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2015 Subaru STI New Car Prep


We recently had the pleasure of detailing a brand new 2015 Galaxy Blue Pearl Subaru STI. We performed our New Car Prep with the added protection of ceramic quartz coatings.

The car was in surprisingly good condition, considering how many of these dealers put tons of damage into the paintwork. However, it was not perfect, a one step light polish was all this car needed, this car also had fairly soft paint.

Began with a waterless wash and a thorough decontamination of paint and wheels. You can see how much contamination was on the wheels. Protection would be a must on these.

STI wheel

Vehicle all taped up and ready to go. Notice the dealer sticker, very new.

STI taped

Water spots unfortunately found a home on this hood.

STI hood before

Minor swirls from improper washing showing, this vehicle has only seen four washes since being delivered, the importance of properly washing cannot be stressed enough, maintenance is paramount.

STI before

We made quick work of this soft Subaru paint. We initially thought we would need to go with a harsher cut but this prove not to be the case luckily.

STI after

The polishing stage really brought forth a lot of clarity and depth to this beautiful color.

STI after 2

All of the plastic an rubber trim pieces, as well as the headlights and tail lights were coated with Gyeon Quartz Q2 Tire, a ceramic trim and plastic coating. Will protect these fragile pieces from the harsh CA sun and keep them looking good and protected for over 9 months.

STI trim

The windshield also received a coating in the form of CarPro FlyBy 30. An ultra hydrophobic coating designed for glass. So when this drought in Southern California finally ends and it starts to rain, this windshield will be ready for battle.

STI window coat

We were very pleased with the outcome of this vehicle and the client was extremely happy with the results as well. We also coated the leather/alcantara seats with a ceramic coating.

Here is a bit of editing fun, the vehicle was taken for a professional photo shoot the next day, here is one of my favorites from the set.


Ian Martinez
Gloss Angeles
Irvine, CA
Instagram | YouTube

11 comments on 2015 Subaru STI New Car Prep

  1. AutoSparkle says:

    Looks good…btw what’s a New Cap prep?
    Just joking…
    Great Products …Professional Results!

  2. Bob Kreuzer says:

    Ian: Looks Just Great! What pad and polish combination did you use for the one-step paint preparation?
    Thanks, Bob Kreuzer

  3. Kevin says:

    Really fun cars to drive.Nice job.Having said that do you use any products from DI ?

  4. Amazing how fast a vehicle can get swirls, and water spots… This car should be protected for a long time. Nice work!

  5. Jonathan Vincent says:

    “Gloss Angeles”
    Love a good business name!
    Why didn’t I think of that!

    Nice work.

  6. Koy Thanaporn says:

    Hi Ian,

    Impressive work. Just wondering if you have much experience with the Menzerna line. If so what do you think is comparable to Adams Paint. I have a good portion of the Menzerna line. Thanks much!

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