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Product Review: Rupes D-A System


We recently received the new Rupes D-A system to test out, this was all done on our personal vehicle, a Toyota Prius C, as we are extremely familiar with the paint and how it reacts so we can isolate that variable for a more streamlined analysis. Here is the starting paint condition.

Starting Paint

Now I know what you are thinking; Is the system color coded? Is it effective? Do I read it as DA System in my mind every time, even though I know it stands for Dual Action? The answer to all of these is yes, and not only is it effective it is actually very easy to use.

As you can see, both the packaging of the pad and the bottle are black with the corresponding color. Not only that but the tip is also color coded, so it is easy to find when looking inside your bag, and of course the pad itself matches as well! I love color coding more than I should.

Pad Color

D-A Course

D-A Fine


So, let’s start with the most aggressive, the D-A Course. This can be your standard go-to compounding product in a 2-step system. Super low dusting and a low enough viscosity that it can easily spread and has a good cycle time so it’s not drying out and gumming up on you. It does leave some hazing, but this is expected on black, relatively soft paint. Has a tiny bit of bite when removing but not bad at all.

D-A Course Pad D-A Course Applied D-A Course Working

See below for image after compounding, you can see the slight haze around the edges of the light.

After D-A Course

Net up was the D-A Fine, which applies very easily and removes just as easy. No dusting at all and, again, has a long working time. Finished down VERY well and could easily be your finishing polish for most applications.

D-A iIne Pad D-A Fine Applied D-A Fine Working

See below for image after polishing and the haze is gone.

After D-A Fine

Lastly, we used the UNO Pure, which is for either very soft paints, or for that extra step to get the last 5% of gloss out of the paint. Very easy to work with and remove and make quick work of removing any residual haze. It wouldn’t be used in all applications but very good to have in your arsenal for those finicky paints *cough*tesla*cough*.

UNO Pure Pad UNO Pure Pad Applied

Then the finish has an amazing depth


The pads themselves are also awesome. Rupes always has had some of the best-balanced pads, and these are no different. They are thinner than the standard Rupes pads and have the same outward bevel cut, but also have a round lip that helps with pad stability on the surface. They come in 3 different size; 6″, 5″ and 3″.

Here you can see the pad shape and contour

D-A Course Side

The pads are definitely not firm and the yellow and white feel about the same as the current Rupes pads of the same color, maybe a tad firmer.

Overall, this is a great system that I would be happy to use moving forward. The color-coding, I love and makes it easy to learn for either new detailers or teaching employees the new method. Just keep in mind, compounds/polishes have a ton of more variances in seeing their results. So if you are looking to test these out, be sure to have time to dedicate to test them in multiple scenarios and get familiar with them so you can test how it works, rather than only comparing it to the familiarity of your current setup.

Finished paint


Ian Martinez
Gloss Angeles
Irvine, CA
Instagram | YouTube

21 comments on Product Review: Rupes D-A System

  1. Kelvyn Goveo says:

    I am interested in picking up jescar perfect finish. would I be missing out on anything if I go ropes uno route instead ?

    • Ian says:


      Unfortunately that is not a product I have used to be able to give you an accurate comparison, but these products are very good.

  2. Rob Baluchi says:

    Do you have any experience with Griots polishes (fast correcting, correcting, etc) to be able to compare?

    • Ian says:


      Yes! That is what I mainly use. Granted I have used the Griots way more, but I feel like the fast compound is a tad better as far as removing slightly deeper defects and finishes down a bit better. However, I like the polish on the Rupes system much better. They seem to be able it the same effectiveness but it is much less runny and just offers a better polishing experience. Either way if you had either system I think you coldly easily produce the same results, just a a few intangibles either way.

      • Orlando says:

        My name is Orlando I’ve been in the paint business customize business for over 40 years now, I kind of started a little late when I was about 20 but I’ll say this if I would’ve had these machines(rupes)Back in the day during the 70s the 80s and 90s it would’ve been a game changer and things would’ve been a lot more easier, I’ve tried rupes Products and it made me a believer I love the Uno product it’s amazing product you can’t go wrong, the hardest color do you do black and red and dark blue any dark colors try it out you can’t go wrong with it have fun big O

  3. William says:

    What about Hex pads and Chemical Guys using a base hydro ceramic, then glaze, then seal and then wax? I use a DA with hex pads (mostly black pad) and CG products. Why Rupes over them? I’d share a picture if I’m able to post or send of my cars.

    • William says:

      Hi Ian did you have any thoughts on my question to know CG over Rupes etc?

      • Ian says:

        I have never used those chemical guys items, however, from my experience with some of their products before for polishing they do not preform as well. I do know their hex pads are considerably thicker than the Rupes pads so they would not be able to be as aggressive.

  4. Ryan says:

    Is the fine formula a SMAT or DAT polish? Thanks!

    • Dan says:

      I asked Rupes this and they won’t say.

      They did imply these were more DAT like in use by referring to them as long cycle polishes.

  5. Albert G Black says:

    Nice review Ian!

    Would you recommend it as good system to use previews to applying a Coating?
    Let’s say Cquartz from carpro
    Or would you stick to Carpro products as prep

    Do you consider it performs similar to a Sio2 or polymers base products (finish/time)

    • Ian says:


      Most of the prep products do the same thing, so it just depends what you like better. Personally I use CarPro eraser, even though I use Gtechniq coating. I like the working time, the smell, and the color matches my prep towels.

  6. G Dalmasi says:

    I recently tested this system and my initial impressions were favorable. IME, the Polish and Pure are the superstars of this trio. Amazing wipe off and easy to clean from foam pads with compressed air. I don’t know if I’m the only one that absolutely hates the thin black 1L bottles. They collapse too easily. They should have been made of a thicker material IMO.

    • Ryan says:

      I bought a bottle of Pure to compare to Meg’s Ultimate Polish and Menzerna SF3500. I even bought some Rupes white ultra fine pads to go with it. I’ve been using blue hex logic pads. One of the first things I noticed is how thin the white bottle is in the middle. Very easy to squeeze. Definitely have to be careful after the Meg’s and Menzerna bottles.

  7. harold m koehler says:

    If using the one step is it suggested to use a polishing compound prior for best results? What is the difference between the ultrafine finishing polish and the one step? I am a novice not a professional. Using this on GM black painted vehicles.

  8. Howie says:

    What did you use to clean the panel between products ?

  9. Daniel Jackson says:

    How many different pads would you have on hand to detail a car or truck? I’m just starting to learn how to detail and not sure how many pads I should have on hand for each step of paint correction?

  10. Great review my friend, I use Rupes too. Love how it removes defects.

  11. Dan Giustino says:

    Hi, did they redesign the blue pad? I have some that are 3 years old or so and look a lot rougher than the one in your photo. Thanks

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