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Product Review: Griot’s Garage BOSS Pads and Polishing Creams



As if the awesome new tools Griot’s Garage just released weren’t enough, they’ve also debuted a whole new line of pads and polishes designed to complement the tools and complete the whole BOSS™, “Best of Show System”. The new polishes were developed in-house at Griot’s state-of-the-art design center with the help of some talented chemists and a great development team. Via Jeff Brown, I was fortunate to be a part of this exciting release and help test and provide feedback on some of the 120+ formulations. While I’ve done a few pre-release testings for various companies, this was the first time I’ve been involved this early in the development and I truly enjoyed learning about everything that goes into the process. In fact, I think that may just be a good article topic for later on. 😉

Product Description:

BOSS™ Pads

BOSS™ Pads are designed with precision to withstand the rigors of Long-Throw Orbitals, while delivering superior performance, control, and comfort. Pads provide the contact patch between you and your paint finish. Just like racing tires gripping the track, this interaction is critical to success.
Our 8mm thick, low-profile design delivers unrivaled energy transfer and defect removal. The pads’ low center of gravity and light weight improve tool stability and pad control for smoother operation. We use the highest quality reticulated foam, cut to our specifications. All BOSS pads feature a center intercooling hole designed to resist heat buildup at the center of the pad which eliminates common dishing and other pad component damage for extended pad life.


BOSS™ Creams

You can tell the difference from the first drop. In our drive towards perfection, our proprietary Best Of Show System™ formulas were created in-house at Griot’s Garage to do exactly what they say: fast correcting, mirror polishing, sealing and protecting. Blended and bottled at the Griot’s Garage Manufacturing Facility, these liquids empower you to achieve visibly better results in less time. Consider them to be precision tools, flexible in use to adapt to virtually any paint finishing scenario. Pair them with the appropriate BOSS™ pads and prepare to be amazed!
All four BOSS creams utilize specialized levels of sub-micron abrasives, which more efficiently remove defects and leave a highly-refined finish. Each cream is engineered with rich, high-lubricity, non-filling components to promote faster pad rotation so you can produce a true, concours-worthy finish in less time.

Product Details:

BOSS™ Pads

  • Thin pad design, 8MM thickness
  • 4 foam pads, 1 Microfiber, 1 Innerflex (all available in 5″ and 6″ sizes)
  • Chamfered Edge
  • Center inter-cooling hole
  • Reticulated Open Cell Foam
  • Color coded to match intended Creams

BOSS™ Creams

  • 4 liquids; 2 compounds, 1 polish, 1 All in One (AIO)
  • Color coded bottles to match intended pad use
  • Unique, pleasant scent to each
  • Sub-micron abrasives
  • No silicones or fillers in the compounds or polish
  • Long working times
  • Little to no dust

Pad Reviews:

All of the pads perform very well and I’ve become a big fan of the thin pad designs a lot of companies have been releasing of late. A thin design allows for more rotation, faster correction, easier to clean, and they take up far less space.

  • Micro Fiber Pads: These pads have a thin, medium-density foam backing that deliver the cut you’d expect from a MF (Micro Fiber) pad in addition to finishing better than some other competing brands. It’s no surprise that I’ve adopted the Griot’s Micro Fiber as my go-to cutting pads for most jobs lately. I generally use these pads along with the thin Fast Cut MF pads, which have been released for a while now.
  • White Fast Cut Foam Pad: These pads are firmer foam, similar to a few others out now like the CarPro Flash pad and Rupes UHS pad and delivering very impressive cut and finish for foam! When it comes to heavy cutting I tend to prefer MF pads, but these offer a cut that is very close to MF and leave a better finish. The firmer foam “feel” does take some adjustment, at least for me, but again, I’m a MF pad guy. One other thing to note about the white foam pads is that much like other stiffer foam brands, they can have a tendency to sling polish after the initial priming. Be sure to spread your polishes around first and never take the tool off the paint while it’s still spinning.
  • Orange Correcting Foam Pad: These pads will likely be a popular go-to pad for those 1-step correction jobs. The pad offers solid cut and should finish LSP-ready on most all paint types.
  • Yellow Perfecting Foam Pad: These pads have been a champ at finishing down perfectly on all paint types I’ve used them on so far and have become my go-to for finishing when paired with the Perfecting Cream.
  • Black Finishing Foam Pad: I honestly haven’t had to use these pads much on a car yet so I can’t provide much feedback, but they worked very well throughout the testing.
  • Innerflex Pad: The Innerflex pad is something completely new for polishing and is essentially another tool for your arsenal. While the new thin pad trend is great for cutting, it also poses an issue when working on cars with lots of curvy panels. Griot’s solution to this dilemma is the Innerflex pad, which is essentially placed in-between your backing plate and pad, giving you added cushioning and allows for the pad to conform to panel contours. It will also help reduce aggressiveness and increase user comfort. Another added feature of the Innerflex is a reduction of temperature build-up in your pads and extension of their life. I REALLY LIKE THESE PADS! 🙂

