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Initial Impressions: Forma Car Wash Shampoo


Forma Car Wash Shampoo

I am not one to just jump on a new product. However, when the opportunity to try out and test Forma Car Wash Shampoo came up I was very curious. The product has some very appealing characteristics so I decided to test it out and give it a firm, fair and thorough test. The results surprised me.

This product interested me since Forma claims the car wash shampoo: makes great foam, is pH balanced and safe for use on coatings, but able to strip wax and other sealants with a stronger dilution. I will say that with an initial opening of the top, it smelled great!

Since the majority of Signature Detailing’s business revolves around paint correction and ceramic coatings, we decided to perform a test maintenance wash on a previously coated vehicle. Most testing was done using a traditional bucket wash method, since that is how the majority of owners and enthusiasts maintain their vehicle finish. However, we did include some notes on the using it in a foam cannon.

Traditional Bucket Wash Method Test

To provide a real world test of Forma Car Wash Shampoo, we decided to clean one section with a traditional wash method since many people do not have pressure washers with foam cannons. So we filled up the bucket with a gallon of water and 1/2 oz. of the shampoo.  After properly filling the bucket with water and the recommend dilution of shampoo, the bucket looked like it was a huge cappuccino because there was so much foam.

Forma Car Wash Shampoo foaming in a DetailedImage.com bucket

In both washing scenarios, Forma Car Wash Shampoo rinsed cleanly, leaving behind no residue. The result was a vehicle with a nice finish that wasn’t sticky or smeary in any way.

Foam Cannon Wash Method Test

In preparing the cannon we filled it with warm water and 2 ounces of the shampoo to ensure we a good amount of rich foam. After an initial rinse to knock off the loose dirt and contaminants, the car was foamed up. It sat about 2-3 minutes in order to let the car wash shampoo soak in and help loosen up the dirt and bonded contaminants that were clinging to the vehicle’s surface. And, boy oh boy, did it make a good amount of foam!

Then using a microfiber washing mitt, the car was washed. The shampoo added a good amount of lubricity to the washing process so that the mitt felt to be continuously gliding over the surface, instead of dragging over the dirty areas. Overall, it was a great choice for the foam cannon.

Forma Car Wash Shampoo in action


Between the two wash methods, Forma Car Wash Shampoo proved to be a surprising hit in the shop. It foamed brilliantly, added great lubricity to the surface, smelled great, and seemed to do a great job in helping lift stubborn contaminants off the surface before/during the washing process. We used it on paint, paint protection film (PPF), and wheels and it worked equally well on all surfaces without leaving any residue behind. As a quick reminder, please remember that whenever using this product, start with a good strong shake; since the product has a tendency to separate.

Below we list the pros and cons of Forma Car Wash Shampoo. While the cons are, admittedly, very minor, we still needed to list them to be fair across the board. Honestly, paying a little extra for a product that will help better protect and clean your vehicle in a safe and easy way is something we highly endorse, so we don’t see cost as a major issue in the big scheme of car care.


  • Good Lubricity.
  • Good Foam.
  • Amazing Smell.


  • This product separates in the bottle. It needs a good shaking before use.
  • Could become expensive if the product is not used according to directions.
Gregory Gellas
Signature Detailing NJ
Hillsborough, NJ 08844
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2 comments on Initial Impressions: Forma Car Wash Shampoo

  1. Zach says:

    This is a very broad question, but what makes the brand Forma special or different. Or a product worth doing reviews over?

    I’m always interested in new products that are “better” and that can potentially be a provide better results.

    So I guess my question is, in your opinion, does this brand provide something extra that others do not?

  2. Don Pavlica says:

    From a rookie ( me ) what are the benefits of this product ?

    Additionally, I am possibly doing something wrong with another Forma product but don’t want to steal your thunder on this product

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