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The Real Cost Of A Legitimate Business – My Perspective


The Real Cost Of A Legitimate Business

Being cheap when choosing a detailing business is ultimately expensive.  Running a business with the same mindset is equally costly.

The investment, time and money spent making your business look and function at a certain stature has a direct correlation with your perception of quality.  No one goes through life making purchases without at least at some point evaluating the cost of a good or service or the amount they must invest.  But people who do not shop based on price exist.  But are you being cheap with how you invest your time and money into putting your business in a positive light?

We see this often. “How do I get more (or any) clients.  How are you able to charge more!  Where do I find these people.  Are these people just some crazy fools with money.”  Many customers are engaging with you but are choosing other businesses based on the perception of quality over price.  Not only is perceived value necessary to sell, it is part of the experience.

When you invest in yourself, you become more confident in who you are.  When you tell someone what the price is or could be, there is no proverbial question mark behind your intention.  This is a major part of the value in paying money for training, going to events that allow you to network.

If you are perplexed at how members of the detailing community are being compensated for more than what a potential customer told you was outrageous, the following questions should have affirmative answers.

  • Are you licensed?
  • Are you insured?
  • Do you have a website?
  • Do you have a logo (ideally professionally paid)?

So, you want to offer paint correction.  You want to provide ceramic coatings.  You want to offer these services and at a premium price.  Are you doing your part to give future clients peace of mind in your expertise?  Peace of mind includes making yourself experienced in the coating application process.

Do you understand sales, marketing, and advertising terminology?  You should learn the basics to either implement or (outsource) work with the right company.  How much time are you putting in to improving yourself in this realm?  Does your website make a customer want to give you the keys to his or her $150,000 car with confidence?  If your only clear value proposition in a customer’s mind is price, those individuals are going to be the only ones you meet looking for the cheapest price.

How experienced are you at polishing paint? Do you have a Paint Thickness Gauge?

I can tell you about several stories over the years, which I booked with someone who told me he had talked to several other shops.  Often, not always, I was more expensive.  Each time I was told my demonstrated knowledge was the tipping point.  One day, to discover a message from a client asking about products and methods to clean the inside of his wife’s car.  I told him to give me a few minutes.  I gave him a detailed explanation the cleaners for all of the material, different microfibers, and other relevant tips to make the process easy for him.  What kind of relationship do you have with your clients?  High volume shops with customers who forget the name of the business do not have this kind of relationship with their clients.  It is not just your before and after pictures that will attract your market. Who do you want to be?

Rodney Tatum
Mirror Reflections Auto Spa
Gainesville, Florida
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