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Rupes Polishes & Pads – SEMA 2019


Rupes has been working hard on some new products and we just received word on a few pads and polishes. This is extremely exciting as Rupes has formulated these from the ground up. They are all blended and bottled in Italy and work in conjunction with all Rupes pads and BigFoot polishers. Take a look at some early photos and information about each of these exciting new releases below.

Check out the article about the Rupes QMag by clicking here.


UNO Protect

This all-in-one compound, polish, and protectant can remove moderate defects while leaving behind a high-gloss, protected finish. All in one high-end formula, saving you valuable detailing time in the process.


UNO Prime + Protect

This is a very high-quality primer, polish in the same category as CarPro Essence. Compatible across (as far as our testing has shown) all the major ceramic coating brands. It is ultra-fine abrasives, durable fillers, and ceramic properties that can be used to either prep a surface for coating or be used as a stand-alone product with up to 12 months of protection.


UNO Pure

This is a super-fine finishing polish that utilizes a whole new category of abrasive technology that we developed (also used in Prime + Protect and Protect) but with nothing else. This product leaves no fillers behind and only trace amounts of polishing oils. It is intended for extremely high-level finishing or for difficult to finish/haze-prone finishes where someone needs the lightest possible touch to refine the finish.



DA Coarse & DA Fine

Brand new liquids for use on both random orbital and gear-driven polishers. Both have increased cutting power over our current blue and yellow liquids, but they both finish better, have better user experience, longer cycle times, and easier wipe off.


Cut & Finish Rotary Wool

Similar shape and profile to our DA blue wool pads, but optimized for rotary tools. Great cut, exceptional finishing (for a rotary wool pad).

New iBrid Nano Kits

The already popular Rupes BigFoot iBrid Nano L DLX & DLX Kits are receiving a change. Effective 11/5/19, these kits will no longer come with a carrying case. The other contents are the same as they were with the DLX kits, but they are now in sturdy cube boxes.

There are also two new entry-level nano kits options available. The /STB – is a Nano with 2 batteries, charger, 12mm eccentric, and 2″ backing plate only. The /STP is the same idea, but instead of batteries, it comes with the cord pack. Both of these are simply to offer a more economical way for guys to get into a nano with a nice setup, but not the full kit (pads, function units, etc).

Video Transcription:


Hey guys, James here with detailed image. We’re at SEMA 2019 we’re with Dylan, we’re talking everything Rupes. Has all kinds of new products. I see a lot of new stuff. What’s going on, dude? Okay, we’ll start on my end down here. The simple stuff first. So we have an all new course compound. Okay. So this will go and replace our Zephyr. A blue liquid with a random orbital. Our mille course as well. Universal for a random orbital or gear driven. Okay, I’m better cut longer working time. No dust. Which was a key. That was one complaint we had about previous products. A little dusty. Okay, so no dusting, extremely easy. Wipe off. Killer compound. We’re getting 1500 grit sand scratches out with this using our wool pads on a 15 so the killer stuff that gets paired up with our DA, fine. Which same kind of story.


A little bit more cut, a little bit better, finish easier, wipe off, less dusting, all the things you want to see. So we’re just kind of making these evolutionary steps and improving the products. Nice. So these two will be launching sometime the beginning of next year. Probably around January we would expect them. Okay. And that yellow one, that’s something you could pair that with like the yellow pad. Nice. One step. Yep. Because they are up the paint a little bit. Okay. You’re mild defects so you’re not chasing any heavy, you just wanna clean some up yellow foam pad or yellow pad for example with that, but one and done. Right. All right. So when they were segwaying into, UNO, so UNO family products. So this one actually hit the market as of the first day of SEMA. So this is now at 32 distributors. Unfortunately not at DI yet, but it will be soon.


And this product is, it’s essentially an all in one, but it’s a really advanced all in one. So this has got incredible cutting power. Okay. Which I think we all love in and all in one. Right. We’re trying to achieve that as much cut as possible. Yeah. More cut. But this one finishes down really clean and then it deposits 90 days of polymer sealant protection on it. So traditional cleaner wax is usually rely very heavily on wax. That’s what they’re called cleaner waxes should be kind of the cleaner wax family. But we’ve replaced the wax with a polymer. Okay. So we get 90 days of protection. Super slick, finished high gloss, super great for that kind of express detailed package. Right? You want to clean it up. Maybe you’re not aiming for perfect, but you want 80% – 90% improvement and the customer’s going to be happy.


This product can do that for you in one and done hit. What type of pads do you like to pair it with? So it’s great cause the product is really universal across a number of pad types. You can use it with our yellow wool or yellow foam. Pretty much you tune the cut based on what pad you select. Okay. So far we’ve tested it with all of our pads and it’s does something with all of them. They’re really sweet spot is though the yellow wool or the yellow foam. Those crush it with that and it’s like just the perfect sweet spot. But if you need more cut, you could go to the blue wool and it’ll cut more defect out. Nice. Awesome. Okay, so, and the Uno protect got a little friend here. This is UNO pure. Okay. So this is going to replace all of the white polishes that are current in our line.


