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Introducing New Authors, Zach and Leanne Silvernail!


Hello, I’m Zach the owner of Zach’s Dynamic Detailing located in South Carolina. Like most detailers, my passion began at a young age. I grew up in South Florida in a family of mechanics who worked on Indy cars, race boats, diesel engines, you name it. When I wasn’t building (and blowing) my Integra motor I was helping my father clean his truck from top to bottom. I was always instructed to make sure the wheel wells were spotless and that the wheels and tires were dressed. At 17 I branched out in my first entrepreneurial venture and began detailing Yachts at a marina in my home town. I learned how to use rotary buffers, compounds, polishes, and various tricks of the trade for the marine market. A few years later we relocated to Tampa Bay, FL where I began working part-time at a body shop doing finish work. This was a very educational experience as I learned wet sanding techniques, paint substrates and started rotary work on vehicles. As I picked up more and more information I started detailing, product research, and experimenting with my own vehicles. After 3 years in the Tampa Bay area, Leanne and I relocated once more to our current home of South Carolina. At the time my best friend Matt and I talked constantly about detailing, products, cars, goals, and business. He started Matt’s Dynamic Detailing in South Florida and was crushing those goals we spoke of often. Soon our conversations evolved to paint corrections, compound combinations, paint protection films, ceramic coatings and going into business together. Detailed Image was always our Go-To search for the newest products, shop supplies, and of course the Ask-a-Pro blog posts. In 2016 our life changed drastically when we received a call that Matt had passed away in a tragic accident. It was during this time that our business, Zach’s Dynamic Detailing, was formed in his honor.

At Zach’s Dynamic Detailing we specialize in restoration and preservation details, paint corrections, paint protection film, and ceramic coatings. This January marked the opening of our new facility and we are very proud to see our vision come to life. Luckily my wife Leanne is also a car enthusiast and works alongside me in the shop detailing and continuing her passion in automotive photography.

Continued education is a large part of our business and we will continue to develop as the industry, supplies and products evolve. We have taken classes from some of the leading manufacturers and I have completed the International Detailers Association certified detailer and skills validated exams.

When we aren’t detailing you can find us riding our motorcycles, attending track events, car shows or just enjoying time outside with our shop dog Otto. Keep an eye on the blog for some articles that we can not wait to share with you!

Zach & Leanne Silvernail
Zach's Dynamic Detailing
Greenville, SC
Facebook | Instagram

11 comments on Introducing New Authors, Zach and Leanne Silvernail!

  1. Tim Schwab says:

    This is awesome!! Killed it! Can’t wait to read more.

  2. Greg Pautler says:

    Welcome to the team, I can’t wait to read more!

  3. Chris Williams says:

    Definitely can’t wait to read more. Supporting detailers and South Carolina. Great job!

    Aiken, SC

  4. Richard Algoo says:

    Soo awesome Zach and Leanne! Cusson is surely proud!

    Keep the great content coming to DI please!

    • Zack Silvernail says:

      Thanks Richard! He’d certainly me smiling from ear to ear now. Hope everything’s going well for you.

  5. Charlotte here. Welcome and looking forward to your articles!

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