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DI Accessories Precision Dressing Applicator

DI Accessories Precision Dressing Applicator
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Product Information

  • Easy to hold app that makes applying dressings fast and easy!
  • Six sided shape helps you reach even the toughest of areas
  • Lightweight, yet durable design
  • Rinses clean and lasts for multiple applications
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Customer Reviews

50% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 2 ratings

Product Description

The DI Accessories Precision Dressing Applicator helps you apply a dressing easier than before! Rubber trim, plastic trim, tires, etc. it does not matter. Each of these areas has unique shape and can be tough to find the right applicator pad to apply your favorite dressings. Some may be the wrong shape and others may not be durable enough to tackle tire applications. The black bottom is super soft, yet durable, so it will not rip or tear. This makes it gentle enough to apply dressings to trim pieces, but strong enough to tackle tire dressing applications as well. Nothing is worse than applying a dressing and realizing you missed a spot after the fact. The six sided shape helps you get into even the smallest and most unique areas, so you will not miss a section! If you are looking for an easy to maneuver, gentle, yet strong dressing applicator, the DI Accessories Precision Dressing Applicator is for you!

The DI Accessories Precision applicators feature a unique design that solves some simple, but common issues. Have you ever been working with not just an applicator designed to apply dressings, but an applicator for any detailing step that just was hard to handle? Maybe it was just hard to hold, or worse, it kept slipping out of your hand during application, falling onto the filthy ground. Now you have to pick up the applicator and clean/dry it off before you can use it again. This is not only frustrating, but a common problem in the detailing community...until now! This applicator takes the simple idea of a handle and applies it directly to an applicator pad, no pulling different applicators or pads on and off, the applicator is built right into the handle. The durable gray, yet soft and safe foam handle, is super light, yet sturdy and easy to hold. The six sided shape helps you get into even the smallest areas for a thorough cleaning and really helps enhance results with ease of use. The DI Accessories Precision Applicators also come in two other great options, Waxing (Red) Applicator and the Bug Scrubber (Yellow). Each option performs a different task, but features the same great handle and design!

Professional Detailer Reviews

This applicator features a unique design that solves a pretty common detailing issue, an applicator that is hard to handle. These applicators can be simply hard to hold due to shape or construction, or they slip out of your hands after being saturated with dressing. With the Precision Dressing Applicator you have a two layer construction with two different foam types and an easy to hold handle.
Product Review: Precision Dressing Applicator

Customer Reviews

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Would they buy this item again? Yes
I run a small detail shop and so far, these have held up the longest of everything I have bought on DI. The stiff handle is perfect and the foam is holding up well. I've probably done about 2 dozen cars before the foam starts to delaminate. This works great on smooth walled tires... nobby tires require a little more action.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? No
I used this applicator for applying tire shine. The handle and pad are 2 separate pieces glued together. The pad is soft, however the stiff handle limits the movement of the applicator as a whole. I would be trying to fold and "butterfly" tire dressing into the pad, which this applicator isn't really capable of doing. The pad fell off in about a week. Into the trash it went. Ill be buying applicators that are one solid piece from now on.

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