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Product Review: Micro-Restore Microfiber Detergent Concentrate


GlossAngeles - Micro-Restore Bottle

Microfiber can be a very sensitive material to keep in optimum shape. Mainly due to the fact that it is designed to trap contamination so well it is difficult to remove. There are a few great articles that talk about the process of cleaning and caring for microfiber:

However, there is still some debate on over what cleaning agent is best to use for cleaning your towels. Many say any detergent that is dye-free and fabric softener free will work, while others say a dedicated microfiber detergent is needed. I fall into the latter category. I believe that a product specifically designed to clean microfiber is better than one designed to clean a silk or cotton shirt and happens to be gentle also.

When using the DI Micro-Restore I notice the towels are fluffier, meaning the fibers are more separated from each other rather than matted together with product and contamination. This not only means the towel is not as soft, but it is not going to perform as well. That is the biggest takeaway and the best benefit of using it. It doesn’t necessarily always clean much better as far as visual stains but that isn’t a bad thing. The detergents are very mild as to not damage the fibers to a point of no return. I would rather wash multiple times than ruin quality towels.

GlossAngeles - Micro-Restore Suds

If you use detergents without softeners, they are not truly softener free. It is much like the food industry, where if it is under a certain amount they can advertise as “sugar free”. You might not notice a difference right away, as it will a be gradual degradation and take many uses and washes to do a true comparison. If you look at the usage details, they state they are not suitable for fabrics such as suede, velvet, wool and fur. Which are all fabrics, like microfiber, that have a pile, or have a ton of tiny fibers together. Compared to a woven fabric such as cotton.

Notice the numbers on the bottle? That is a fill cap. If you take the cap off and squeeze the bottle, liquid will funnel into the chamber through a tube in the side. Marked so you can measure out your ounces. Whoever made that, you deserve a raise. Detailed Image carries this empty Twin Neck Measure and Pour Bottle if you like this design and want to use it for other liquids!

GlossAngeles - Micro-Restore Fill Cap

Overall, microfiber detergents are a better product. Yes, they are a bit more expensive per use, but when you are wiping down with the CarPro Eraser after a 20 hour correction on paint so soft your breath scratches it, you want your towels preforming at an optimum level.

Ian Martinez
Gloss Angeles
Irvine, CA
Instagram | YouTube

4 comments on Product Review: Micro-Restore Microfiber Detergent Concentrate

  1. Bill Carlton says:

    The package refers to ” chamois towel” does this mean a leather chamois? When my leather chamois gets dirty, can I wash it with my microfiber drying towels?

    • Ian says:


      While I’m not a fan of using a chamois, yes you can use this for them. I would recommend washing separate personally as the rougher material could wear down the more delicate microfiber over time.

  2. Question: this does not state that it is HE compatible (no logo/ no mention) . I certainly do not want to kill my new large front loader HE only washer.

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