Cream Reviews:

  • Fast Correcting Cream: The majority of the vehicles I work on receive a 2-step correction or more, so Fast Correct has really been one of my most-used compounds over the last 6 months. Its cut is on par with most of my other compounds but it has little to no dusting, especially when used with the MF pads, and the long working time is great, making it a very pleasant-to-use compound. Paired with the Fast Cut MF pad I was able to quickly eliminate swirls and even RIDS with some quick, focused polishing on several hard BMW, Audi, and Mercedes paint types. The only possible ask is a slightly better wipe-off; while it’s not hard to remove by any means, it’s also not as easy as something like Meguiar’s D300. Regardless, this isn’t a significant concern and I would say the wipe-off is similar to that of a few other compounds I use in my work. Since there always seems to be a trade-off when developing compounds & polishes, the great cut, working time, and almost nonexistent dusting out weigh a little added wipe off effort. Not using too much product helps with wipe off a lot, as does towel choice. I would suggest using only 3 pea-sized dots of Fast Correct after initial priming.
  • Correcting Cream: Correcting Cream is an excellent middle of the road compound that can cut very well and, with the right pad choice, still finish out LSP-ready on almost all paint types. I would compare the cability of this product to one of my other well-liked products, HD Adapt. The wipe off of Correcting Cream is a little better too, but again, keep usage to only 3 pea-sized drops after priming.
  • Perfecting Cream: Perfecting Cream is an excellent finishing polish and has worked flawlessly on every paint type I’ve worked on so far, even those soft, touchy black B-pillars. Paired with the yellow pad it completes my go-to 2-step combination and I’ve been thrilled with its overall performance.
  • Finishing Sealant: The Finishing Sealant is the one product I haven’t spent much time with thus far and there have been formula updates post-dating the receipt of my sample. Notwithstanding the changes and my limited use, the initial bottle I received polished in like butter, but that is the limited feedback I’m able to provide. I will try to do an updated review once I order a bottle of the released product.

Product Images:


Griot's Garage BOSS Pads

Innerflex Pad

Griot's Garage BOSS InnerFlex Pad

Griot's Garage BOSS Polishes

Pic of showing of of the test batches, various formulations (abrasive size, type, load, emulsion, ect)

Griot's Garage BOSS Test Batches

Doing some testing with Correcting Cream and the orange pads

Griot's Garage BOSS Correcting Cream and Orange Pad Testing

Closing thoughts and comments:

I feel the BOSS™ system as a whole is going to be a huge hit in both the enthusiast and professional detailing markets, but the individual components are also able to stand alone and perform individually. The pads have an excellent design and appear to be very durable based on the zero failures I’ve experienced over 6 months of use. All of the new creams perform beautifully and even have their own unique, pleasant scent, which is a welcome quality for me, as a non-fan of products with a strong scent of solvent. Of course this is always an area that comes down to individual taste, but all of the testers I spoke with loved the scents. In fact, to quote one of the other testers, Eric Witt of Tru-Shine Detailing; “When I use orange I crave creamsicles. When I use white I just want to spread it all over some cinnamon sticks! I told Jeff to make sure he puts DO NOT EAT on the labels!”

As I noted in my article covering the new Griot’s tools, this really is the era of a whole new Griot’s Garage! I’m confident that once you’ve had a chance to try the whole suite of new and improved products you will agree!

Also check out the other Griot’s BOSS related articles.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review! 🙂

Chad Rskovich Rasky's Auto Detailing
Chad Raskovich
Rasky's Auto Detailing
Minneapolis, MN

16 comments on Product Review: Griot’s Garage BOSS Pads and Polishing Creams

  1. rick says:

    The BOSS series looks amazing like the Rupes series to include the modified washer issue with the rubbing face plate. I wonder what the differences really are?

  2. Greg Gellas says:

    Awesome article. The creams/polishes really are that good. I love the lack of dust.

