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Racing at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway with Exotics Racing Part 2


In the first part of this article (Racing at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway with Exotics Racing) we discussed our plans for going to the race track. Mike and I were super excited to take 5 laps around this 1.2 mile track track, he was in the Audi R8 V10 and I was in the Nissan GT-R. We arrived nice and early which is highly advisable so you have time to check in and then go check out the cars. All the cars are sitting under a tent and you are welcome to take pictures, get in them and really get up close and personal with them. The team at Exotics Racing is cleaning up the cars and sadly enough they used Glass Cleaner to detail much of the vehicles with what appeared to be an overused microfiber towel. On a positive note this kind of detail work is keeping many good detailers in business. Here are some pictures of the cars available:

Exotics Racing speed limit

Exotics Racing cars

Exotics Racing white Audi R8

Exotics Racing Red Nissan GTR

After checking out the cars we attended a class which explains more about the race track, safety, optimizing your speed, etc. It was actually pretty informative and well paced so you don’t get bored. Here are some boards in the classroom to help you get maximum speed.

Exotics Racing track map

Exotics Racing ideal racing line

Soon after you go out in a Porsche Cayenne Cayenne SUV for two laps around the track with a professional driver behind the wheel. These drivers are incredible and can push these vehicles to their limit with ease. These two laps were a ton of fun sliding around turns at top speeds. I was actually surprised they have anywhere from 5 – 7 cars on the track at one time. Therefore it’s not completely wide open but if you catch up to a car in front of you the instructor of the front car will allow the faster car to pass.

We waited for about 15 minutes and then it was our turn to drive. Unfortunately we both got called out at the same exact time so we didn’t get to take pictures of each other while on the track. They do not allow you to take pictures or video while in the car for racing, but conveniently for them you can purchase a recording of your laps for $75, we declined this option. You are driving with an instructor who is really helpful at getting you up to top speed, they will advise you on the gas, brake, shift, turn, positioning, etc. They know you want to go fast and they will help you do so as long as you’re in control. These guys must have a lot of courage to race around in cars all day with drivers having little to no experience.

We go over a few basics, then we’re off!!! A yellow Ferrari files by me and I enter the track, quickly hitting the first turn and then a long straight away. The power was simply incredible as well as the braking ability of these vehicles. In to the second turn I braked too much, I just couldn’t believe how well it slowed the vehicle down but there is a huge learning curve with these vehicles, especially at these speeds. The first two laps were more challenging getting to know the vehicle and track. By lap three I had noticeably improved and was really pushing the vehicle. On the straightaways we got it in the low 100’s mph and during a few of the turns I was getting the vehicle to slide just a bit nailing the entry and exit. Just as I felt I was getting in a groove the 5 laps were over….it went too fast. I loved every second of racing this car but man that time flies by and I know Mike felt the same way. The racing was amazing and we both would love to do something like this again. I would highly recommend going to Exotics Racing, which is also in Los Angeles, or any race track near your home, while it’s not cheap it’s certainly a lot of fun!

Exotics Racing yellow Ferrari

My last tip was that I totally overlooked the $99 package where you get driven around the race track for two laps in a Corvette by a professional driver, which I would recommend you do in addition to driving. This driver is not an ordinary driver though, he absolutely destroys this track drifting around virtually every turn. They estimate a turn we would do around 60 mph if you are good, he can do it at 80 mph. They claim he will go through 2 – 3 sets of tires per day. It looked absolutely exhilarating and nobody is going faster than this guy and you can ride with him.

Exotics Racing yellow Corvette Stingray

So what are you waiting for….do a Google search and find your nearest track, you’ll absolutely love it!

Lastly here are some more pictures.

Exotics Racing Las Vegas

Exotics Racing black Nissan GTR

Exotics Racing

Exotics Racing Lamborghini interior

Exotics Racing Mclaren

Exotics Racing Mercedes SLS AMG

Exotics Racing Aston Martin Vantage S

3 comments on Racing at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway with Exotics Racing Part 2

  1. James Mendenhall says:

    My wife and I went to Exotics Racing in 2011, when they were using the old track. All of your praise applies, and then some. While I am far from a pro, I do have track experience so I was afraid I would be held back. The instructors were great, and really let me drive the cars to my potential, including a controlled drift in the Murcielago around one of the faster corners. What impressed me even more was how they handled my wife, who had absolutely NO experience and gets scared going around corners fast. I told her not to waste the money if she was going to go 55 mph around the track. The instructors helped her get the confidence to push her limits…so much so that she actually spun the Lamborghini Murcielago. They pulled the car in to check the tires, and got her right back out on the track to learn from her mistakes. The highlight of the day for me was driving the Lamborghini Superleggera. I have never driven a car in my life that handled like that; literally like it was on rails. I was truly impressed that they not only allowed us to look at the cars, sit in them, they encouraged it and instructors offered to take pictures of us with the cars. Despite being a true automotive enthusiast, it was actually my first time sitting in any Ferrari or Lamborghini. It was a dream come true to sit in and explore so many exotics in one day with no rush. I am eager to return to Exotics Racing. It is truly a professional experience and it far exceeded my expectations. While expensive, it is worth the price of admission.

  2. Jason says:

    I just did Exotics Racing Las Vegas last week. I drove the Gallardo Superleggera. What a blast! As you said in your review 5 laps isn’t enough. I did 7 laps and still wanted more. It does take 2-3 laps to really start to learn the car and the track. The instructors are great and they really do want you to have a good time and go fast. Anyone that is going to Vegas or LA should try this at least once. I know I don’t regret it. Now the search is on for a superleggera…

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