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Product Review: Scangrip Sunmatch LED Light


To go along with my review of Scangrip Multimatch Light, here’s a look into the smaller, even more portable and just as amazing Scangrip Sunmatch LED light.  Just like the Multimatch, the package is nice and what’s inside is even nicer…

LUSTR.ScangripSunmatch(1) LUSTR.ScangripSunmatch(2)

As you can see above, the light comes with a small manual, a charger that can be wall mounted using the two provided screws and has a USB cable with a wall plug.  Even the charger on this tool is versatile.  Speaking of versatility, here’s some tilt options for you…


The Sunmatch handle can be rotated up to 180 degrees, allowing it to be placed on some surface instead of trying to hold it at the right angle.  To keep it moving, it has some cool stuff on the rear as well.  In addition to the well placed power button, there’s a small hook that can be used for hanging the light.  When not in use, it perfectly folds into the provided “case”…

LUSTR.ScangripSunmatch(4) LUSTR.ScangripSunmatch(5) LUSTR.ScangripSunmatch(6)

This one surprised me a bit…


Yes, the charger has a magnet on the bottom, which is strong enough to hold the light and charge it sideways (if you’re into that)…


Not only that, but the light ALSO has a magnet at the bottom of the rotating handle…


If that’s not versatility I don’t know what is.  I can see myself sticking the light on the side of the cart as shown above and simply going around the car with whatever work I need to do.  Pulling the cart with all my stuff inside will also move the light and I can easily check for defects without picking it up, turning it on and positioning it by hand.

Since I plan to replace the Brinkmann LED lights with the Sunmatch, I wanted to show the difference in light output between the two as well as the color.  While I can’t find the Brinkmann specs as they’re no longer available, I believe the 2 bulb setting was around 250-300 lumens and the 1 bulb setting I would assume would be 100-150.  Onto the photos…


Sunmatch 180 lumen “low” setting, Brinkmann 1 bulb…


Sunmatch 400 lumen “high” setting, Brinkmann 2 bulbs…


You can see in the photos that the Brinkmann may seem more powerful, but this is due to the tighter stream of light it puts out.  The Sunmatch is quite bit wider as can be seen in the photos, but the beam is also strong enough to easily show defects in the paint.  As you can see below, even the light compounding haze shows up easily with the Sunmatch…

LUSTR.ScangripSunmatch(13) LUSTR.ScangripSunmatch(14)

The Sunmatch is rated for an operating time of 1 hour at 400 lumens and 3 hours at 180 lumens.  The charge time is 4 hours.  I’m not sure how that compares to the Brinkmann, but I believe that’s plenty of time.  Considering I normally use it only to check for defects and turn off right away, it should be days before I need to charge it again.

I won’t go on and on about the Scangrip Sunmatch in this article.  Simply put, aside from the power, the Sunmatch has most, if not all of the great features of the Multimatch.  It’s a very solid, well built tool that works more than well for the intended purpose.  It too is very rugged, easy to hold and water and dust resistant.  While it’s not as powerful or doesn’t have the battery life of the Multimatch (as expected), it’s much more portable, versatile and useful in certain situations.  All the versatility allows it to be used in many environments and perform quite a few tasks. You can also save a bit of cash with the Scangrip Colourmatch Kit, which contains the Multimatch, Sunmatch and Matchpen all in a custom made, shock resistant case. If you are looking for multiple lights, this is the kit for you!

As I mentioned in our Product Review: Scangrip Multimatch Light article, I am surely going to be buying a few of these Sunmatch lights to replace the Brinkmann LEDs we have over time.  I’ll try to update this article after some months have passed and we have a sort of durability test, but I expect them to perform really well.

Thanks again for reading and feel free to post your experience after trying out these great tools.

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4 comments on Product Review: Scangrip Sunmatch LED Light

  1. Greg@DI says:

    Love this light, glad to hear you enjoyed it as well.

  2. Ray Scott says:

    Just got one. Charging now but it has taken over 6 hours. That seems like a long time, red light is still on???

    • Ivan Rajic says:

      That does seem a bit long Ray, but the charge time may vary depending on the electrical hook-up, etc. in your home, garage or shop. I’ve never really timed it to the exact hour or minute, but I know it charges right around the advertised 4 hours. I’ll try to time it next few charge cycles and you let us know if it changes for you next few charges as well.

  3. Spike says:

    Grear review. Question, where are these lights manufactured?

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