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21 comments on Product Review: Griot’s Garage Boss Fast Correcting Cream

  1. Zach Bookman says:

    Great review. I addicting to these blogs. In my experience with Fast Correction Creme, I did have dusting. Any helpful tips you can think of why this may be the case for me?

    • Joe Metlow says:

      Hi Zach, glad you enjoy the blog!

      Fast Cream doesnt really dust, you might be using too much product, after you have primed/buttered your pad, a little product goes a long long way. Only a few drops are needed.

      What I think you might be experiencing is spent polish that is gunked up.

      What I like to do is after my pad is primed and I do my pass, I do not use more product, I spray some distilled water on my pad and that will re-activate a ton of polish to work with so my pad doesn’t get saturated with spent polish.

      I then work the same panel or a different panel, after I spray with water I then add a few drops and repeat. I hope this helps.

      Fast cream is all I use now and loving it a under statement.

  2. I got the correcting cream but I have never used there fast correcting cream, I have been using fg400 but it does dust a bit….it does sound like it finishes the same cause I have just used it on some cars and that’s all I needed. I’ll have to give this a try

    • Joe Metlow says:

      400 finishes great on foam, however on microfiber cutting pads that is not the case. If you are a fan of cutting with microfiber like I am, I highly advise you to try Fast Cream.

      Fast Cream finishes better than 400 on a microfiber cutting pad. You can see in the pictures above that I used the most aggressive combination and yet, finished beautiful.

      Another thing why I like Fast Cream so much is 400 is a (DAT) diminishing abrasive technology, meaning that at the later end of the buffing cycle you lose your cut and it turns into a fine polish.

      Fast Cream will continue to cut as long as you work it, meaning less passes and back and forth for the detailer.

      Get Fast Cream and take advantage of the sale that’s going on right now, you won’t regret it. Second to none in my opinion.

  3. Wayne R Sharaf says:

    Hi Joe! Nice review. You could be a spokesman for Griot’s Garage! I’m assuming you used the Boss microfiber pad, not the fast cutting pad. Would the fast cutting pad be too aggressive? Also what pad did you use to apply the perfecting creme? Will any microfiber cloth do, for removing the fast correcting creme and perfecting creme? Lastly, are these products water soluble and do you have to keep them from freezing? i.e. can you leave them in an unheated garage over the winter in freezing temperatures ?

    • Joe Metlow says:

      Hi Wayne, thanks for reading! I used the boss microfiber cutting pad, I do use the fast cutting pad when the defects are really bad or the paint is really hard. I was getting excellent results in 5-6 passes with the boss mf cutting pad so I did not need to get more aggressive.

      The pad I used to apply perfecting cream was the yellow perfecting pad.

      You can use any towel as long as its a quality towel, a towel I reccommend is


      That is the towel I used for the entire paint correcting process for the rolls royce.

      It’s always wise to make sure all your polishes are not in a too hot or too cold climate you don’t want the abrasives and liquid to freeze, dilute, in a shaded area in a garage should be fine. (Always make sure to shake polishes you haven’t used in a while)

  4. Zach Bookman says:

    Thank you for such a detailed reply to my comment. I read so much good about Fast Creme, but have yet to experience the same greatness I have read about. With you reply on your technique, I’m eager to give it another try. Thank you again.

  5. Joel79 says:

    Too bad these arent available in europe. I sure would like to try these with my Rupes polishers. Joe what is your opinion off Rupes polishes?

    • Joe Metlow says:

      Hi Joel, the Rupes polishers are nice, the generation 1 polisher’a are a little under powered , however the new mark 2 machines have really upgrade in overall power. I own Rupes tools and Griot’s tools, and I prefer the ergonomics of my Boss polishers, the rubber grips make my hands more comfortable for a multi hour paint correction. I find the rupes head (plastic) kind of hard and awkward to hold for many many hours with sweaty hands. I got really used to my boss polishers.

      There are many different things on each machine, and will do a write up soon enough on the differences to make a choice.

      Either machine you can’t go wrong, I just prefer my Boss tools.

  6. Alex Alanis says:

    Hi Joe,

    Excellent review as always, one question, How do you think the Fast correcting cream will behave with a Surbuf pad? I’m thinking it could be a killer combo for fast and intensive paint correction. I hope you can help me with this question.

    Have a good weekend


    • Joe Metlow says:

      Hey Alex, I have not used a surbuf pad in ages, I have no experience with a surbuf pad and fast cream but I am more than sure it will do a awesome job. Fast cream works great on foam wool, microfiber, foam. Let me know your experience.

  7. Felix says:

    Hi Joe, thanx for your awesome review & results. Do you feel its the m/f pad or the fast correcting cream that makes the biggest difference? I’ve never used a m/f pads. I do like the long buffing times of the boss creams for sure.

    • Felix – FCC will work great with foam pads as well. Microfiber pads will help to maximize your cutting power with any compound or polish, but they are not always needed if your paint is not in poor shape or if you have considerably softer paint. Hope that helps!

  8. Tim says:

    Hi Joe.

    Wanted to thank you for this recommendation. Lost my DA virginity yesterday and the Fast Correcting Cream with the microfiber pad worked magic on my six year-old Mazda. I had been pretty lazy with the upkeep and it showed. Was going to go with VSS but the FCC/microfiber combo was exactly what I needed.

    Thanks again.

  9. Alex Alanis says:

    Hi again Joe and Zach, I have a doubt. How does the Fast Correcting Cream perform on a rotary polisher? Thanks again

  10. Jamie Mcgregor says:

    Hi Joe.
    I have a dewalt dwp849 polisher and hope you can recommend the best set up for me. I have looked at hundreds of cutting pads but can’t decide also I am struggling with compatibility of cutting pads also the plates I have are hook + loop (Velcro) Could you recommend best set up with fast correcting cream. Love the review Joe. Keep up the good work. I am a newbie to this so need advice really on compatibility with my dewalt polisher. Really appreciate it.

  11. Richard Manrique says:

    Hello Joe – I have 2015 Nissan Rogue in Super Black – after two years and 100k miles I have a few swirls and scratches to get after. I have a TORQ 10FX and LC pads, both flat and CCS. I have not used MF pads before. Have you done any Nissan’s and would FCC on LC flat or CCS orange pads work well, followed by Perfecting Creme on either LC White (flat or CCS) or black pads? Sorry if this sounds elementary, but I’m still new to polishing.
    Thanks for the help.

    • Ferdinand Colon says:

      Hi Joe, so if I use Griot’s FCC or PC I won’t have to IPA my vehicle?

      • Reece @ DI says:

        If you are planning to apply a coating, you will need to use an IPA or coating prep product (i.e. Gtechniq Panel Wipe) before application. If you do not, the oils from these polishes will cause issues with the coating bonding to the surface correctly.

  12. mechanical says:

    Thanks for sharing all of your experiences!

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