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Dashboard Cleaning with DIY Detail Interior Clean & Protectant


DIY Detail Interior Clean and Protect Product Review

We recently picked up the DIY Detail brand here at DI and it has quickly become incredibly popular overall. I had my eye on a few different products to try out, but I started off with the Interior Clean & Protectant for two reasons. One, my dashboard was incredibly dirty and it was about time I took care of the dirt and dust and two, Yvan over at DIY Detail listed their 4 most popular products and Interior Clean & Protectant made that list.

Simply put, the DIY Detail Interior Clean & Protectant is an all in one product that is designed to help you easily clean and protect your interior surfaces, with one simply to use spray. For the best results when applying any interior cleaner, I recommend spraying the cleaner directly onto a soft, plush microfiber towel. This will allow you to avoid any over spray, making sure you are pinpointing the correct areas for application. I personally like the Autofiber Korean Plush 550 Towel, but reach for your favorite for interior cleaning. Hit the towel with a few sprays and wipe the interior surface. You can apply this on your plastics, leather, vinyl, etc. so application is easy. Areas such as door panels that feature a mishmash of materials can be taken care of quickly and simply. Once you clean the surface, flip the towel and wipe away any excess. After application I found myself loving the Interior Clean & Protectant due to a few features.

  • Pleasant Smell
  • Great Cleaning Ability
  • Non Greasy, Light Sheen Finish
  • UV Protection

With interior cleaners I always reach for products that clean and protect. I personally like these items as my plastics, vinyls, etc. are never incredibly dirty and I want to make sure they are always protected from UV rays to keep these surfaces looking their best for a long time. This is important for high heat, high sun areas (Texas, Florida, California). While Interior Clean & Protectant cleans well, it will not remove super heavy contamination in one application. If you have heavy scuffs or bad spills I would recommend reaching for a product directly targeted to clean and follow up with a light application of Interior Clean & Protectant to remove and residual and protect the surface. After application I avoid anything that leaves behind a heavy shine or greasy look and anything that smells bad. While this product smells great, it does leave behind a slight sheen. It is not greasy and a few days after application I found myself really enjoying the look. I find the sheen to be more of a new look instead of a fake shine, if that makes sense.

Overall DIY Detail Interior Clean & Protectant has found its way to the top of my interior products and I am extremely excited to test out more of this popular brand. Don’t just take my word for it, take a look at a few before and after closeup shots below!

Before and After Photo 1

Before and After Photo 2

1 comment on Dashboard Cleaning with DIY Detail Interior Clean & Protectant

  1. Dodd says:

    By far the best Inteiror cleaner I have ever used this is all I use to clean my interiors. I use it weekly after my wash and my cars always look brand new inside!

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