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Maintaining a Like-New Interior: A Closer Look at Nextzett Cockpit Premium


Cockpit Premium Interior Cleaner with detailing brush

What is Nextzett Cockpit Premium?

We introduced Cockpit Premium to the North American market in 2000. A silicone-free and shine-free interior dashboard and trim cleaner, Cockpit Premium was unique at the time when the shiny “Armor All look” was the norm for interior trim. The concept of a shine-free interior wasn’t quickly accepted but has become the norm over the years. Cockpit Premium is suitable for use on the dashboard, audio and navigation screens, instrument gauges, armrests, and any clear or colored plastic, vinyl, rubber, or leather trim. It repels dust and protects interior surfaces from fading due to heat and UV exposure.

Features and Benefits:

Cockpit Premium is a versatile interior cleaner with protective properties that leaves behind a “factory finish” – just as intended by the manufacturer. It has a level of cleaning ideal for regular use without concern of over-cleaning any surface.

What Sets Cockpit Premium Apart?

Cockpit Premium is more than just an interior quick detailer. It is both a cleaner and a protectant that is fast and quick to apply. Its natural finish and right amount of cleaners for light cleaning duty make it a go-to for professional detailers and detailing enthusiasts. It leaves no residue or watermarks on clear plastic surfaces like audio/navigation screens and instrument clusters. It can even be used to wipe down coated/finished leather when you just need it cleaned and not conditioned.

Key Features:

Cockpit Premium contains mild surfactants that gently clean light dust, oils, and sweat from interior surfaces. It primarily protects against heat damage, as most UV rays are filtered through automotive glass, though it also contains mild UV inhibitors. Additionally, it repels dust, ensuring that surfaces stay cleaner for a longer period.

For convertible cars or boats with high UV exposure, we recommend our exterior vinyl/rubber/plastic conditioner and protectant, Vinyl-Rubber Extra. However, be cautious not to apply it to touchpoints like the steering wheel, shift knob, or pedals due to the risk of slippage. Although it is not oil-based and feels dry to the touch, it creates a water-resistant finish that can make surfaces slick.

Vinyl-Rubber Extra is formulated with strong conditioning ingredients that can revive faded colors and provides robust UV protection, making it ideal for exterior surfaces. While its shine is noticeable, it is not as muted as Cockpit Premium’s finish. If you require both the conditioning power and stronger UV protection, apply Vinyl-Rubber Extra first and let it set to rejuvenate the surface for a few hours to a day (depends on how faded the surface is). Then, to reduce the shine, simply wipe down the area with Cockpit Premium.


Cockpit Premium is compatible with all surfaces. It can be used safely on clear and colored plastic, vinyl, rubber (such as rubber coated knobs), soft-touch painted surfaces, and coated leather.

Cockpit Premium cleans interior plastic trim


Cockpit Premium has a pleasant citrus scent that is easy on the nose. In 2014, we switched from using synthetic fragrances to all-natural fragrances to accommodate customers sensitive to synthetic fragrances.

Application Process:

Using Cockpit Premium is easy. It can be applied in a few ways. It can be sprayed directly on the surface and wiped down with a microfiber cloth, sprayed onto a cloth and then wiped on the surface, or applied onto the bristles of an interior detailing brush for agitation on the surface needing treatment. Most importantly, never apply it to a hot surface.

Benefits for Car Detailing Enthusiasts and Professional Detailers:

Cockpit Premium can be used regularly without concern for residue buildup or harm to the surface. Its dust-repelling effect and pleasant scent make it popular among customers. Professional detailers appreciate its quick application and clean appearance. Even if you don’t typically offer interior cleaning, having Cockpit Premium for a quick 5-minute interior wipe-down is a service your customers will appreciate.

Pro Tip: Our 10-liter size of Cockpit Premium has slightly more cleaning strength than the 500 ml bottle, making it more economical for your business and great for cleaning.

Wrap Up:

Cockpit Premium is a versatile interior cleaner and maintenance product that is perfect for finishing any detail or maintaining a clean┬áinterior that looks like the day the car was new. It’s silicone-free, so it wipes off easily from glass, and is suitable for keeping leather clean between conditioning treatments.

Product FAQs:

  • Does it contain UV protectants? Yes, but minimal. It mainly protects against fading due to heat.
  • What’s the shelf life? Cockpit Premium remains stable for years if stored at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. In a hot garage or vehicle, its effectiveness reduces to about 2-3 years.
  • Will it be damaged if it freezes? No. Just allow it to thaw out completely before use.
  • How often can I use it? As often as you like – it won’t harm the surface and doesn’t leave residue build-up.
  • Will it remove grime and stubborn dirt? No, it’s only meant for the light cleaning of dust, fingerprints, and light dirt buildup. For heavy grime buildup, rubber scuff marks and other more stubborn stains, use our Nextzett Plastic Deep Cleaner, a detergent cleaner formulated for deep cleaning of all sorts of grime.

If you have any questions about Cockpit, please feel free to message me. It’s been a favorite of the line since its introduction in the USA as an einszett product back in 2000 and I think you’ll agree once you try it out!

About nextzett: Established in K├Âln, Germany, in 1936, nextzett (formerly known as 1Z / einszett) manufactures a range of automotive appearance products, tunnel wash products, as well as specialty lubricants and fluids.

Michael Mankarious
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2 comments on Maintaining a Like-New Interior: A Closer Look at Nextzett Cockpit Premium

  1. M says:

    Best stuff I’ve used in the past 15 years.

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