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Calcium Deposits and Scratches: Saving a 2017 Toyota Yaris


Video Source: YouTube

I had been discussing with the owner of this car for a medium to minor level paint correction service with the application of Carpro Gliss for the paint and headlights.  A week after our conversation the owner informed me that a foreign substance had bonded to his car.  Upon inspection, I noticed calcium deposits had bonded to the driver side of his car.  There was also additional paint marring and deep scratches from the owner’s desperate attempts to fix the problem.  Leaving these deposits on his car for an extended period of time would lead to an auto body shop repair.  I was, fortunately, able to find time to take care of his car.

Calcium Deposits 1

Calcium Deposits 3

After some testing, distilled white vinegar became the product of choice:

To be frank, I do not like using household products on cars.  I imagine these products are not produced with car care in mind.  But I also am open to appropriately thinking outside the box when the time and situation call for such actions.

calcium deposit removal

I soaked a microfiber applicator in vinegar for a few minutes.  Then I merely pressed it against the affected areas.  I kept my window of 15 minutes maximum time before flushing my working area with water.  I found this to be the most appropriate plan of action at the time.  It took a couple of applications over each affected area for the calcium deposits to fully release its grip on the surface.  I used Gyeon Water Spot with Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash clean up the loosened deposits.

applicator shot

After another thorough wash, I would perform my usual decontamination process.

iron removal

Thin Paint!  Most readings were between 80 to 110 microns.  Rupes Medium Quarz Gel Compound became my polish of choice for leveling defects with the Green Rupes pad.  I was intentionally taking a gentle approach.  A couple of times I would stop to see how much paint was being removed.


I used a microfiber glove with FG400 for some of the deep scratches that were in tight areas working in a small proximity.  Overall I tried to minimize the use of abrasives over raised body lines, not knowing the prep history leaving the dealership.  Obviously, some deep scratches remained.



more marring


post marring

more post marring

Finished Car

beauty shot

post calcium shot

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Rodney Tatum
Rodney Tatum
Mirror Reflections Auto Spa
Gainesville, Florida
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1 comment on Calcium Deposits and Scratches: Saving a 2017 Toyota Yaris

  1. Ron Ayotte says:

    Outstanding work! I loved the background music in the video, too!

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