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Introducing A New Author, Tim Coats!


Detailed Image is excited to add another new author, Tim Coats of Adonis Detail! Tim grew up in California and like a lot of detailers, his automotive itch started off with a simple love of cars and their mechanical makeup. As time passed, Tim got more and more into making the cars look just as good as he could keep one running. Fast forward a bit and Tim opened up Adonis Detail, allowing him to detail cars full time! Adonis Detail is located in Carlsbad, California and Tim specializes in more than just detailing. At Adonis you can receive anything from a simple exterior and interior cleaning, to paint correction, all the way to paint protection film (ppf) and window tint instillation. Adonis is truly a one stop shop to get and keep your car looking it’s best!

At the top of this article you will find a photo taken from the first article we will be releasing by Tim. Can you guess what the topic of this article will be? Here is a small hint, prep work is key before applying this type of protection to your paint! After this article, we will gradually be releasing some other articles from Tim that we know he is excited to share with you. These articles include exciting topics like how to maintain a coated car, how to photograph your hard work and some of the many perks of social media.

Now onto a more detailed background Tim sent over to us!

My story starts here in sunny Southern California, as a California native I have always been enthralled with cars. My grandfather owned a mechanic shop where I would spend a lot of my time as a child tinkering with nuts and bolts and various other items he had laying around the shop. I knew how to change my cars oil even before I knew how to drive! (legally).

During high school, I worked at my granddads shop after class and on weekends, saving up for my first ride. With the amount I had collected over two years of working, I bought myself a beautiful 1989 Mustang 5.0 Fox body. A small block V8, which had now become my new toy. Although I knew how to get the vehicle mechanically serviced, I realized that I didn’t possess the tools or the knowledge to get the vehicle looking as good as it performed. From that moment on my quest for car care and detailing had begun. I am excited to be part of the Ask-A-Pro Blog and I hope that I am able to share some of the information I’ve found valuable over the years. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to be a part of this awesome blog and to interact with the readers!

To all of our readers, help us welcome Tim to the Ask-A-Pro Blog family!

9 comments on Introducing A New Author, Tim Coats!

  1. Welcome, Tim! Looking forward to your articles!

  2. Greg@DI says:

    Welcome to the team Tim! Excited to check out some your articles and learn something new!

  3. Kevin D. Hannum says:

    Hi Tim….I am also excited to read your articles and to learn from them/you!!!

  4. Jason Roberts says:

    Always good to read the advice you guys give. Living in England,I’m always envious of the detailing shops in the USA. I’ve travelled many times over the last few years,as far north as Vermont,as far south as Key West. West to Hawaii and NYC and Boston in the East,and a lot in between! Love it in America,best wishes to all of you.

  5. Welcome Tim! Can’t wait to see what you bring to the table.

  6. Welcome Tim… not sure I’d call the 89 mustang beautiful, but to each their own I guess 🙂

  7. Hey Tim! Can’t wait to read some of your stuff!

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