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Meguiar’s Quik Interior Detailer (QID) Review


While there are a lot of products out there that are very good for specific applications, they might not always be the best choice depending on the surface or the condition. You may find one that does a great job on vinyl, but you don’t want to use it on hard surfaces.

Front label

Meguiar's Quik Interior Detailer front label

Rear label

Meguiar's Quik Interior Detailer rear label.  Description, directions, warning.

With Meguiar’s Quik Interior Detailer however, you’ve got one product that safely cleans interior plastics, vinyl, leather, rubber, metal, and even audio-video equipment!

And there’s no need to worry about a greasy residue or shiny appearance because Quik Interior Detailer leaves a clean, natural finish. Meguiar’s unique formula also features sunblocking and sunscreening agents for improved UV protection and provides a fresh, clean scent.

The gentle, high-lubricity formula safely lifts off dust, dirt, grime, and spills and is safe to use on clear plastic and navigation screens without scratching them.

The ultra-fine mist makes for an easy application whether you’re applying directly to the surface or onto a soft microfiber towel. Just use a light mist of Quik Interior Detailer and lightly buff with a DI Ultra Plush MF towel…that’s it! It’s very impressive how Meguiar’s developed this product to yield such outstanding results with such little effort.

I have been using Meguiar’s Quik Interior Detailer for years now, and use it every single time I clean my own cars as well as every vehicle that passes through the Esoteric garage. It’s one of my all-time favorite detailing products and one that everybody should have in their detailing arsenal!

Use Meguiar’s Quik Interior Detailer to quickly clean and protect:

Navigation screens and stereo controls

Navigation screen and audio controls cleaned with Meguiar's Quik Interior Detailer


Guages kept looking new with Meguiar's Quik Interior Detailer

Console Areas

Console areas treated with Meguiar's Quik Interior Detailer

Carbon fiber trim

Carbon fiber trim cleaned with Meguiar's Quik Interior Detailer

Here’s a good tip. When cleaning the vents, spray some Quik Interior Detailer on a cotton swab for easy access and a nice finish.

Cleaning vents with Meguiar's Quik Interior Detailer on a cotton swab

And it also works wonders on electronic equipment such as laptops, home stereos, camera bodies, and the piano-black lacquer finish around the edge of your new plasma television (Seriously…this IS what I use to clean all of these)!

Cleaning your laptop with Meguiar's Quik Interior Detailer

If you have any additional comments or questions, please submit your reply in the comment box below.

Todd Cooperider Esoteric Auto Detail
Todd Cooperider
Esoteric Auto Detail
Columbus, Ohio

15 comments on Meguiar’s Quik Interior Detailer (QID) Review

  1. […] with UV protectant. i was originally gonna buy QID and mother's back-to-black. Meg's QID: Meguiar’s Quik Interior Detailer (QID) Review – Detailed Image Meg's #40: Meguiars #40<br>Vinyl & Rubber Cleaner/Conditioner protects rubber, plastic […]

  2. […] Originally Posted by hex would it be stupid to buy both products, or should i just buy #40 for overall care? i need something to clean the inside of the car (dash, door panel) and i also need something for the exterior trim (black). i need something with UV protectant. i was originally gonna buy QID and mother's back-to-black. QID is possibly the best thing you can buy over the counter. I have #40 and while its ok, the sheen is a bit too high. QID is most likely cheaper, and leaves a nicer finish. Gives a NEW look, rather than a dressed one. Heres are review Todd did: Meguiar’s Quik Interior Detailer (QID) Review – Detailed Image […]

  3. Dave says:

    Meguiars was the first line of products that got me into detailing (personal, not pro) How would you compare it to 303 Aerospace? I could see a first pass cleaning with this possibly?

    • Dave,

      I see them as two completely different products. The Megs QID is a cleaner that also provides some UV protection but leaves the finish looking natural. I use this mainly on the hard surfaces inside…console, gauges, etc. I would use 303 on the vinyl, leather, dash, plastic trim areas of the car when I want a “dressed” look to it.

  4. Joel says:


    How do you feel about Megs Natural Shine interior spray? I have used a bottles worth over the past year and seem to like it. When I first started using it, I would just wipe it on with an applicator pad and call it good. But I soon noticed that many times I would get an uneven look, that often looked to shinny/dressed. After doing some research, I now apply it, then wipe it down with a nice plush microfiber towel which gives it a nice and even look with a natural appearance. The reason I ask is because I have seen a lot of people talking about Aerospace 303, and I’m just searching for the best. Also is Natural shine a product that I can use on rubber sill, and other rubber pieces? or should I be using something else.

    Thank you for your time and knowledge.

    • Joel,

      I don’t use that product from Meguiar’s, so I can’t offer up any advice on it. Even with 303 Aerospace you can get an uneven look on large surfaces (like the dash), and it is recommended to follow it up with a slightly damp microfiber to even out the look.

  5. Ignas Peciulis says:

    I honestly had no idea that this product is so good. I had purchased 1Z cockpit premium from DD and i was extremely happy with it. It was like nothing i had ever used before.

    But after that bottle is done, i think im gonna order some Megs quik interior detailer, its much cheaper.

  6. vince says:

    Meguiar’s Quick Interior Detailer is a fine product. But i must admit i could not believe my Eyes and Ears when i came across the stereo controls and that Porcupine Tree The Incident was playing through my Surround Sound in DTS and that it was synchronized to your still photo. I am mesmerized by all your achievements you are also Esoteric in your music.

    Thanks Todd for all you do.

  7. […] Just wipe clean? The Meguiars product protects the plastic parts as well, not just cleans them. Meguiar’s Quik Interior Detailer (QID) Review – Detailed Image __________________ Current- 2007 AGM MDX SportEnter.- F & R Lower Garnish / Side Steps / […]

  8. Max says:

    Hi Todd,
    Nice introduction. However, I have a question here which you might be able to give some advice…. Megs QID vs. Autoglym Vinyl and Rubber Care, which one is better? Your advice will be really appreciated…

    • Max,

      I have no knowledge or experience with that product, so I can’t make an educated comparison of the two. Just based on the product name alone, I’d want to find out if it’s OK to use on nav screens, gauges, and other hard surfaces. Megs QID can be used on all surfaces, and really shines when it comes to the areas that I mentioned.

  9. Duane says:

    Not to rehash a dead topic but..
    I’ve been searching for a good dash/ door panel product for my 12 Focus SE, which has a ton of dash real estate. It’s pretty big. But while looking natural and not greasy is very important to me, so is smell. I hate opening my door and my car interior smells like anything but car interior. I don’t allow perfumes, scented lotions, fast food, anything like that so what product(s) do I use for cleaning and protecting but maintaining the natural, non-chemical smell of my car?

  10. Jen O'Connor says:

    Hi. My boyfriend just got a 1995 355 Ferrari with the targa top. Was wondering if you knew where I could purchase a storage cover for the top when he stores it behind the seats. Or what fabric would be the best protection. Maybe I could sew one myself. You sound like an expert! Thx

  11. […] with no slick residue and helps protect the vinyl from the sun’s UV radiation. In a review on Detailed Image, pro detailer Todd Cooperider of Esoteric Auto Detail in Columbus, Ohio, says that it’s one of […]

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