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Product Review: The Rag Company Minx Edgeless Coral Fleece Microfiber Towel



The Rag Company Minx Edgeless Coral Fleece is very different than your standard microfiber towel, and boy is it amazing. It feels much more like a foam/sponge material with extremely soft fibers attached rather than a towel. It really does resemble a fleece blanket. Now does this make me wish I could have a custom snuggie made out of it? Yes, of course, but that’s a topic for another day. What it does mean for detailing is that it creates an amazing waterless wash towel.

First off, these towels hold an insane amount of water, I’m talking sham wow commercial level, and have a good retention of that water. That means you can really adjust how damp you want the towel and can release more water as you are cleaning as needed without it making a huge mess.

The fibers are rather short, which normally I would not prefer for a waterless wash towel, however, because the “core” has so much give you are not pressing the lifted debris back into the paint. It is similar to a wash mitt. The shorter fibers also allow for better control as there is less room for them to drag on the paint as they are being compressed. Also, they have the same nap length on either side which is nice.


Then comes the softness. Hands down the softest towels I have ever felt, but not too beefy either so they are very manageable in tight spots. Definitely adds peace of mind when working on more delicate finishes. Not to mention the turquoise color matches close to the color of ONR, which makes me and my OCD happy.


Overall, for waterless washing, these towels are honestly amazing. While they work for other purposes such as wax/polish removal, I feel they are best suited for waterless washing and towels with more “bite” to be used in those situations. If you add them to your arsenal you will not be disappointed.

Ian Martinez
Gloss Angeles
Irvine, CA
Instagram | YouTube

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