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Product Review: Dodo Juice Red Mist Tropical


To add additional slickness and protection after your maintenance washes, we can’t recommend a better product to use than Dodo Juice’s Red Mist Tropical. While the European car care product company is better known for their carnauba waxes, Red Mist Tropical Edition has grown to have a strong following due to its outstanding performance.

Dodo Juice Red Mist Tropical ready to be applied to a clean metallic black Audi RS4

Based off the original Red Mist quick detailing spray, Dodo Juice decided to make a slight change in the formula after hearing that users were having problems with excessive streaking during use. From this feedback, Dodo Juice created the Red Mist “Tropical Edition” quick detail spray to be slower working in warmer weather. While both Red Mist and Red Mist Tropical Edition are sold overseas, due to VOC compliance laws only the slower Red Mist Tropical is sold in the US. But do not fret. The Tropical works great even at 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Quick Detailing Sprays are a tradeoff between a few key aspects: lubricity, cleaning power, protection, and gloss. Any increase in one leads to a decrease in the others. Red Mist Tropical Edition excels in protection and gloss with good lubricity. This product is the glossiest Quick Detailer or Spray Sealant we have used. It also lasts the longest, with durability of a month plus. We used Red Mist Tropical Edition on our work truck and two months passed before we felt a degradation in slickness and beading. While I would recommend monthly or bi-monthly applications on your own vehicle, we never got more compliments on how the truck’s silver paint looked than when coated with Red Mist Tropical Edition!

Most Quick Detailers will have a cleaning power advantage over Red Mist Tropical. The typical Quick Detailer is aimed at the Do It Yourselfer who wishes to clean off dust, light contamination, or bird droppings without performing a full wash. There’s no problem in using Quick Detailing products for this purpose, but Red Mist Tropical should not be used to clean your vehicle in our experience as it doesn’t excel at lifting debris off the surface. However, if you are looking to bring the “wow” factor to your paint between waxing or sealing, you will want an easy to use sprayable product: exactly what Dodo Juice had in mind when they created Red Mist Tropical Edition.

Red Mist Tropical Edition was originally released with a great sprayer; the trigger was short but dispensed just the right amount of product in a very fine spray. However, all spray nozzles tend to fail after sitting in this particular spray sealant for a long period of time. The old clear plastic nozzle head has been replaced with a gold colored sprayer head that is much more chemical resistant to the strong solvents contained in this product. The new sprayer head design doesn’t atomize the solution into such a fine mist, but it also won’t stop working after a month or two.

To use, mist the panel with product and use a very soft and plush microfiber towel to slowly and evenly spread the product over the paint.

Applying Dodo Juice Red Mist Tropical to a black Audi RS4 in Michigan

As with any other time you touch your delicate paint, wipe in straight lines. The spray sealant works a bit more slowly than other spray products, and as you wipe you will see it flow over and wet the surface, then flash as it dries leaving behind heavenly slickness with a deep gloss.

gently wiping Dodo Juice Red Mist onto a polished clear-coat finish

It can streak easily and therefore slow and even wiping is essential. Wiping fast requires more power behind the towel, which can result in applying too much pressure to the paint leading to an increased chance for marring or scratching the finish. After experimenting with a few gentle wipes, you will be able to tell when you get the process down pat. The following picture shows a different angle of the same hood after proper application:

final result of Dodo Juice Red Mist Tropical on the hood of an Audi RS4 sedan

Once finished you’re all set to cruise to the local ice cream shop with your significant other while listening to Will Smith’s “Summertime” in your super-clean ride. Now go grab your bottle of Red Mist Tropical Edition and make your neighbors envious 😉

final result of Dodo Juice Red Mist Tropical Edition on paint in the sun

Marc Harris and Jacob Bunyan
Auto Lavish
Rochester, MI

9 comments on Product Review: Dodo Juice Red Mist Tropical

  1. Jay says:

    Red Mist Tropical is my favorite QD to use coupled with Rainforest Rub. Side note the Michigan hoodie with OSU shorts?? Blasphemy

  2. Roger says:

    I concur, Red Mist is a great product. I consider it a booster and not a QD. As mentioned it’s not really designed to remove dust or light dirt like a typical QD. It is solvent based, so make sure to only apply it to well cured LSPs. .

    I spray it on an MF (not the surface) and wipe slowly and watch it flash off. It reminds me of Z8 to some extent, but Z8 is water based.

    • Very much so Roger!
      And may I also add that it is highly recommend to NOT use this product if you just put a fresh coat of your favorite wax or sealant on your paint.
      Adding Red Mist Tropical to my maintenance routine has paid off as I feel my car stays cleaner longer and following washes always have the familiar feel of the first wash on a fresh coat of sealant.

      Thanks for taking a look and for the great comment!

  3. Brian says:

    Great review. RMT looks great and smells amazing. It also work really well on trim.

  4. Stu says:

    Another great write up guys! I’ve been using Red Mist on the GTO and have been happy with the end result! I thought Z8 was the ultimate, but Red Mist over Rainforest Rub, really makes the green metal flake jump out. Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. Mark Cox says:

    I used it on the hood of my wife’s brand new Lexus. Results are similar to Z-8 but much less temperamental. Very easy to use. A little goes a long ways. Don’t use more than you mean to. Outstanding product.

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