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Black Ferrari 458 Spider Paint Correction Detail



I received a call from this client stating that he had this car and it needed some help. While talking to him, he mentioned it wasn’t too bad in his opinion, but it had a look that wasn’t totally black and he wanted that deep, wet, glossy look to it like it should have. We talked about options of shipping the car to me for me to work on it, but at over $2000, we elected to just make arrangements for me to drive up there and get a hotel for a couple of nights. This one was a car that I had to travel for, 10 hours round trip and over 700 miles! Worth every hour spent!

This particular car had very few miles, 1500 to be exact! The condition it was in consisted of the typical Ferrari finish … pig tailing, sanding scratches, straight line scratches, hazy paint, and a grey-ish hue to the color. Almost all the Ferrari 458’s I have done have been in this condition and have seen drastic changes in the final appearance after I am done with them! Most are in the 15-20hr range, some are more such as this one.

The starting condition looked like this all over the car:






Here are some 50/50 shots after 4 rounds of compounding and polishing in order to level the defects properly in order to preserve as much paint as possible without going overly aggressive:





And after 25 hours, here are the final pics the next day after the 22PLE was sitting on the car overnight! I hope you enjoyed these, it was a blast to work on the car.













Products used were:


Thanks, Hope you enjoyed! Lots of time invested (25 hours), but well worth it all in the end!

Eric Schuster Envious Detailing
Eric Schuster
Envious Detailing
Orange County, CA

3 comments on Black Ferrari 458 Spider Paint Correction Detail

  1. Richard Burns says:

    Hi Eric, great job, I have a 99 jag xjr that I’m having a problem with after seeing what you just did I’m sure you can help, I’ve tried a lot of combinations but not what you did.After about a week everything shows again only on the hood roof and trunk, can you tell me what pads you used with each product and what machines you also used.thanks Rich

  2. Jim Fornadel says:

    Very nice! I love doing paint correction, but most don’t wish to pay for it.

  3. Tony Kiger says:

    Was just curious at what pad choice you used with the combination or compounds and polishes?

    Great work!

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