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How To: Protect Your Paint with Gyeon Quartz Q2 Mohs


The below article is written by the National Brand Manager at Gyeon Quartz USA, Jeff McEachran. Not only does Jeff work with Gyeon, but he runs his own detailing shop, Detail Force in Denver Colorado. Detail Force specializes in car detailing, protective coatings, paint protection films, paint correction and so much more. They are not a volume shop, instead they focus on high end, high quality detailing principles and techniques, along with educating customers on detailing, detailing steps, and detailing products. Jeff has a vast wealth of detailing knowledge to share with the detailing community, especially when it comes to the entire Gyeon line.

We want to thank Jeff for taking his time to share only a small part of his detailing knowledge, exactly how to apply the amazing Gyeon Mohs paint coating!


As the Coating market matures here in the US, more and more people are becoming familiar with and understanding the benefits of an SiO2 based Coating system. There are many good products available to both professionals and DIY enthusiasts that produce the desired results. Now we can begin to look for products that not only perform well, but are efficient and easy to use, and Gyeon Q2 Mohs offers it all. In this article we will go through the step by step process on how to perfectly install one of the highest performing and user friendly Coatings on the market.

We will begin the discussion assuming the vehicles paint has already been properly washed, decontaminated with a product like Q2M Iron, clay bared, and polished to an acceptable level on which to install a long term protective coating.


First, we need to ensure that all oils and residue are removed from the paints surface so that Mohs can bond purely to the paint for maximum durability. For this, we use Q2M Prep. The blend of ingredients in Prep offer a more capable oil and residue remover than strictly using IPA. Prep also includes anti-static properties to help keep dust off the surface during coating installation. In addition to creating the perfect surface for the coating to bond, a thorough Prep application makes the coating installation significantly easier to perform. You are dealing only with the raw paint and Mohs, and the Coating interacts very well with the paint.

We suggest using a heavy application of Prep, and using 2 brand new super absorbent BaldWipe Towels.

Mohs Kit_AAPHowTo

If you think about what we are asking Prep to do, a heavy application makes perfect sense. We focus on a panel at a time, spraying enough product on to the surface where it begins to run down the paint. You want Prep to completely saturate the paint and interact with any and all oils that may exist. After the panel is soaked, we take our first towel and with straight line strokes wipe the panel and pick up Prep as well as the oils it is breaking down.

After this first wipe, you will have a small amount of excess Prep on the paint. We take one more light spray of Prep on to the surface and with your second towel, pick up all remaining product. This will be the last time you touch the paint before coating so make sure all product is removed and the surface is perfect and clean. Using a hand-held light during this process will help you not miss any product.

Now on to Q2 Mohs!

Mohs Application_AAPHowTo

Gyeon Q2 Mohs is boarder line anti climatic to explain and perform demonstrations with. It is very simple and straight forward to use without any secret tips and tricks or perfect timing to make it happen. Mohs is extremely easy to install.

We know the surface is clean and ready because of our Prep process. In the Mohs 30ml or 50ml kit, you will find the bottle of Mohs, a 100ml bottle of Cure (which we will touch on later), and applicator block, applicator suedes, and a safety mask. We always recommend gloves and the safety mask are worn for working with any car care products.

Wrap one of the applicator suedes over your foam applicator block.

Apply 3-6 drops of Mohs on to the Applicator Suede. You can go on liberally with your first layer of Mohs without any worry of a difficult removal process. Your installation environment matters. Make sure you are in a cool and clean area where Mohs can interact with the paint without being affected by direct sunlight or contaminants for the best results.

Choose roughly a 2′ by 2′ area to begin application. In overlapping back and forth strokes, gently slide your applicator over the paint, laying down an even layer of Mohs.

Mohs Application_2_AAPHowTo

Mohs has a very fast initial bond with the paint. You can begin to remove excess product between 30-45 seconds after application, and up to 2 minutes. At the 30-45 seconds the product is very easy to remove. It may begin to tack up closer to the 2 minute mark. It is this quick initial bond that makes the product extremely easy to use. Use a light during this stage as well to help with product removal.

Mohs can be layered. 2 layers is typical with 3 layers being the maximum. You want to wait at least one hour before applying each layer of product.

Keep the freshly coated surface dry for the first 24 hours to allow the coating to cure and do not wash with any detergents for 1 week.

The Q2 Mohs kit also includes a 100ml bottle of Cure. Cure is used as a maintenance product for the Coating itself. Apply Cure every few months to the coated surface after it has been washed and dried with Q2M Bathe to maintain the hydrophobic properties and get the longest life out of your coating.

You’ve done it! Your vehicle is now protected with one of the leading coatings on the market. A coatings true intent is to protect the vehicles surface from chemical and UV damage while making regular wash maintenance extremely easy and safe for an extended period of time, all while giving a high level of gloss! Check out the finished shot below!


9 comments on How To: Protect Your Paint with Gyeon Quartz Q2 Mohs

  1. Bob says:

    I’ll take my 458 in red please. That car really looks like it has an extra layer of wet paint!

  2. Greg@DI says:

    Thanks for the article Jeff!

  3. A. Hayee Bhatti says:

    Can you please double check on the layering time ? This article mentions a one hour gap for layering whereas IIRC, its 12 hours (or 3 hours with IR curing)..

  4. Jacab Martin says:

    Great blog dude. A common misconception is that a vehicle’s “clear coat” protects the exterior finish, so that regular maintenance is not required. In reality, a wax coat should be applied at least twice a year to the painted surfaces to protect the finish from contaminates and oxidation.  I recently did detailing of my car from Motoring Street in pune, my car looks brand new now.

  5. KF says:

    Glad DI started carrying the Gyeon line. Love the Prep, Wetcoat is a nice maint. product, just used Bathe for the first time and like that it leaves nothing behind. Come Spring gonna give the MOHS a try; have heard durability is excellent.

    Stuff looks great sitting on shelf too…excellent packaging!

  6. James says:

    Would this product be layered with prime and if so in what kind of order? Also what is the expected durability-ish if a daily driver were to be coated with around 2-3 layers? Also if you could how would you compare this to Crystal Serum Light or 22ple HPC?

  7. Richard Manrique says:

    For layering purposes…what can be used to clean the first layer after an hour so that it is again clean for the second layer?
    Would a light misting of Prep to a MF towel be ok to use to clean dust?

  8. Bruce Adams says:

    Can Gyeon Mohs be applied to Crome heat shield and mufflers on a motorcycle
    Thanks Bruce

  9. Samuel Capra Jr. says:

    How does this product compare with Cquartz UK?

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