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Non “Detailing” Details for Professionals


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We all know that it’s important to clean inside the gas cap, clean the letters on the seatbelt release button and how using a good smelling product, when possible, all make for a better client experience. We often note it as the details that we as detailers do that your standard car wash or cheaper option would miss. And all these little details add up to a much better end result and a more impressed customer.

However, there are some details that aren’t necessarily about detailing, but make a huge difference in your client’s reaction when they see the vehicle.

Example: Not adjusting the rearview mirror. Don’t do it. It takes no time at all to just grab it with one, steady it, and clean with the other. Imagine your client seems the amazing job, gets in and has to adjust their mirror, only to get it to focus on you as they drive away, the one who caused them such hardship. Is it that big of a deal? No, but it isn’t extra work for you and is nice when they get back in and it’s in the same spot.

Moving their phone holder and not putting it back. If it’s a vent holder and you want to move it to clean the vents, just put it back. Same with any cords that were plugged in.

Adjusting the seat. This one is hard because you have to move it to vacuum, so personally I just make sure that it’s not too close to the steering wheel, so do the back first, slide back and do the front. This way at least they can comfortably get in. But if it has presets or you don’t have to move the seat then it’s a plus.

Personal belongings. If it’s obvious trash then just toss it, but otherwise, I like to collect them and pet them in a nice stack either in the passenger seat or if there is a lot, then the rear passenger seat. So at least it’s out of eye view.

Don’t trip the wipers or turn signals. Since the car would be off you may not notice and then they would when they turn the car on.

Again, are these deal breakers? Of course not. However, it’s a good mindset to have that your clients drive these cars, and are set up to be the most comfortable for them. They bring it to you to clean and protect it, but they still have to drive it so they still want that comfortability. You want them to have the most positive experience they can and being able to see their car looking better than it was when it was new, but being able to get in and drive it like they’ve had it for years.

Do you have anything like this that you do for clients or a pet peeve that a carwash/detailer does to your car?

Ian Martinez
Gloss Angeles
Irvine, CA
Instagram | YouTube

4 comments on Non “Detailing” Details for Professionals

  1. Ken says:

    I left my car outside for 2 weeks and have a lot of pollen on it , I use a power washer was wondering if their is a product besides a snow foam and car shampoo to help remove the caked on pollen, that I can add to either of the above soaps I’m currently using? It’s a black car also so you understand how it probably looks.

    Thank you

    • Reece @ DI says:

      Pollen is tough as it will stick to the paint and when left, can be hard to remove. Generally a few washes with a good shampoo should do the trick, but using some tar or bug remover before your shampoo wash can help loosen any heavily contaminated areas for easier removal.

  2. Ron Ayotte says:

    I keep plenty f different sized ziploc bags on hand, anything found in the door bins, open spaces on console, cupholders, etc. gets put in the bags and placed where I found them.

    If the trunk/frunk/hatch area is a mess ( i.e., blankets, jackets and other items) I will fold and place the items in boxes (the boxes that I get from Detailed Image are great for these!) and put them in the trunk/frunk/hatch area.

    If there are infant and children car seats, I steam clean them (note.. I have he owner remove them prior to detailing, if they don’t I clean around them the best I can. I used to be a certified car seat installer when I was a firefighter, but I am no longer certified to do so).

    • Reece @ DI says:

      Ron – Thanks for sharing! I love the reuse of the DI boxes here and a great tip on the car seats. It is one area often overlooked, but asking the customer to remove them for a thorough cleaning is important from a liability standpoint.

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