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Product Review: Sonax Fallout Remover


Its been a while since I have really been happy about a new product, but this one is a good one to say the least!

The Sonax Fallout Remover does a great job at removing the embedded contaminants from your cars paint.  Its very useful on brand new cars where there is the common rail dust all over the car from either sitting on the lot or during initial transportation.  Fallout is very easy to use, and at a cost of about six to seven dollars per application from the bottle, it’s a no brainer to have it in your detailing arsenal.  It will do a tremendous job allowing you to get the deep down contaminants from the pores of the paint with ease.  I even hardly picked up anything when I test clayed the BMW 435 after using Fallout.  I did pick up more prior to the use however, so I know that it worked very well!  At the end of the process, the paint was noticeably smoother and cleaner, and actually seemed to be a bit more shiny, which would be a result from no contaminants on the paint.

The directions state to wash the car to remove all the loose dirt.  This will allow the Fallout Cleaner to work more effectively rather than have to cut through the dirt and grime on top of the paint otherwise easily washed off.  After washing the car, I dried the paint and proceeded to spray the product all over every inch of paint.  Total dwelling time for it was only about 5 minutes and you could see it working as this product will turn purple as it’s working.  After 5 minutes, I gave it a light misting of water to keep it wet without having to apply more, and to extend the working time.  Once I noticed it wasn’t doing any more removal, I re-washed the car, which had a slicker feel.


  • Initial wash to remove loose dirt and grime
  • Spray on Fallout
  • let dwell ~5 min
  • Mist on water, if you want to extend the work time
  • Rinse/wash off

Below are some pictures of the process:






The Sonax Fallout Remover will be a great tool to add to your arsenal to help you start getting better results faster!  It will cut down on the amount of claying necessary, which will save you time and effort. By the way, it doesn’t smell as strong or awful like other products, although it does have a slight chemical smell.  I wouldn’t breathe it in on purpose, but it’s not that bad either!

Eric Schuster Envious Detailing
Eric Schuster
Envious Detailing
Orange County, CA

7 comments on Product Review: Sonax Fallout Remover

  1. Jaron says:

    call me crazy but this sounds like it works just like their wheel cleaners do

  2. Just wondering. Although I seldom recommend degreasers on paint, has there been any comparison to what a mild degreaser would do as a decontaminant vs this new product, Fallout?

  3. jim says:

    does it take off wax ?

  4. mike says:

    wayne, this is not degreasing the paint. its removing iron filing with an exothermal , reducing them into a water soluble solution that can be rinsed off.

  5. mike says:

    exothermal reaction

  6. Paul says:

    So it’s just like Iron X using a different name, “fallout” instead of “iron.” Personally I find that using a clay towel is quicker and obviously more economical than a product like this. This just adds more time and cost. I would clay a section and then try “fallout” or Iron X on that section to see if you truly need it.

  7. BenzW205 says:

    hello, now in 2020 do you still recommend this sonax ? And what are similar products from other brands to use before claying ? Thank you so much.

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