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Product Review: Meguiar’s DA Microfiber Finishing Wax D301


Meguiar’s really nailed this one! The Meguiar’s DA Microfiber Finishing Wax D301 was designed as a light duty (AIO) cleaner, polish & wax, specifically engineered to be used with the microfiber finishing pad and DA machine.

The D301 is a really easy product to use and does a fantastic job. It leaves behind a very smooth feel to the paint work after applied and offers the durability of your typical synthetic sealants. It is a must that you use a DA like the Porter Cable or Rupes LHR 12E and Meguiar’s Finishing Disc (3″, 5.5″ or 6.25″) with the product. Meguiar’s also designed this product to wipe off easily. It just puts a smile on my face thinking about it! The D301 is so easy to wipe off and it doesn’t matter if it’s production detailing or quality demand detailing, nothing is better than wiping a product off with ease. A single wipe or two is all that’s needed!

Grab a clean Meg’s DA Microfiber Finishing disc and the D301. Prime the entire surface of the pad with the Finishing Wax and the DA should be set at speeds 3 to 4 with light pressure. The Finishing Wax can be applied over the whole vehicle or worked in sections before needing to be wiped off. It’s important to clean the MF Finishing Disc when needed and I personally use an air compressor to blow it off in between passes. A little bit will go a long way but I find if you’re working in smaller sections your desired amount may fluctuate. I tried the D301 with a foam finishing pad to see what would happen. The product sticks to the paint slightly in a DA halo pattern. Which tells me it really needs those fibers and less heat to keep the product moving and active. The foam will lay it down but will not pick it back up the same. The MF finishing disc truly gives balance to D301 and I’m sure this is the reason why Meguiar’s has called it “DA Microfiber” Finishing Wax. Really unique and pleasant to work with.

As I said, this product would be great in production work. You could speed it on & wipe it off in a cinch. Once over the whole vehicle and you’ll have amazing results. But the D301’s capabilities don’t stop there! The Finishing Wax can remove haze and other small defects in the paint as well. As many of us are use to working in smaller sections, the D301 makes a perfect second or third step in any correction process. It’s kind to all paint types, has a nice fragrance and it does not dust. I’ve found that D301 is great for those decon and one-step jobs as well as the maintenance jobs. The ability that it has as a second step is such a time saver and a instant boom to the shine. At NXT earlier this year they had mentioned having luck pulling 1500 grit sand marks out with a few passes in their testing. I’ve have yet to try it, but as we all know the microfiber system is always consistently surprising. Speaking of… I owe the Meguiar’s team and Kevin Brown for turning me on to this product at that event. I’ve been very pleased with it every time and the ease of wiping it off is fantastic and effortless. For some added protection I’ll usually use a power sealant or standard wax on top of the D301. I think that the durability is the only down side. It will last for several weeks but not enough protection for a vehicle that just went through a premium paint correction. If I was prepping a car for a coating I would not recommend this due to the polymers, silicones, and carnauba contents. Everything else is really fair game for the Finishing Wax!


In the picture above: Ferrari California

The DA Microfiber Finishing Wax can be used with any DA polisher. The only thing you can’t forget is the DA Microfiber Finishing Disc! These items are a must to have on your detailing shelf! I can say honestly that every time I’ve picked this up to use it, I actually think to myself as I’m smiling “I’m smiling”! This is definitely a work smarter not harder product! And who said Wax is dead…

Brian Guy
Brian Guy

4 comments on Product Review: Meguiar’s DA Microfiber Finishing Wax D301

  1. Bruce says:

    I used this for the first time this week. D300 with the MF cutting disc then D300 with the MF finishing disc. I definitely will be ordering more of this. I then top this with Megs UPW and all I can say is WOW.

  2. Brian Guy says:

    My choice product for the next 2 days!!! As I’m prepping a few cars for the local Celebration Exotic Car Fest! D301 is Perfect product for this type of detailing!

  3. Ken says:

    Great article Brian.
    Question for you.. I’m a DYI’er and have a 2008 TL Type S with NBP paint. A few minor scratches, but mostly just swirls and ‘spider’ marks. I’m debating between these 3 options…
    1. The full Meguiar’s DA Microfiber system… D300 with MF Cutting Pad, then D302 with MF Finishing Pad, followed by D301 with MF Finishing Pad with my PC 7424 XP.
    2. M105 with LC white followed by M205 with either LC black pad or the MF Finishing Pad, then Opti-Seal.
    3. Menzerna SIP with LC orange, followed by Menzerna Micro Polish with LC white, followed by Opti-Seal or Blackfire Wet Diamond.
    As this will be my first detailing, any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Ontario, Canada

  4. rlmccarty2000 says:

    Go with number 1. Then use a premium wax such as Wolfgang Fuzion to give it some pop and extra durability and you will have a beautiful car!

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