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Product Review: P&S Shine All Performance Dressing


PS Shine All Performance Dressing

My Maverick was in dire need of a tire cleaning and dressing so while I was taking care of that, I also took the time to take care of my wife’s tires as well. The P&S Shine All Performance Dressing is incredibly popular and a great seller, so it has shot up my list of items to try out.

Shine All Performance Dressing

Shine All and Precision Applicator

I paired the Shine All with the Precision Dressing Applicator and got to work.

To start, I thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated my wheels and tires. This step is key and if you skip cleaning your tire surfaces, any dressing you apply will not adhere as well, meaning it will not look as great as possible and durability can be severely reduced. Once the tires were clean, I sprayed a few sprays onto the applicator and wiped it across the face of the tire section by section. What I noticed is that the Shine All has an extremely thin formula and a few sprays were needed to cover the face of the applicator. Even when applying, the thin formula runs easier, so it can make a mess pretty quickly. I recommend taking your time during application and working with as little product as possible and spraying only as needed, or spraying directly to the tire and wiping excess quickly. I personally like thicker dressings as they make applications easier, but after getting used to the Shine All I found that application was just as easy.

The below photos show application of the first coat, followed up by a close up after the second coat was applied.

After 1 coat of Shine All

Close Up After Shine All Application


If you are a fan of thicker dressings, the All Shine is either not for you, or will take some getting used to. Personally I recommend giving it a shot due to a few points. The first being how easy it can be applied. Simply put, just spray and wipe. You can spray onto an applicator and wipe onto the surface, or spray directly onto the surface and wipe excess away with a clean microfiber towel. Either option worked when I tested it and it offers two different applications based on your personal preferences. Second, All Shine looks great. While the finish is slightly more on the glossy side, once the layers settled you were left with a nice deep, dark, satin sheen that I loved. The third point comes down to durability. Now, this has been applied for only a week so long term durability is still in question, however, it did rain 30 minutes after application. I finished everything up, hopped in the shower and when I got out it was raining pretty hard. It is safe to say that I was not happy and I did think I missed the window for the dressing to cure, meaning most of the dressing would wash away. However, the next day the tires still looked great which provides some solid promise of durability. Shine All can be applied to other trim areas as well, so it is something worth adding to your testing list!

Shine All Applicator and Tire

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