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Product Review: RoboReel Power



Tired of winding up your extension cords? Simply push a button, and the motor winds in the cord nice and neat every time. And you won’t break a sweat. RoboReel expands your workspace with its continuous 360 degree rotation, allowing you to cover a 100-ft. diameter area. Circuit Breaker ProtectionRoboReel’s integrated 15-amp circuit breaker prevents the danger of electrical shorts. Stops when obstructed, RoboReel intelligently stops the motor from retracting if it senses that the cord is being obstructed. If you hold the button at the end of the cord for 5 seconds you can then program the machine to the docking point which will slow the cord down. Prevents Accidental RewindRoboReel’s smart technology knows when power is on and prevents the cord from retracting if a power tool is in use. Emergency Power Shut-Off to prevent electrical injuries, RoboReel shuts off power in under a second if the cord is accidentally severed.”

Recently, I purchased the Robo Reel power extension cord reel. My old extension cord was absolutely SHOT. If you think I am kidding see how “corkscrewed” my old cord was.



Sure, I have plenty of other extension cords but I always found myself reaching for this one. It was flexible, light, and could always handle the power needs. The only issue I had with it is that it was near impossible to lay flat. The cord was so twisted together, that even after laying it totally flat it would want to twist back up, this caused me to always be pulling on it, wanting more length. Of course, I would end up pulling it out of the socket, and just costing me more time.

I was able to set up the Roboreel, and use it for the first few times, and am totally happy with it. The cord it self is very flexible, and 50 feet is plenty of length. One thing I did was extend the cord to roughly 25′ and set the slow docking setting for there, it was a little fast for my liking.  The only thing that I keep doing is trying to plug into the end. The receptacles are on the sides of the ball.


I also look forward to never rolling up an extension cord again! As always thanks for reading. Greg Gellas 🙂

Gregory Gellas
Signature Detailing
Hillsborough, NJ 08844
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2 comments on Product Review: RoboReel Power

  1. Mark Barger says:

    Great review! I’ve been on the fences about getting on of these but it looks like I’ll soon be making a new purchase.

  2. Greg Gellas says:

    You won’t be disappointed with this Reel. It has saved me time and frustration not having to deal with low quality extension cords.

    Greg 🙂

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