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How To: Gyeon quartz Q² Syncro


This article is written by Jeff McEachran, National Brand Manager for Gyeon quartz USA and Owner of Denver Auto Shield.

Gyeon quartz Q² Syncro was included in the coating heavy product release at SEMA 2017. Q² Syncro lives in the Professional designation of the Gyeon quartz coating line up due to the multi-layered system. However, don’t let the category scare you away, it is extremely easy to install.

Q² Syncro is a two-part, separate chemistry base coat and top coat system comprised of the tried and true Q² Mohs topped with the all-new Q² Skin. Q² Syncro uses 2 layers of Q² Mohs as the base coating. Q² Mohs provides the durability and the bulk of the protection duties, as it performs very well in terms of UV and chemical resistance. Q² Skin is a silicone based top coat that is a true additional layer, that is ph tolerant from 2-11, is extremely hydrophobic with a water contact angle of above 120 degrees, and has its own very unique gloss.

Where Q² Syncro is really designed to stand out is in the slickness of the surface created after the application of Q² Skin, along with a very high gloss and dramatic water behavior.


In the Kit you will find:

  • (1) 50ml Q² Mohs
  • (1) 30ml Q² Skin
  • (1) 100ml Q²M Cure
  • (1) Foam Applicator Block
  • (8) Suede Apllicators
  • (1) Pipette
  • (1) Gyeon quartz Instruction Manual

How To Install:

We’ll go ahead and assume that the paint has already been polished to the desired level and then decontaminated with Q²M Prep. We want to make sure all polishing oils and lubricants from a previous detailing step are removed so that we have a pure and direct bond between the coating and the paint.

The first step is the application of Q² Mohs. Q² Mohs is an extremely smooth silazane based coating that should be installed in 2 thick layers. Wait at least one hour in between layers. Waiting one hour will ensure that the first layer is dry enough to take the second layer without the carrier solvents negatively affecting the first layer.

I like to run the product in a straight line lengthwise across the applicator instead of applying drops. I’ll usually run a single line down the center, up and back.


Apply Q² Mohs to a shoulder width area in an overlapping “cross-hatch” pattern for even coverage. I typically perform 3 cross-hatch patterns when installing a layer.



With all coatings, the installation environment will dictate how long to let the coating dwell on the surface. Humidity is the biggest factor. The higher the humidity, the faster the coating will tend to “flash”, and the faster you will want to remove it from the surface. Q² Mohs is not as responsive to high humidity as a purely SiO2 based coating would be, but we should still make wipe off as simple as possible. I always use a handheld light during removal to make sure all excess product is removed. When there is no longer any distortion in the light then I know all excess product is removed. I typically allow Q² Mohs to dwell on the surface for 20-30 seconds before removal but play with less and more to find the easiest removal point. The initial bond with all of the Gyeon coatings is within 3-5 seconds. After that, we are looking for the most efficient time to remove it based on evaporation of the solvents.

A high quality and absorbent microfiber towel is also very important at this stage. We want to make sure excess product is absorbed easily and not pushed around. I am using the Gyeon quartz PolishWipe here.


Wait at least 4 hours after the last layer of Q² Mohs before applying Q² Skin. Q² Skin is very easy to apply. Apply a moderate amount of product to the suede applicator and work into a shoulder-width area. I use a “faster” hand motion with Q² Skin and perform 4-5 cross-hatch patterns until the product has almost completely disappeared.  Then wipe off immediately with a high-quality microfiber. You can let Q² Skin dwell on the surface for 10-20 seconds if the humidity is low, but I like to work it a bit longer on the surface and wipe off immediately. You will feel the surface get extremely slick as you work in Q² Skin.




The coating should remain dry for at least 24 hours. After the first 24 hours, it can be driven as normal. While the coating can be exposed to the elements, we need to wait 7 days before washing it with any detergents.

Enjoy! And I am glad to answer any questions below!

Jeff McEachran
Jeff McEachran
Englewood, CO

11 comments on How To: Gyeon quartz Q² Syncro

  1. Mike says:

    Great write up Jeff. Syncro has been doing very well on my dad’s car over the past 6 months. Some very aggressive water behavior and the beading is so tight. The slickness skin leaves behind is great as well.

  2. Tom Elder says:

    Synchro is a top notch coating. Easy to apply and extremely durable. The gloss is outstanding too.

  3. Tim says:

    Syncro is my all time favorite coating package. EXCELLENT Hydrophobic property and self cleaning.

  4. Ken says:

    After reading ALL the DI posts about coatings, I took a chance on using Syncro on my black RX vs. one of the . I cannot imagine anything better than this for a DYI consumer.

    3 Questions:
    -As I did not use CURE over the Skin, how long will the ” Skin Effect” last?
    – I have some Skin left over. How long will it last in the bottle after being opened?
    -Can I reapply the remaining Skin over the Mohs when the Skin Effect ends, or go to the Cure?

    • Tim says:

      Skin for most I’ve seen is lasting quite a while. My guess is about 1 year. My wife’s car is a daily and is washed every 5-7 days and it’s been 3 months and Skin is like brand new still. In the bottle, just keep it tight and in room temp settings. I’ve had coatings last over a year or more. You can apply more skin as time goes on. Just use what’s left to do so.

  5. John says:

    How does Q-2 Syncro hold up in the winter? My city applies a brine solution to the streets before snowstorms to accelerate snow melting and prevent black ice from forming. Naturally this finds its way onto your paint while driving. Many customers will not wash their car during the winter because its cold or they know car will get dirty again with next snow event and will wait until spring.
    How does Q-2 Skin hold up to hard water spotting?

  6. Pawlik says:

    Any sense to apply 2 or more coats of SKIN? Or its just waste a product?

  7. Ryan Wisecarver says:

    Hi. When should one apply cure?

  8. Rick Hasemeier says:

    When will skin be available as a separate product ?

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