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Introducing A New Author, Isaac Mittlesteadt!


Isaac Mittlesteadt is another awesome detailer that everyone here at DI is excited to add to the team! Isaac started out detailing in the driveway with his father, not for money, but just for the sheer joy it brought. Many of us have had that same excitement at a young age, but Isaac took it to another level. He grew over the years and made his joy his full-time job. From working with a friend in the driveway to becoming a Gtechniq accredited detailer. Isaac has amassed a great deal of knowledge that he hopes will help out all of you!

Check out more of Isaac’s story below and stay tuned for his first article, where Isaac details a beautiful Lamborghini Gallardo. As always, help us warmly welcome Isaac to the Ask-A-Pro Blog in the comments section below!

As many of us, I started with my dad at a very young age, working on washing the cars. My dad was quite into detailing before I knew it was such a thing, and I grew up just figuring this OCD-like trait was normal. Looking back, I was probably 12 or older before realizing our detailed-out cars were definitely not, the norm.

Fast forward a few years with my first car, and the detailing craze really hit hard. CONSTANT cleaning. I hadn’t even had my license yet and I would detail the car, multiple nights in a row. Completely the same steps, night after night. My dad liked to tell me I was going to “polish all the paint off that car” with the Porter Cable DA.

It was with my best friend who I decided to start a business with shortly thereafter. We started with the typical “production style” detailing as I call it, 3-4 hour details, basic interior, exterior, commonly named the “full detail” by many shops. We very quickly developed into higher-end work, getting into correction and coatings. A few years later, I went to Atlanta to get Gtechniq Accredited. This was the beginning of my new company, IDM Details. With my friend and business partner a full-time college student, I felt the need to branch out on my own.

Even with my company being new, we’ve been lucky enough to work on some big projects, and continue to chase after them every day. Over the winter, some big changes will be happening and I’m beyond excited to watch us learn and grow. I’ll make sure to keep you guys updated and bring you along for the ride!

I am extremely humbled and grateful for all those that have helped me get into the position I am at such a young age. Both Larry Kosilla from AMMO NYC, and Kevin Brown from Buff Daddy have been a couple of amazing guys to look up to in the industry. Always willing to take a call to help me out, even on weekends or late at night. Thanks guys. I hope to give a fraction back to the detailing community of what they have given me.

7 comments on Introducing A New Author, Isaac Mittlesteadt!

  1. Jake M luksenberg says:

    Welcome, and Good Luck!

  2. Abel C. says:

    Welcome !!! Isaac, we look forward to your blogs on detailing. Always appreciate all the bloggers here who share their experience and honesty on products and various techniques here at Detailed Image. Many of us here have different experience and skill level and some of us are newbs on detailing. Let’s get it going

  3. Rodney Tatum says:

    Welcome to the blog Isaac!

  4. Ron Ayotte says:

    Welcome! Looking forward to more writeups!

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