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Projects | Jaguar E-Type | Paint Correction | Clear Bra | Modesta Coatings


We’re back on another crazy project, this time with a car in which all others are compared, the classic Jaguar E-Type. The Jaguar E-Type is the only car to be displayed at the Museum of Modern Art, so you can image its one striking automobile.

This vehicle is owned by a couple whose passion for the car is typified by their unbelievable preservation of the automobile. The car had just left from a lengthy visit to the restoration shop after being fully dismantled, realigned and painted.  It was in stunning condition when it first arrived at our shop, and turned a lot of heads.

Our clients wanted the absolute best protection for the paint, so we started brain storming and devising a plan to protect the delicate finish. We settled on wrapping about 75% of the beauty in paint protection film (clear bra) to give outstanding rock chip, scratch, and stain resistance. The film would reduce maintenance considerably and allow for peace of mind while on long enjoyable road trips. The remaining paintwork was to be polished and the full body coated with Modesta’s neo-silica glass coating BC-08.

First up, polishing. After being fully wash, clayed and wiped down with IPA, it was time to dial in a polishing process. The paint responded really well with a combination of Griots Garage Correction Cream paired with the Lake Country HDO Orange Polishing Pad on the Griots Garage G21. We primed the face of pad with correction cream and applied 4 dime sized drops of polish. Running the DA polisher at speed 3 with zero pressure eliminated the light marring and hazing while bringing out a crisp finish.

Jaguar E-Type: Clear Bra + Modesta

Once the polishing was completed it was on to the PPF installation. We rewashed the vehicle and started our PPF preparation stages. This consists of 4-5 IPA wipe downs slowly moving up in strength to remove any polishing oil, dust, and dirt. We took out our favorite detailing foam swabs and went through every edge and seem to remove any old compounding residue left over from the restoration.

Now this wasn’t a straight forward film installation, it was a fully custom install which required a lot of test fitment in order to achieve the look we wanted. We removed the chrome headlight surrounds and US spec chrome bumper to fully wrap into the lower bumper scoop. This allowed us to hide as many film edges as possible, giving greater ascetics and lowering the risk of dirt buildup.  The hood, fenders, front bumper, and lower rockers were all covered in paint protection film. Wrapping every edge where possible, this left the vehicle looking like no film had been applied in the first place- exactly the look we were going for.

After final trimming and heating of the film edges it was time to install one of our favorite new glass coatings, Modesta BC-08. BC-08 is a 2-3 year (professional only) hybrid coating giving excellent water beading characteristics, while leaving an extremely glossy finish. We first applied Modesta P01A primer. This primer leaves an ultra thick layer of resins which intensify the gloss tremendously. This is a necessary step in maximizing gloss.   Two generous layers of BC-08 were applied on all the film and paintwork.

After the coating was IR cured we applied Modesta M1 Shot, a coating topper which adds slickness and gloss to the finish. Moving forward  Modesta M1 Shot can be used during routine maintenance details to preserve the coating and allow the client to experience the true performance of BC-08.

Jaguar E-Type: Clear Bra + Modesta

Final touches.  The tires received two coats of Swissvax Pneu. The classic wire wheels and chrome accents were polished and then protected with Swissvax Lotus Speed.

Jaguar E-Type: Clear Bra + Modesta

Jaguar E-Type: Clear Bra + Modesta
Jaguar E-Type: Clear Bra + Modesta
Jaguar E-Type: Clear Bra + Modesta
Jaguar E-Type: Clear Bra + Modesta

Jaguar E-Type: Clear Bra + ModestaJaguar E-Type: Clear Bra + Modesta

Thank you again for reading, I hope you enjoyed this one.

James Melfi
Holliston, MA
Facebook | Instagram

4 comments on Projects | Jaguar E-Type | Paint Correction | Clear Bra | Modesta Coatings

  1. philip shishikin says:

    Thats just gorgeous! Good job guys!

  2. Bob says:

    Not your typical late-model wrapped Porsche or Ferrari. Very cool car and great looking work

  3. Ron Ayotte says:

    One word… amazing!

  4. Robert A says:

    Awesome work guys

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