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Initial Impressions: Hydrosilex Rewind


Proper preparation is the key to success in many things in life, paint protection included. Most of us are aware that before applying a wax, sealant, or paint coating it is important to clean the vehicle. This cleaning process begins with a thorough washing and is generally followed by one or more decontamination steps to remove bonded surface contaminants. There is one more step that is also critical, especially if you plan to apply a long-term paint coating. This final step involves using a special cleaner to remove any residual products or oils from the surface in an effort to provide a completely bare canvas upon which the paint protection layer is applied. The idea is that paint protection will perform at the highest level when applied directly to the paint and not ontop of residual oils or products.

ZRM | Hydrosilex Rewind

HydroSilex Rewind is a strong cleaner, designed to help you clean the surface before applying a protective layer (ie coating). Most polishes leave behind some ultra-fine layer of oil or the surface may have dust particles, fingerprints, polishing particles and other contaminants on the surface that can prevent your favorite form of protection from bonding to the paint. Removing these oils and contaminants is critical before applying a ceramic coating. The formula can safely break down oils for removal and eliminate surface contaminants. Once you are finished, you will be left with a truly clean surface, ready for a protective layer to be applied. If you need to prep your paint for a wax, sealant or coating, the HydroSilex Rewind is what you are looking for!

Hydrosilex Rewind could not be easier to use. Simply spray the product directly onto the paint, then wipe off.  I tend to spray a liberal amount to ensure I allow plenty of cleaning solution to get rid of anything that may be lingering on the surface.

ZRM | Hydrosilex Rewind

A clean, high-quality microfiber towel, like the double thick edgeless towels, should then be used to spread the product.  Since this process is typically done after paint correction is complete, be careful to use light pressure and avoid excess rubbing.  It is important to wipe in overlapping motions to make sure the entire surface has been cleaned.  Since I use a considerable amount of product to begin with, I am left with a wet, streaky surface after this initial pass.

ZRM | Hydrosilex Rewind

A second microfiber towel and light pressure are used to buff away the remaining product, revealing the clean paint beneath.

ZRM | Hydrosilex Rewind

I found Hydrosilex Rewind to be very easy to work with.  Despite the high humidity levels, Rewind evaporated quickly and easily as I wiped it away with my second towel.

ZRM | Hydrosilex Rewind

General lighting can be deceiving, so I verified that the surface was, in fact, free of any residue with an LED flashlight.  As you can see, there are no signs of streaks or smearing, just clean paint (that needs some correction).

ZRM | Hydrosilex Rewind

This product was very easy to work with.   It seemed to work as intended, however, there is no real way for me to verify if it removed all residual products so I will have to take the manufacturer’s word for it.  I found Rewind to be less finicky than some other surface preparation solutions that I have used in the past, which made my job quicker and less stressful.  Rewind is currently priced quite a bit higher than my two favorite surface cleaners, CarPro Eraser and Gyeon Prep, which is perhaps my only negative comment at this time.  I did not find Rewind to be superior to these other products during my initial test, therefore I am not sure if the product is truly worth the higher asking price.  For those who may be interested in using Hydrosilex Recharge, Rewind provides the ability to stick with the same product line for preparation and protection, which many people find comforting.

Zach McGovern
Attention To Detailing Peoria
Peoria, IL

6 comments on Initial Impressions: Hydrosilex Rewind

  1. rlmccarty2000 says:

    Seems like all my comments have been deleted.

    • I just looked in our comments system and did not see any deleted comments, pending comments, or any comments flagged as spam with your username. Perhaps they were not posted for some reason? In any case, I apologize for the issue 🙂 Please continue to share your comments 🙂

  2. Tom Adams says:

    Zach, thank you for your review on Hydrosylix ~ Rewind and Recharge. I have received the Recharge but was going to clay the car as preparation to applying it. However your comments on Rewind seem to indicate that I can get the same quality prep ~ much easier.

    Do you recommend using Recharge also as a detailing liquid? Also, have you any experience with using it on leather?

    Thank you again

    • Hi Tom – I apologize, perhaps my article was not as clear as I intended. This product does not replace detailing clay. Detailing clay serves an entirely different purpose and should be used prior to a product like Rewind.

      To elaborate a bit, detailing clay is used to remove bonded surface contamination that may be a result of a variety of airborne particles such as sap, industrial fallout, etc. Prep solvents such as Rewind are utilized to remove product residue in an effort to prepare the surface for the application of your choice of protectant. Specifically, prep solvents are developed to remove residual oils that may be on the surface from polishing and can possibly remove existing waxes or sealants that may have been applied in the past.

      So, to sum it up, the decontamination process is an independent process and should not be replaced with a prep solvent. It is important to thoroughly wash, decontaminate (by means of detailing clay, iron removers, tar removers), and polish/correct (if desired) the paint prior to applying your preferred means of protection. After polishing/correcting the paint, it is a good idea to utilize a prep solvent to ensure the surface is free of any residue that may interfere with the bonding of the protection to the paint surface.

      • Sorry, I missed the second part of your comment regarding Recharge. I am in the early stages of my testing with Recharge so I cannot comment on its long-term performance or give any solid recommendations at this point as I lack enough experience with it at this time. I will say I found it very user-friendly to apply. I have no experience using it on leather.

      • Tom Adams says:

        Thank you Zach for both of your responses.

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