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Product Review: CarPro Ceriglass Glass Polish


I’ve been meaning to write this article for a while now and finally got around to it.  We have been using the CarPro Ceriglass Glass Polish for quite some time now, with what I am happy to say is great results!

CarPro Ceriglass Glass Polish deep cleans your glass safely and easily so you can see through it and drive safely. This unique formula will remove acid rain, hard water, road film, sap, bird droppings, and even fine to medium scratches from your glass! Ceriglass is formulated with cerium oxide, mild abrasives designed for glass and other nano particles that deep clean your glass with ease. You can polish by hand or even by machine. If you polish by hand you can deep clean the glass but with a buffer (Rotary or DA) you can remove deep etchings and even light to medium scratches! It should not be used on tinted glass, aftermarket glass and coated glass surfaces. It will not distort glass and upon completion you’ll finally be able to see through the glass clearly in direct sunlight or on rainy days. Pick yourself up some CarPro Ceriglass Glass Polish today!

I recently did some test spots on my wife’s car and took a few photos to show the results.  We used a glass cutting pad on the Griot’s Garage Random Orbital polisher.  As always, it removed quite a bit of damage from the windshield and greatly improved visibility.  We also used this process with a rotary polisher, but this time around we wanted to show that a random orbital polisher can clean up the glass really well.  We did about 5-6 passes over a 12×12 inch section and the results we got speak for themselves.


After priming the pad, I applied a little polish to the glass itself…


After some polishing…



And we have cleaner an clearer glass!


This is a quick half/half to show just how much correction and improvement was accomplished…


As you can easily tell, only some major scratches remained, which can be improved or completely removed with a bit more polishing.  In the photos above, we wiped down the glass with CarPro Eraser to make sure we weren’t hiding anything in the photos.  Some people have reported Ceriglass as hard to work with and sometimes it can be.  I have found most issues during use arise when the product is worked for too long or too much applied so it splatters everywhere.  I find it works best when worked for a few passes over a section until it starts turning clear, then I either add a bit more polish to the glass, or clean it off the glass, along with the pad, before doing another pass over that section.  I also always use a foam pad as a finishing step in order to help remove any stubborn leftover residue as foam is much easier to control.  As always, proper prep should be taken to mask off any trim, etc. in order to keep it clean and free of polish.

Well that’s about it, short and sweet.  We really like working with the CarPro Ceriglass Glass Polish and I haven’t tried much else to even think about replacing it!

Ivan Rajic LUSTR Deatil
Ivan Rajic
LUSTR Detail
257 N Woodwork Lane
Palatine IL 60067
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6 comments on Product Review: CarPro Ceriglass Glass Polish

  1. Wes R says:

    Another great product review! Question: Could this be used as a protection method to prevent build up and scratches on the glass?

    • Ivan Rajic says:

      I’m really not sure if it leaves any protection behind, but I doubt it would prevent any sizable scratches in glass as it does take quite an abrasive to cause such scratches.

  2. Blake F says:

    Where did you get the glass cutting pad? My daughters car is in some real need of polishing of the glass.

    • Ivan Rajic says:

      Blake, the glass cutting pads I used were old and I believe from Lake Country. I’ve also had good results with the Meguiar’s DA Microfiber Xtra Cut Disc.

  3. jonathan vincent says:

    Hey Ivan,
    Yoooooooo!!! what is it with this sudden need to razor blade or polish the shiznits out of car window glass??? am i the only one?? I mean I’ve never gone further than ammonia based windex or whatever unless of course the water spotting was turning what was initially a “quick-detail” into a production; of course the customer always checks in on progress and walks into your perpetual time wasting incompetency and says to himself ” i’m paying this F***stick $150 to get beat up by a piece of glass!!”.
    Personally in this situation I Superman himself Mr. Larry Reynolds of CCS (Lodi, NJ) to seek help……!

    Always taking advantage of a legit opportunity to buy new toys…..I end up with P21s’ wonderful Metal Polishing Soap. Spots are gone, new weapon in the arsenal….

    However…..My Girlfriends shower door feels like 100 grit sandpaper in the form of water deposits. So far nothing by hand has made a dent….

    Any Ideas!

    (Non related)
    Attention Detailers: if u haven’t already, go now and pick the P21s TAW Total Auto Wash…….NOW! Why? Powerful APC totally safe for clearcoats! (insert the reaggeaton horn soundblast) EEEEARNTT!!!!!!

  4. Don’t know if anyone else has tried this product, it’s called Rubout by Unger. This stuff is awesome, I’ve used it on windshields, shower doors and even marble countertops. The product was developed for cleaning waterspots and mineral deposits from solar panels. Have had great success with it.

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