  3. Tony Pies says:

    Why wouldn’t they [Griot’s] wouldn’t test out in the dessert or south fl…. minneysota is nice but does it give a true test ?

    • Hi Tony,

      I was just one many detailers that tested the BOSS system. Pete Borras (First Impression Premier Auto Detailing) is in Miami, Florida and he tested it along with detailers from CA, WA, NJ, TN, MI, and some others I’m sure I’m not aware of. 😉


  4. Paul Rhodes says:

    Great article Chad! You mentioned with the fast correcting cream that towel choice for wipe off would make a difference what towels do you prefer for wipe off while using this product or any of the GG products? Thank you for all you do for the detailing community. I pumped I just ordered my new GG Boss :). Paul

    • Hi Paul,

      Congrats on the purchase! You’ll have to share your thoughts on it after you get to use it. 🙂

      The difference in wipe off between towels is minimal, but I really prefer the Detailed Image Great White towels and the Meguiar’s Ultimate Wipes. That being said there are lots of great towels you can use and using the correct amount of product should make the biggest difference on the ease of wipe off. If you find any of the BOSS polishes difficult to remove, reduce how much product you are using. Once the pad is primed you should need no more than 3 small drops of polish per section. I was actually talking with another tester last night and he said he uses even less than 3 small drops, so while they are more expensive then some other polishes, you really don’t need to use as much. 😉


  5. Homer says:

    How does the BOSS Pads and Creams compare to the new Meguiar’s Thin and Microfiber pads and compounds (M101, M205 and D300)? Just trying to figure out if it is worth changing out my pads and products to the BOSS system. Just traded my LHR21 for the Boss 15.

    • Hi Homer,

      The BOSS foam pads are very similar to the Megs foam discs and you really can’t go wrong with either of them. Griot’s does however offer one more foam type to choose from. I’d say the black and yellow are pretty much neck and neck but I feel the Megs Burgundy falls more in between the orange and white BOSS pads, but it’s pretty close to the white. The orange pad with the BOSS Correct Cream cuts very well and finishes down great on most all paint types and is an excellent 1-step combo.

      As far as MF goes, both rock but I think the Megs offers a little more cut while the Groit’s offers a little better finish. Same goes for the Megs Xtra Cut vs. Groits Fast cut. However the Fast Cut seem to translate less vibration through the machine, likely due to the longer MF material or different backing material on the Griot’s pads. The Fast Cut pads rock so out of all of them these would be the ones I’d say to try.

      As far as the Creams, I love them! My only gripe would be that they can require more effort to wipe off then a lot of others, which “seems” to be more noticeable on softer paints. If you’re used to M205 and D300 and ease of wipe off is very important to you, this may bother you a little. I terms of wipe off I’d say they are on par with HD Adapt, Opt Hyper Polish (haven’t tried the latest version) and a few of the Menzerna polishes. They all perform very well though, smell great, and best of all have little to no dusting. M101 is definitely more aggressive than Fast Correct Cream but dusts a lot, and it’s rare I have to reach for something as strong as M101. Fast Correct Cream would probably be on par with M105 and HD Cut, Correct Cream is probably on par with HD Adapt and D300, and Perfecting Cream is on par with most other finishing polishes. Perfecting Cream should finish down very well more consistently than M205, which can often require adjustment of technique to work well, but M205 is also a very versatile product capable of heavy cutting as well as finishing! (You can thank Kevin Brown for discovering that)

      The Megs line is very solid so if you like it now there is no real reason to change, but I would at least encourage you to try the Fast Correct pad and the Fast Cut Cream and see if you like those first. They have slowly become my go to products. 😉

      Hope this helps,

  6. Alex says:

    Hi Chad,

    As always excellent review.

    I need some advice from you, I bought the BOSS G15 with only the pads since I have polishes and compounds already. Could you help me to choose from my polishes list, which one will be good for the BOSS MF Pad, here is the list:

    Menzerna FG400 (Fast correcting & correcting Pad)
    Menzerna IP2000 (Correcting & Perfecting Pad)
    Menzerna FF3000 (Perfecting Pad & Finishing Pad)
    Meguiars Ultimate Compound (Fast correcting & correcting Pad, I think)
    CarPro Reflect (Perfecting Pad & Finishing Pad)
    CarPro Essence (Perfecting Pad & Finishing Pad)

    I will appreciate it, maybe I will need to buy the D300, I don’t know. Thank you again for your help.


