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How To Maintain Your Vehicle After a Ceramic Coating: Carsmotology & IGL


Source: YouTube

Check out this awesome video by Jennifer Turcotte of Carsmotology! In this video, Jen provides you with an in-depth look at coatings and how you can properly care for them once they are applied to your paint. This basic routine maintenance will help to keep your coating looking and performing its best and will help you get the maximum life out of your coating. Jen mentions various products she uses, which includes many products from IGL!

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7 comments on How To Maintain Your Vehicle After a Ceramic Coating: Carsmotology & IGL

  1. David Garania says:

    What is the best method to Polish PPF ilm. Also what panel Wipe do I use before Applying a ceramic on PPF. I don’t want panel wipe to Scour the PPF any recommendations

  2. Tony Kiger says:

    Many modern day films are self healing and should not be polished over. Polishing the film can result in degradation of the healing topcoat. It is best to find out what film is on the vehicle first and if it is self healing. As for applying a coating over film, most dedicated panel wipes on the marked, per coating brand are safe to use on film, or a 70% IPA wipe. Note that is coating PPF and paint, that PPF does have a tendency to consume more product and wipe off may need to be sooner than raw painted surfaces.

  3. Ramzy Khalek says:

    Hi, at @masterdetailed we work a lot with vinyl wraps and PPF.
    In our shop in the case of PPF we offer maintenance of polish and coating, usually I use a Pad of Foam Yellow Rupes or Scholl Concepts Spyder purple, the compound I use is GYEON PPF or Scholl Concepts S30 or Carpro Reflect, light to medium pressure , speed of 3 or 3.5 in Rupes. Always remember after washing the car, clean each panel with CarPro Eraser or IGL PreCoat or the one of your preference, if you have watermarks, eliminate with IGL Delete and if you do not have these products make a mixture of Vinegar with distilled water (70- 30) very efficient.

    Then if the client approves, I put two coats of Ceramic Coating, IGL Shield, it is excellent! somewhat expensive, but leaves very good protection, Cquartz Skin or Gthecniq Halo I also use them perhaps more frequently. In the case of Cquartz Skin, I have been able to follow up with clients who go to the shop regularly and the protection is maintained after a year the same I receive in the Wrap. (before applying the coating) I clean each panel again with the Eraser or Precoat that I have at that moment to remove any remaining compound lubricant.

  4. Ronnie Sanchez says:

    Am I suppose to dry it off with a microfiber towel after it rains can I use a shammy instead it really soaks up water

  5. Britt says:

    Interesting that you can use an air compressor to dry a car. I thought some air compressors could mix oil, moisture, or debris from the tank into the compressed air. So, unless you have a set up that filters those out (like you would if you use it to paint cars), then you probably should not use it.

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