We have three different whites. We have diamond, we have Mille ultra fine, and we have rotary ultra fine. This is going to replace all three of those products. Those are out. Yep. Yep. And so this is a, it’s the name says all is pure Polish. There is no fillers, no oily residues, nothing really left behind by this product. The wipe off is super easy. And really what this is for is that really, really difficult to finish. You know, black GM black right now, right? Every fight, GM black left and right. Right. And then even if you get it right when you go to wipe it off and you get a towel mark. So we made the wipe off on this really effortless. So the minimal amount of touching so you’re not going to go back and put a defect in and it leaves the finish pure we want.


So this is the perfect product for that ultra high level finish or really difficult to finish paint. Okay. And then the last one over here, which we’re really excited about is uno prime plus protect. Okay. So this, excuse me, this is actually going to go into that primer Polish category. So three coding. You’ve already done, maybe a compounding step to get the heavy defects out. You’re going to refine the finish with this. Okay. It’s going to do a little bit of polishing, it’s going to leave a little bit of filler to hide whatever’s left hide hazing and then it’s going to deposit primer, a ceramic based primer. Yep. That you can then either her coat on the hop off or just leave alone if you want to use it as a standalone, as a standalone. Our testing showing 12 months of durability with this product, which is a lot, it’s a lot, it’s really good at one step product, but if you want to throw down your coding and we are testing for compatibility right now, all the major coding brands are validating it.


So far we have no issues with compatibility and we’re stoked because that means that we can sell one product that would be universal. Well all coding brands should be awesome because a little bit more unity in the business. Right. Absolutely. And something like this could be a potential time saver as well. I mean, if you’re going in, you know, if you’re working on, you know, a gray BMW paint and you know it’s a medium hardness, you’re cutting the finish with the microfiber pad and maybe the new compounds. Yep. You can go late into this opposed to then having to, you know, maybe do an intermediate step. Exactly. Exactly. And you’re, and you’re ready to coat immediately, which is, you know, obviously coating jobs or both the hours, especially if you’re doing a high end correction and coding job. But anytime we can shave off of that for our customers, just great.


So this is a product that will save them time. That’s one less step, gets them better adhesion to the surface for the coating product. Adds a little bit of base layer protection underneath it. So it’s all positive things that it’s done in less time. So there’s not an extra step in there or would you still recommend like a light IPA wipe after? Yeah, so the product is completely resistant to alcohol based whites. A heavy solvent wipes if they’re diluted are still fine, but IPA wipe won’t affect the protection part. Okay. So if the coating manufacturer does want a wipe Pryor, she can do it, you can do it. It’s not going to affect the protection on that. Might not be necessary. It may not be necessary in most cases. Yeah, exactly. Awesome. And then I’m seeing some pads and some stuff going on. We’ve, so a lot of people latched onto our blue wool pads for the da and they started actually putting them on the rotary and they’re getting really good results.


Okay. The drawback is the foam and that pad is built for lateral movement, which is what a dual action random orbital polisher is going to have. Okay. So the rotaries are chewing the pads up. The guys loved the results, but they don’t like the, the fact of the pads don’t last when they throw it on the rotary. So we fixed that. We now have rotary version of that pad. So it’s built specifically for rotary stresses. Still has the foam mid back. It’s a hundred percent Merino wool face. Incredible cutting power out of this thing. I mean it’s a cutting monster, but unlike a lot of other wool pads, more traditional wool pads like these, yup. It’s not going to be as prone to leaving a really heavy rotary, you know, swirl Mark, holograms, haze craziness. Yeah, exactly. No, it’s still very difficult to finish. Perfect for the rotary.


But this at least get you closer to that finish where your mid, your cleanup works minimal. Yeah. And so taking some time. And then last is for those guys who are a traditional rotary guy. We do have these available in the U S so your traditional dish style wool. Twisted wool. Yep. Heavy monster cutting pad. I just want to mow everything down. Cut the heads off of every defect. So the expectation right is not finished here. We want that. We want that haze. Exactly. I’m trying to get an even Haze over the entire car that I can Polish out. Yeah. This is that pad. Heavy and body shop use. But if you are a guy who does a really, really, you know, you’re doing a lot of heavily defect in cars and you want to mold them to get that first cut done quickly and you’re using rotary, this is the path for that. Awesome. Awesome guys, you’ve seen it here at SEMA 2019 or at the Rupes booth. Thank you so much. See you guys.

November 5th, 2019 | SEMA

1 comment on Rupes Polishes & Pads – SEMA 2019

  1. Dan Chapa says:

    I’d hate to see the legacy polishes discontinued. They’re great! Nice, short work time. They get in and done quickly with incredible results…

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