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7 comments on Do I really need Paint Protection Film (PPF) aka Clear Bra?

  1. Ivan, great bit.

    People should also take the time to learn about the pros/cons of each film. Xpel offers a 10-year warranty and looks great and Nano-Fusion offers a lifetime warranty, but they cost the most. 3m has the biggest company backing it and cost the least in most cases, but the adhesive is super aggressive and it can have more issues with silvering and working marks. Suntek offers a self-healing film that looks as good as Xpel and costs less, but has a 5-year warranty.

    What does this mean? The “best” is relative to an owner’s situation. While I will never personally suggest someone install 3m film(due to quality control -as it stands), if someone only cares about price they might find it is the best solution to install ppf. If someone wants an amazing looking film but only keeps a car 2-5 years, why spend the extra money on Xpel Ultimate? Garage queen that rarely sees the road and you’re keeping it a long time? Xpel may be the best fit. Want an OEM certified film with a long warranty? Nano-Fusion may be the best fit.

    Our clients have enjoyed the protection and looks of our PPF. Good job cracking the surface of the subject and I look forward to your take on PPF moving forward.

  2. James Mendenhall says:

    Good article, and I definitely agree with your perspective of covering the entire hood to avoid the dreaded line.

    Is it true that the films should be removed and replaced every 4-5 years to keep it from hardening and being outrageously difficult to remove?

  3. Jean-Claude Corcoran Jean-Claude says:

    As a whole, James, yes.

    I know one of the biggest installers for Xpel in the states. He tells his customers to plan to replace it in 5 years regardless of what the warranty card says. I won’t say it won’t last 10 years, but for how most people care for them, plan on 5 years.

  4. Jason Nash says:

    Apart from normal washing and waxing, what other special care needs do you need to consider for paint protective films?

  5. Tuftape Fzco says:

    Protective tapes generally has durability of 5 years, they can help protecting automobiles glass windows etc from ageing, scratch and damage.

  6. well its really great to gain some knowledge after reading this great article. thanks a lot for sharing with us.

  7. david kalule says:

    Very educative, thank you. I am interested in becoming an installer full time and starting a business in the same. How and where from should I start?

    What is the cost for each of those products for possibly a full car wrap?

    I am a Ugandan by the way.

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