for the review
    Have you used this on alcantara from also?
    I’ve had a hard time finding a good alcantara cleaner

  4. Stan says:

    I am in need of a product that will clean and hopefully keep a blue tint from jeans being worn on leather seats .Can you help? Thanks

  5. Stan says:

    I have tried various products no luck.foam off was one.

  6. Robert McCarty says:

    Stan, try CarPro Leather Coating. This should protect your leather seats from blue jean dye. Most leather seats are coated with a plastic and do not have the actual leather exposed, although over time cracks will appear and the leather may be exposed. On new “leather” a conditioner is not necessary and may exerbate the damage to the seats by allowing dirt to accumulate and basically form a sandpaper type substance that damages instead of protects. It is good to use the water drop test on your seats to know what type of leather you have. Drop a little water on your seat, if it rolls off it is coated, if it soaks in it is not coated. I hope this helps.

  7. michael says:

    ROBERT-I have a client thats buying a brand new porshe 911 turbo s.He wants to put a coating on the white leather seats,but before that im going to clean and condition the leather with swissvax products.Are you saying dont condition them,just clean them and then go straight to the leather coating?

    • Correct, if you are going to be applying a leather coating the leather surfaces should be completely free of any dressings or conditioners. Clean the surfaces with a pure leather cleaner and then apply the coating.

  8. Tom says:

    Hi, Zach… How slippery does the Inside Detailer leave the steering wheel and seats? I’ve driven cars where the steering wheel was very clean but also too slippery for my liking. Thanks!

  9. J.R. says:

    Have you used Gtechniq I2 Tri-Clean? Can’t decide between this and I2.

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