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Justin Labato’s Buff and Shine Pad Overview & Suggestions


This article is written by Justin Labato, who is not only the Lead Global Consultant for Buff and Shine Mfg, but the President of IDA and owner of Showroom Detailing Inc. We are honored to have him contribute to the Ask-A-Pro Blog! Below you can find a quick overview of the Buff and Shine pads offered on our site (Uro-Wool, Uro-Fiber & Uro-Tec), along with some suggestions on what polish, buffer and buffer speeds Justin personally likes to use.


The Uro-Wool pad can be utilized on all types of machines including rotary, gear driven and long-throw. When used on a rotary it will deliver rapid results running at a low RPM and level defects very quick. But I personally use it on the FLEX 3401 due to it being a dedicated cut pad I can take advantage of its cutting ability safely and effectively. The combination of the gear driven action from the 3401 and Uro-Wool knitted wool fibers really allow for most diminishing abrasive compounds to cycle out to their full potential with a minimal scratch pattern left behind. I’ve found this machine and pad combo to work best with M100, D300, Clear Cut, Griot’s FCC and CutMax. These combos are all based on the different paint systems being soft or hard and running the FLEX 3401 between speeds 5 – 6.


The Uro-Fiber pad is great on hard and medium paint systems and can turn your go-to compound into a great one step based on its unique fibers and low profile. I use it to cut on a FLEX 3401 between speed 4.5 -5.5 and also on a long throw machine for a great one-step application on speeds between 3.5 – 4.5. This pad has more versatile capabilities than any other fiber-based pad on the market and works great with all D.A machines. As for its finishing capabilities may not always be a fit for softer paint systems that’s where the Uro-Fiberâ„¢ Finisher comes in to deliver a more finessed finish for softer paint and polishing capabilities typically between speeds 3.5 -4.5. The Uro-Fiberâ„¢ twins work great with many different compounds and polishes to deliver a great dedicated cut, polish or one step approach. Products such as M205, Reflect, Essence and most diminishing compounds are a great fit for these pads.


The Uro-Tec foam pads are a great go-to system for almost all your compound and polish applications due to the full line up of foam that will deliver 4 different levels of aggressiveness from cut to finish. The Uro-Tec line was designed for the standard and long-throw D.A so they can deliver massive results without heating the paint due to the open cell foam to help dissipate heat and spread product evenly during application cycles. I’ve found that the Uro-Tec Blue foam cut pad is great for single stage paint delivering fast cutting results on speeds 4 – 5 and minimal clog due to the pad not holding spent product. The Uro-Tec Maroon can still offer a great cutting experience but it really delivers one step results on speed 3.5 – 4.5 better than any foam pad I’ve ever used especially with Si02 polishes such as Essence. The Uro-Tec Yellow is great for finishing on almost all paint systems between speeds 3 – 4 with most finishing polishes like M205, Reflect, Essence, Sonax 04-06 and Perfect finish. The Uro-Tec white is a great ultra-finishing pad for soft paint or for your favorite wax or sealant application typically at a low speed between 3 – 3.5 to deliver great finishing results.

If you have any questions about the Buff and Shine line, please do not hesitate to contact us directly by clicking here.

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