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Product Showdown: Wheel Woolies vs. EZ Detail Brushes


Wheel cleaning can be a tedious task, which is probably why most people can’t stand cleaning their wheels.   Without the proper tools, it can be quite difficult to properly clean your wheels, both the barrel and the faces.  People commonly avoid cleaning them simply because they do not have the correct tool for the job.  With the right tools, you’ll be able to clean your wheels quickly and easily.   Let’s compare two (2) of the most popular wheel cleaning tools on the market.

KMG - Speed vs Woolie

Wheel Woolies

First up we have the Wheel Woolie line, which come in varies sizes and configurations making them very versatile.  These are great tools and one of my personal favorites for wheel cleaning.  They feature a nice plush synthetic wool-like cleaning head that is safe on even the more delicate surfaces.  You can purchase these separate or buy the three piece kit which includes the 1″, 2″ and 3″ woolies.  Also available in a kit is the caliper version which has a 45 degree bend just prior to the brush head.  You will find yourself using these on more than just wheels.  They work great for cleaning exhaust tips and grilles.  You will want to be certain to thoroughly rinse them after use if you are using them for anything other than wheels however.

KMG - speed vs woolie

EZ Detail Brushes

Next we have the DI EZ Detail Brushes, which is available in a full size brush measuring 18″ long by 4.5″ in round or the mini version that is 13″ long by 2.5″ round.  Both of these brushes feature soft nylon bristles capable of cutting through even the heaviest dirt, while still be gentle enough for use on painted areas such as grille or door jambs.  Any time I am working on a car with wheels that have a lot of tight spaces on them these are my go to brushes for cleaning.  The tip of the brushes is covered with a vinyl tip nearly eliminating the risk of scratches or damage during use.  The shaft of the brush also has a vinyl cover along with a very nice knuckle guard which is handy for use in engine bays and other areas where you are working around a lot of object.  I find these brushes to be more versatile for tighter work spaces, however in my opinion they require a bit more agitation to fully clean as opposed to the Wheel Woolies.

KMG - speed vs woolie


If you find yourself cleaning wheels of all makes, sizes and styles, it is certainly handy to have both these on hand. They each do something similar, yet unique from the other!

Kevin M. George
KMG Detailing
Lebanon, PA

22 comments on Product Showdown: Wheel Woolies vs. EZ Detail Brushes

  1. Jay says:

    Thanks for the write-up. Good information! However, with all due respect this write-up would have been so much better if you had selected a winner. The ending is sort of a cop-out on the title of “Product Showdown”.

    • Kevin George says:

      Jay, it is honestly very hard to pick a clear winner out of the two. I would say I use the wheel woolies a majority of the time, however on cars with big brake set ups where the clearance is tight between the wheels and rotors is where the EZ Detail Brushes shine. Both are certainly great and worth having around if you working a on a variety of cars. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for your comments.

    • Sam says:

      Totally agree. I dont think he knows how a showdown works. Hes basically saying “buy both products”…

      • Kevin George says:

        Sam for the average consumer it is easy to say use this and you are fine when they will only be using them on one or two vehicles and they will certainly work for them. However if you are comparing two products for someone new to detailing that intends to work on a wide variety of vehicles you should buy both of these, as they are worth having on hand when you need them. The EZ detail brush is the only one that would work on everything, even though I prefer to use the Wheel Woolies they will not always work on cars with tighter spaces. So there will be instances where you need to use the EZ brush.

  2. Kevin V says:

    One big drawback I’ve experienced with the EZ brush is the splatter from the stiffer bristles. Not the tool to use unless you’re planning to detail yourself right after the car as you will be covered with wheel grime. Great at cleaning but with plenty of collateral damage

    • Kevin George says:

      You do get quite a bit of splatter using these brushes, however I very rarely stay clean when I am working on stuff anyways so it really isn’t something that has bothered me very much. Thanks for reading and thanks for you comment.

      • Sam says:

        Just cause YOU rarely stay clean doesnt mean you shouldnt add that in the review. I wish I had known the amount of splatter before I bought a set years ago. After buying wheel woolies I never used the ez brush again….and never missed it either.

        If you dont want to point out any negatives then you shouldnt be doing reviews/showdowns.

        • Kevin George says:

          Sam detailing is not a clean job, especially the wash process when doing wheels and engine compartments that are quite dirty. I really didn’t see the need to warn people they might get dirty when cleaning something that is “dirty”.

          Thanks for your input.

    • Spike says:

      I have to agree 100%. I’ll take the Wheel Woolies all day long. I haven’t picked up the other brush in over two years. Safety Glasses are a must wear when using the Ez Brush.

  3. Mr Achoo says:

    If you’re worried about splatter when cleaning your wheels , please pay somebody to wash your car

  4. V says:

    After using the EZ brush I have noticed over time on glossy finish wheels that it leaves behind swirls and fine scratches. I would thank the wheel woolies would not unless it was extremely dirty.

    • Mr Achoo says:

      I use the hottest water, I can get to fill my wheel bucket. Don’t seem to have a issue on my powder coated black wheels.

      • Kevin George says:

        Powder coated wheels are typically pretty tough, however black wheels such as the ones that come on the newer GM vehicles seem to scratch or swirl very easily. Typically on black wheels I prefer to use the softest brush I have.

  5. Tim Roscoe says:

    I own both, and to be honest, the wheel woolies are clearly the winner. Speaking of splatter, the EZ brush does spray a lot back at you, and while getting dirty isn’t really a concern while washing your car, Sonax mixed with brake dust in your face and eyes is far from ideal. The other big problem with the EZ brush is that the tip is a dipped rubber/plastic. It often gets caught between your rotor and the metal guard surrounding your rotor, and sooner or later rips right off. Underneath is a twisted hard metal wire, sure to scratch your wheels if you don’t notice it missing in time. Wheel woolies are holding up.. I haven’t had any need for the smallest one, but the large and medium are used often. Some difficulty getting these to fit between the caliper and wheel on my GS.

    • Sam says:

      The only time I use the small one is for cleaning between caliper and wheel. I just wish the handles were all the same length….another point that was left out of the review. Im seriously considering buying a large one next time its on sale and just shaving it down JUST to have a long handle lol.

    • Spike says:

      Great post!!!

  6. Steve K says:

    Thanks Kevin. I have the EZ brushes but they are in need of replacement. Going to give the Wherl Woolies a shot.

  7. Jason says:

    I’m surprised at all the people giving Kevin a hard time for this review. Thank you for this review, Kevin.

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