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Product Review: Precision Dressing Applicator


DI Accessories Precision Dressing Applicator

Our rims and tires get incredibly dirty, fast, as they are so close to the road. Dirt, grime, brake dust, and more cover these areas quickly, so it is important to clean them a little more frequently than other areas of the vehicle. I recently took care of a rim and tire cleaning and wanted to not only protect the rims, but enhance the tire surfaces as well. I had a few different applicators on hand, but reached for the Precision Dressing Applicator in this instance.

This applicator features a unique design that solves a pretty common detailing issue, an applicator that is hard to handle. These applicators can be simply hard to hold due to shape or construction, or they slip out of your hands after being saturated with dressing. With the Precision Dressing Applicator you have a two layer construction with two different foam types and an easy to hold handle. The durable gray, yet soft and safe foam handle, is super light, yet sturdy and easy to hold. While the softer and more porous black foam soaks up dressing for easy application. The six sided shape helps you get into even the smallest areas and helps tackle different size tires easily.

When testing I was looking for three key features:

  • How easy is the applicator to hold and maneuver?
  • Does the tire dressing sit on the surface or soak into the applicator?
  • How much of the tire is covered in one pass?

Where the Precision Dressing Applicator shined was with overall coverage and handling. The thicker and stiff grey foam was very easy to hold and the larger, flat face made covering even larger tire faces easily. Just apply your favorite dressing to the face of the applicator and swipe across the tire. Application is that easy and you can maneuver the applicator in many different directions and angles to hit nooks and crannies easily. I find that this applicator works great on large tires, along with other large trim pieces around your vehicle that need a dressing applied.

I used this applicator with the P&S Shine All Performance Dressing, which is a thin spray dressing, so I did find that the applicator became saturated quickly and dripping was an issue if more pressure was used during application, so a thicker dressing solution may serve this applicator better.

Overall I really enjoy this applicator and will reach for it when I need to target tires with large side walls, large trim pieces, or if I simply want an applicator that is easy to hold. With smaller or medium side wall tires I have a few other applications I personally like a little better, but overall if you do not have the Precision Dressing Applicator in your collection, I highly recommend giving this one a try!

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