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Introducing A New Author, Joe Metlow!



Another year, another awesome new member is welcomed to the Detailed Image Ask-A-Pro Blog! We are extremely excited to finally announce a new author, Joe Metlow of Next Level Detailing. Joe was born and raised in Chicago, IL and his love for cars started at a very young age. From helping his father and grandfather detail cars, to now owning his own business, Joe has really made a name for himself. So much so, that he has been featured on Velocity Channel’s show Competition Ready!

Joe is extremely excited to share his detailing knowledge with everyone and help answer detailing questions for all of our readers. Joe has a few product reviews, along with some how-to articles that you will be seeing shortly. Check out a teaser photo from Joe’s first article below.


Joe was also kind enough to give us a quick write-up on how he got started detailing, some information on his detailing business and some of his interests outside of the detailing world. Read more directly from Joe below:

My name is Joe Metlow I grew up and live in Chicago, IL. At a young age I was always fascinated with cars. I come from a car enthusiast family and my grandfather owned and ran a bodyshop. My father was always around cars growing up as well, so the car bug was naturally given to me. My detailing started around the age of 15, working for my father selling rv’s and car. My brother and I would do the detailing, or what we thought was detailing at the time. At that point I never would have thought detailing was going to ultimately become my profession. As I got older I had a partnership with a dealer lot and that is actually where I really learned how to detail. I also sold cars for 3 years and at that time I detailed these cars as well. During this time is where ultimately I found a love and passion for detailing. I knew I developed a passion for this when buying new cars excited me, not necessarily to sell them, but to start detailing them. Every car I worked on I continued to get better and taught myself how to machine polish etc. When I first started machine polishing and spent hours on what I thought was a good job, the following day when I pulled it out in the sun it was filled with swirl marks. These early detailing failures are what drove me to get better.

I began mobile detailing, but in Chicago that is a seasonal thing so I always dreamed of a shop. In late 2014 we opened Next Level Auto Detail! A real dream come true for me and I was now doing what I love full time. When I think about where I started in detailing to where I currently am, it still amazes me and detailing kind of chose me in a way.

Every year we progressed as a shop and this year was particularly exciting for Next Level. Our skills were noticed and I was hand picked for the Velocity Channel’s show “Competition Ready”. I was lucky enough to be featured on 2 Episodes and detailed some very prestigious cars. I also worked with the best detailer’s in the country, it was an amazing experience and I had some of the most fun I have ever had. I also met new people that I will now call friends for a lifetime.

My hobbies outside of detailing are any sports really, ping pong, I love to play and watch basketball, however being a full-time detailer there is hardly enough time to play as much as I would like. I also love anything car related from drifting, racing, building, car painting, mechanics, racing games, I love it all. I also have a daughter and taking her to the park is fun as well!

I really look forward to joining an already amazing blog. Detailed Image has helped me grow as a detailer and are such a big part of what I have been able to accomplish. I’m very excited to join the DI team as I am always looking to help people do what I love, hopefully I can do that with some of the articles I write! I mean what can be better than writing detailing articles and helping people while doing it? I’m ready and very excited.

Let’s all give Joe a big Detailed Image welcome to the Ask-a-Pro Blog below!

17 comments on Introducing A New Author, Joe Metlow!

  1. james melfi says:

    Welcome to the Team Joe!

  2. Kevin D. Hannum says:

    Joe, welcome and I look forward to reading your detailing articles, as well as, learning from you!

    • Joe Metlow says:

      Thanks alot Zach, you have helped me in a few situations on the forums, so I look forward to giving back valuable information. And try to be a great addition to an already amazing blog.

  3. jake luksenberg says:

    Welcome, and good luck

  4. Greg says:

    Welcome to the blog Joe, we’re expecting big things from you! Can’t wait to see more of your work!

    • Joe Metlow says:

      Thanks alot Greg, i thank all the guys at DI for helping me learning the ropes.

      You can expect big things as well, I have alot of ideas that I can’t wait to write!

  5. Zach says:

    Welcome Joe, I can’t get enough of Ask-a-Pro. So I’m pretty excited to see another member joining and contributing mass amounts of knowledge to all those ready to learn.

  6. Bob says:

    I’ve read a lot of Joe’s stuff on Autogeek. I watched his Competition Ready episode on Velocity. Always seems to have good information and great work of course. Congrats Joe.

  7. Harvey says:

    Aloha Joey, I’m a Big Fan of your well done videos on You Tube! Great illustrations and tips. Keep up the great reviews on products and videos. Hawaiian

  8. Congratulations on the TV show appearance Thats very cool Great job !

  9. Joe V says:

    Love that wall of amazing detail products in your photo above! That is without a doubt a DREAM to have my personal garage at home have just a small portion of those amazing detailing products in such an organized manner in my own garage some day. We’ll see. Glad to see you come aboard the DI authors team and look forward to reading your reviews and viewing your photo’s and videos in the near future and gaining some of your knowledge as a master detailer. Thanks for sharing your passion in detailing with us normal folks/weekend detailing enthusiasts out here.

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