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How To: Gyeon Quartz Q2 Matte Coating


This how to article is written by Jeff McEachran, the national brand manager at Gyeon USA and owner of Detail Force and Denver Auto Shield in Denver Colorado.

With new vehicle manufacturers continuing to produce matte or frozen paint finishes, as well as the popularity of matte paint protection films and vinyl, the need to protect these surfaces is in high demand.

Gyeon Quartz is currently working on several solutions for matte and satin finishes globally, with the first to hit the states being Q2 Matte and Q2M Cure.


Gyeon Q2 Matte is a quartz (SiO2) coating designed specifically for matte and satin finishes, whether they be paint, PPF, vinyl, or wheels. It will enhance color without changing the finish of your matte paintwork. No unwanted gloss. Q2 Matte is very easy to apply, only one layer is required. It’s extremely hydrophobic and designed for maximum durability on matte finish automotive paint. Q2 Matte prevents discoloration and oxidation and protects against strong chemicals, road salt and UV-rays. The coating is resistant to any chemicals with a PH value from 2 up to 11.


Included in the kit you will find:

  • (1) 50ml Gyeon Q2 Matte Coating Bottle
  • (1) 100ml Gyeon Q2M Cure Matte Maintenance Spray (awesome as a stand alone…..more on this in another article)
  • (1) Gyeon Foam Applicator Block
  • (4) Gyeon Suede Applicators

How To Use Gyeon Quartz Q2 Matte:

Always prep the surface to be coated with something like Gyeon Quartz Q2M Prep. This will remove any unwanted oil or impurities. The vehicle shown here is a Mercedes C63 Black Series that arrived to us already wrapped in matte black vinyl (unknown brand). I personally found the areas I went light on the prep stage more difficult to work with than the areas I heavily prepped (intentional comparison…not laziness…this time).


Knowing that matte and satin finishes cannot be polished in the event of a mishap, it will likely be your natural tendency to go on light with the product at first, so it can be quickly and easily removed if something looks funky. This was certainly mine, and where I learned quickly to do the opposite.

Like the other Gyeon products, removal is extremely simple and not a chore. The trick to an “even” application over this matte vinyl was to go on very heavy with the product, allowing it to absorb everything it wanted to evenly, and then removing the excess with a brand new Polish Wipe Microfiber Towel.





The second “against my natural tendency” trick was to leave the coating on the surface for 45 seconds to a minute instead of wiping it immediately off. This kept me from “pushing” wet coating around the surface during an immediate removal. It was easier to remove and produced a nice even finish.

Of course, always do your own test spot to tweak this process. Coating a Matte finish can always be a little stressful, however once I trusted the product and had the process down it went very smoothly.


Q2 Matte added a bit of “richness” to the matte vinyl. I noticed a bit of a healthier and deeper black, but not in to the realm of satin.

Check out the final shots!




Jeff McEachran
Jeff McEachran

5 comments on How To: Gyeon Quartz Q2 Matte Coating

  1. Wow, that car is stunning.

  2. Mike (The Guz) says:

    Nice job Jeff. Looks great.

  3. Mark Simcoe says:

    The instructions for the Matte Evo say to wipe off immediately (10-30 sec) but, you waited 45 sec. Will waiting longer result in a thicker final coat and do you recommend 45 vs 10-30 seconds?

    • Jeff McEachran says:

      Great question. Wipe of and removal time is mainly based on your working environment. The more hot and humid the working environment the faster you will want to remove the product. The initial bond between the coating and the paint happens within 5 seconds or so. Removing at 15 seconds or 45 seconds does not affect performance at all and the longer wait time would not result in a thicker layer.

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