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24 comments on Product Review & How-To Guide: Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash

  1. Bob says:

    I remember reading your initial review of Uber rinseless on another forum. One of the reviews that made me order Uber. I Iove the stuff and always have a gallon of detail spray premixed and ready to use. The detail spray is so economical and I use it very liberally. Great recommention and review.

  2. Bob says:

    Forgot to add. The description about washing your car with detail spray is exactly what I have told friends about rinseless washing with Uber. BTW your Jeep’s metallic paint is awesome.

    • Joe Metlow says:

      Hey Bob!

      Thanks for reading my articles on DI and for reading my stuff on the forums, appreciate the support and glad I can be of help!

      And yes Uber is just too awesome not to like it, washing with detail spray is the best way I can describe it aswell.

      And thank you, the paint on my Jeep is nice in the sun!

  3. Dave says:

    How much time did it take for the whole process?

  4. James says:

    How would you say that WG would compare with OPNR?

    • Joe Metlow says:

      I like ONR, however Uber is just amazing and is my absolute favorite rinseless wash right now. The gloss it leaves behind and slick feel is really hard to beat.

      • JOHN says:

        onr vs uber not a good comparison…..onr is used to remove dirt…nothing to really add gloss…onr wash and wax would be a better comparison. imho onr cleans so that u can use a toppert” “qd” “drying aid” to add gloss/protection

  5. Derrick says:

    I was using onr for a while but under went on sale one day and I tried it out and man…loving the stuff too.

  6. runrun411 says:

    Joe, your write up was very well done and very detailed. Thank you for the great information you shared. I like to use the Garry Dean method myself but like you said ”there’s more than one way to skin a cat”. I also like to pretreat the panel by using the detail spray strength.

    • Joe Metlow says:

      Thanks for reading!

      And you are correct, there are so many ways to rinseless wash, the Gary Dean method is extremely safe and effective. However not everybody is going to have that many microfiber towels to spare.

      So a 2 bucket method anyone and everyone can do!

  7. Ron Ayotte says:

    Nice writeup! I pretty much do the same method as you wrote up here. I use ONR and use it both my wash and rinse buckets. I have only pulled the hose out to wash a car for a detail 4 times this year, that is how “addicted” I am to the rinseless wash method!

    I am going to have Wolfgang Uber RW a try.

  8. Don Pavlica says:

    Sweeeet. I enjoyed the review immensely. Now it’s time to move forward and grab a 55 gallon jar! Like the mitt too. But no link that I can see right away. It’s the octopus mit with all of those tentacles. Is that your product of choice as well?

    • Joe Metlow says:

      Yes, I my self need a 55 gallon of Uber!
      Stuff is too good not to like.

      My microfiber mit is from Griot’s, unfortunately DI does not offer that particular wash mitt. However I would reccommend picking up this Mitt.

      It actually has more “chenille worm piles”
      Than the Griot’s, I have that mitt and like it alot.

      I just so happend to have those mitts with me.

      The Griot’s mitt above has a bug scraper on the back. I like having 2 sides to a mitt, as that gives me another side to clean with to prevent scratching.

      That’s why I would go with the blue mitt I reccommend above!

  9. Chris says:

    Nice review.Is there a ratio that you would recommend to use uber as a waterless wash?How much more product than as a detail spray? Thank You!

    • Joe Metlow says:

      I know it seems like a waterless wash would require MORE concentrate, However that is not true. if you want to make a waterless wash spray. it is 1/3 OR 0.3 oz to a 16oz Bottle, If you would like to make a gallon of waterless wash spray the dilution ratio is approximately 2.1oz per gallon.

      Uber has gloss enhancers inside of it, the point of detail spray is to add some gloss. that is why detail spray ratio requires more, if that makes sense.

      1oz per gallon for clay lube.

  10. PDQGP says:

    Great write up Joe! Nicely done. Like you, once I moved to W.G. Uber, there was no going back to the other brands and even back to a hose and bucket really.

    I use a modified version of Gary Dean and as you said, there’s always a different way. One thing that I would add that is a strong option for many to consider is using a simple 1 gal garden sprayer for say $20 locally to apply the pre-wash solution. Makes life easier and faster and offers a bit more OOMPH when trying to remove some dirt. I start from top to bottom, cover the panel in a good mist, then start again from the top waiving it side to side until the drops are large enough to begin cascading down the panels. That’s my way of soaking, loosening and helping carry away some of the loose dirt.

    At the end, I will perform another full car saturation and cascading of solution. I move onto drying with a blower which easly removes the solution without having to “touch” it. I feel this method does a couple things, removes the solution and any traces of particulates or dirt AND helps remove any water from panels and seems and what not that could streak later or more importantly, hold onto and hide dirt that could then contaminate my drying towels or pads if buffing.

    Lastly, I’ll follow up after the blow dryer, and use my detail spray to finalize the wipe down and gloss. Hope you don’t mind me adding in these points and options. They work well for me and perhaps others too! I especially love blow drying wheels and tires.

  11. Marek W. says:

    In California, we have to be very careful with water use, so I use a rinseless wash most of the time, and use a coin-op wash the rest of the time. The rinseless saves me a lot of money over the coin-op, and (of course) uses a lot less water. But after the 4th or 5th wash, I use the coin-op wash to clean, so I can take it home and add wax to it.

  12. Richard Hinzpeter says:

    Is Uber R W safe to use on coated car

  13. Joe Metlow says:

    Yes, It is Richard!

    Wolfgang utilizes a polymer technology, But the protection left behind is slight.

    Wolfgang Uber will not change the characteristics of your coating in any way.

  14. Spray says:

    Really informative, thanks for sharing this!


    Have you had any problems with Uber preventing spray sealants like GTechniq Liquid Crystal from adhering to the paid?

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