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How To Prep and Protect Your Tires the GYEON Way


This article is written by Jeff McEachran, National Brand Manager for GYEON USA and owner of Denver Auto Shield.

There is nothing better than finishing off a detail by applying the perfect tire dressing. The one that rounds out the whole car and gives you that nice matte finish on the rubber. It just closes out the project.

GYEON, being full of detailers did not miss when it comes to tire cleaning and protection. A complete system has been put in place and nicely completed with the new release of the Q²M TireBrush and Q²M  Tire Applicator. Let’s walk through prepping and protecting your Tire’s the GYEON Way.

First up, Q²M TireCleaner. Q²M TireCleaner is a unique formula designed to soak deep in to the porous structure of your tires and loosen accumulated dirt and contamination. Q²M TireCleaner dissolves old tire dressings to prepare the surface for the new protectant. It is completely safe on ceramic coated rims, not interfering with the protective layer or reducing its hydrophobicity. Spray Q²M TireCleaner directly on to the rubber.

Once  Q²M TireCleaner has been able to dwell on the rubber for 20-30 seconds, it is time to agitate with Q²M TireBrush. Q²M TireBrush  is designed to be as safe and effective as possible on all tire types. Its stiff synthetic hair removes dirt & grime effectively from the structure of the rubber. The ergonomic chemical-resistant handle has rounded edges to avoid any damage and provides a great grip even after it gets wet. As you agitate, you should see the suds turn brown. This is showing that the dirt and oils are being pulled from the rubber. Rinse and repeat this process as necessary until they no longer turn brown.

We should now have clean and dressing ready tires! In comes GYEON Q² Tire. Q² Tire is a long-running favorite in the GYEON line up. It is a SiO2 infused tire protectant that delivers the perfect satin finish while rejecting dirt and contaminant. Q² Tire is not your standard tire dressing, and to ensure long term performance we must apply it properly.

Having a clean and dry tire is extremely important, but to take it all the way we preheat the tires with a heat gun to open up the pores of the rubber and allow Q² Tire to really soak in. This will ensure a healthy satin finish and provide the longest durability possible.

Once your tire is clean and heated, it is time to apply Q² Tire using the new GYEON Q²M Tire Applicator. The Q²M Tire Applicators come in two sizes – small and large. Whether you need to coat low profile sport tires or high wall SUV rubber, there is a solution ready.  With its strong grip and curved foam shape, it allows you to work in every area effectively and precisely.

Apply Q² Tire to the applicator and work it in to the sidewall. Allow Q² Tire to dry fully and you’ll have a long-lasting and healthy looking satin finished tire.

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Jeff McEachran
Jeff McEachran

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