  7. Felix says:

    It’d be great to see the pads & polishes in a kit. At least the top 3.

  8. Hi Chad, I have been using GG for a few years now and have to say that I don’t have any complaints. This March I ordered the GG Pro package. It came with the G15, all the pads, 4 creams (red bottles), yellow polish removal towels, detailing bag, interflex pad, GG pad and towel derergent along with many extras that would be to long to list. Also I picked up the 4 in 1 platform, creeper seat, extra PFM towels (witch I love) and I have to say, with the 5.5 Ser up with the washer mod, I am turning out some very serious detailing jobs that well known detailers in my area actually send clients my way. The day after I made my large order, the phone rang and it was Griots. Apparently my story for around the company and they called me to let me know they credited my card $320 and wanted to personally thank me for my business and also to let me know they set my account up so I would get discounted pricing on future orders. I thought to myself, and I must say they have a class act company. From time to time I get calls asking how things are going and if I need anything as a curtious. Now I’ve been detailing for close to 25 years because my dad has been in the car business so I learned at a young age. Now I am teaching my dad “the correct” way detailing is done. I haven’t advertised a day in my life and I am blessed to say that I am booked months out. So I really enjoy using my G15 along with all four creams and as you go along, you can pick and choose from your arsenal of tools as they would call it. I still like the chemical guy hexlogic quantum pads and some of their creams like black light. But the GG micro fiber towels are color coded and just about fool proof. I have washed them at least 30 or more times and they still hold up like new. Chad, I am happy to are a review on your site about Griots. I found out about them about 4 or 6 years ago through a great friend that uses their products on his Top Flight awarded 63 split window fuelie. I thought if it was good enough for his car, it was good enough for my daily driver and my clients cars that they are so proud to have me do. I know this is kind of general about the company, but it is a second to none experience and being able to talk to the chemist all the way to the owner makes it personal. I am proud to say I must have close to 70% of the catalog in my detail bay and love every bit of it. I’d anyone has any questions, I’d be more than happy to answer to the best of my knowledge! Enjoy and Shine on!

  9. Richard Manrique says:

    Dear Chad – Do your creme / pad choices change if using an 8mm throw machine.
    I have a ChemGuys Torq 10FX which is an 8mm machine.
    Need to polish out rinseless wash swirls and moderate scratches on 2015 Nissan Rogue in Super Black.
    As a DIY’er can you offer an alternative to the GG MF pads as I don’t want to “learn” to use these on my only car. What would be a safer alternative.

    Would GG Fast Correcting Polish with LC Orange pads work, just take longer?
    I have Hyper Polish and Rupes Yellow pads – does this combination work well as a finishing polish on Nissan paint?

    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Richard…sorry for the late reply but it’s been a busy week. 😉

      The pads and creams work well on 8mm tools too, correction just takes a little longer is all.

      Pad choice will significantly impact rate of correction. Using Fast Correct with an orange LC pad should eliminate the light swirls and webbing with ease but the deeper stuff will likely remain. You may be able to get them out by repeating the process but it’s impossible to know without seeing the paint and knowing the condition. Hyper Polish and yellow Rupes pads is an excellent combination on most paints and is one I use very often, though I tend to like the BOSS yellow pads more. Once you have your technique down I’d suggest investing in some MF pads for some real cutting ability. 🙂


  10. Robert says:

    Hi Chad!

    In your experience (real world) how works Boss Pads on Rupes MarkII 15, Makes vibrate the polisher more, what about with the smoothness? I just want to buy this polisher but not with rupes pads, the boss are good for the rupes?… thanks.

    • Chad Raskovich says:

      Hi Robert,

      I have the Rupes MKII 21 polisher (along with my G15 and G21) and use BOSS pads with it whenever 6″ pads are ideal for the vehicle I’m working on. However, I do not have the MKII 15. On my MKII 21 I don’t really notice any major difference in vibration. It may not be “quite” as smooth as using Rupes pads, but it’s so minimal that it’s nothing I really notice. FWIW I use my MKII for 6″ work and my G21 is set up with a 5″ plate and use it or the G15 for 5″ work. 😉

      I use BOSS pads probably 90% of the time for all my tools except the Nano.

  11. Ron Ayotte says:

    I recently got the Boss G15. I love its smooth operation and balance. Compared to my Porter Cable 7424, the G15 is a Ferrari and the 7424 is a Model T Ford.

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